Am Currently Update: Book Blogger Awards, 3-Day Dance Intensive, & I Entered a Writing Contest??

If you know me, you know I’ve been up to some WILD things.

Just kidding!!! The most exciting thing I did this summer was go to an outdoor water park for 5 hours, come back home, and actually get shocked that I visibly tanned. I’m not smart, clearly.

But while I may not have done any wild things, have been a little busy with a bunch of little things! And since I have nothing better to do, why not talk about all those little things!!

I always enjoy “#amcurrently updates”, because I love rambling about what’s going on in my life even if absolutely no one cares. I don’t know how interesting they are to read, because it truly is just me talking about myself—but my blogging time has been eaten up by a certain awards taking place, and I wanted something fun and easy to post!!

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Starting off with the thing people care about the most!!!

Yesterday was the deadline to submit nominations, and… I’ve pretty much already counted up all the nominations and made the voting form already. (Yes, hello, it’s 3am May writing this.) There’s still something small I’m debating over, but everything is almost good to go for the voting round!

2019 bba voting
my graphics and I are READY

I also decided that I was going to make a list of all exactly 400 bloggers nominated with the links to their blogs available to the public and… let’s just say it would have been a lot easier if I’d decided this from the start. Having to go back and add links is very time-consuming, especially if I have to go look for the blog link myself!

So what I’m saying is: YOU BETTER USE THIS LIST otherwise my hard work will be for nothing!!!

Reminder that you can vote for the top bloggers of each category this Wednesday, July 24, to Wednesday, July 31! Check back on my blog at 6AM CDT on the 24th for a post with the voting form embedded in it (as well as a link to it).

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I’m going through the worst slump I’ve had in the last few years, and it makes me want to cry!!

Pretty much the only thing that can get me to read is buddy reads, because I’m expected to actually read and talk about the book with other people. The two (2) books I read this month so far were buddy reads, and I’ve been trying and failing to read a book on my own for a week now!

Girls of Storm and Shadow (Girls of Paper and Fire, #2)  Her Royal Highness (Royals, #2)  Empyrea
my July reads so far

What makes this slump my worst is that 1) I’m even struggling to feel motivated to read webcomics (hello!! I love webcomics precisely because they are short and easy to read!!!), and 2) I’m not letting myself reread any books until September and December, when I’ll be rereading the Legend and Six of Crows series. And a little devil named Lily keeps tempting me to read The Foxhole Court.

So if you have any tips for getting out of a slump that don’t involve rereading favorites or reading things like webcomics, I would DIE to hear them.

(I also will be posting a TBR for August and I really really hope I can stick to it, because it’s something I’ve been very excited for!! If anyone wants to buddy read anything on said TBR, PLEASE tell me; it would help me out so much and it would be a lot of fun!)

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Last week, I submitted 11.7k (3 very long chapters) to a writing contest. And I honestly thought my writing was terrible, and not in a modest or humble way, but my friends feedback on it made me feel a lot better and confident!

I also thought I was going to abandon this WIP for my new shiny WIP idea… but now I’m not feeling the same? Getting feedback from my friends really reinvigorated me, I think, and I also just don’t feel that exact about my new WIP idea anymore. But for now I’m taking a break from writing because I’m DRAINED.

But here are a few tiny little snippets of what I submitted! They’re nothing special, just parts I Actually liked:

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berry 2  QUEER EYE  berry 1

Season 4 came out just this last Friday, and I thankfully haven’t finished it yet because I’ve been busy the past 2 days (as in I’ve only watched 1 episode), but I love this show so much and it makes me so, so happy!! The Fab Five are just so cheerful and positive that it makes me feel that same way, and some of the episodes make me really emotional too.

Image result for queer eye

berry 2  MUSIC  berry 1

I included this music part SOLELY to say that if I don’t have Bashed Out by This is the Kit on repeat… then I have my playlist titled “tiktok :(” on repeat. Yes, it’s a playlist of songs from Tiktok. Yes, I am ashamed.

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This section is purely here for me to STRESS and PANIC and FREAK OUT, because I have to go back to school in less than 3 weeks, and just thinking about it makes me want to cry!! I feel like I’ve only been on summer break for approximately 1 week, and just imagining going back to that hellhole makes me sick.

I’m using this image in all my posts and you can’t stop me

I also am training for a Model United Nations conference that my school is running this year, since I wanted to be a part of the staff, and the position I’m training for is the highest position in a committee… and is also a position I don’t want. It makes exactly 0 sense for me to train for something I don’t even want to be, but whatever!! I love unnecessarily stressing myself out!!!!

(As you can tell, I am the most enthusiastic about this part of my life.)

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And finally, I’ll be a lot less active this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of my dance intensive! On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have dance from 9am to 8:30pm, and on Thursday, I have dance from 9am to 4pm. So I’ll either be dancing or resting, and I likely won’t have the energy to do a lot of online things because I know I’m going to feel DEAD.

But even though I’m dreading it because of my expected pain and exhaustion, I’m also really excited!! I’ll be taking ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, theatre dance, and contemporary ballet, among other things, and I think it’ll be fun. Even though I’m guaranteed to feel like death.

(I’m a little scared, though, since I’ve been getting lightheaded/easily out of breath in my dance classes recently. Honestly would not be surprised if I passed out!!!)

shall we chat

what’s going on with you right now? what are you reading and writing currently? any songs you have on repeat? and do you have any tips on how to get out of a reading slump??

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