The Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards: Voting!

This is going to be my shortest*, least pretty post ever, but that’s okay!!

The nominations for the Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards have all been counted and totaled, and the top bloggers with the highest amount of votes for each award category have all moved onto Round 2: Voting, where the winners will be determined by your vote!! 400 bloggers were nominated, and a little over 70 have gone on to the next round.

*Note: In my original post introducing the awards, I said you would vote for one blogger out of the top 5. However, in some categories, there was no way I could fairly identify the top 5 (ie. I would have to choose one blogger out of multiple that had the same # of nominations), so there may be more or less than 5 choices!

You are required to be signed into your Google account for security purposes, but that information will not be shared by me. You are not allowed to vote more than twice, and you are allowed to vote for yourself. You do not have to vote in every category, but it’s encouraged to vote in as many as you can. Bloggers are in randomized order. This form will close on Wednesday, July 31, at 11:59 PM CDT, and results will be posted most likely during the week of August 4-10!

I encourage you to look at ALL the nominees first, before voting! I also encourage you to choose as many DIFFERENT bloggers as possible, in order to recognize various people instead of the same ones. But of course, in the end, it is all up to you and based on your opinion and who you think does the best in their category!

peace sign stock image lady says hi again

[steps out of my awards host clothing] And of course, since the bloggers who moved onto the voting round are 100% allowed to encourage their followers to vote for them, here I am saying that you can vote for me if you’d like!! It means the WORLD to me that I got enough nominations to move to this round, and I love and appreciate you all so so much.

I’ve never won an award, though I’ve been lucky to make it to the voting round, so I honestly didn’t expect to make it to as many categories as I did?? (I definitely feel like a fraud, and—I say this genuinely and not because I’m trying to be modest—I truly don’t expect to win an award.) But if you think I deserve one, you can find me in multiple (😭😭) categories: Teen, Blog Aesthetic, Most Engaged, Personality, Promoting Diverse Books, and Overall!! 💖 (Imagine me crying because I am.)

I’m really afraid and anxious that people will think I tampered with the results, because of the sheer amount of categories I’m in, so just a quick disclaimer that I didn’t and would never do such a thing!!! And I recognize that there are a lot of repeating bloggers and I’m also anxious about that to the point that I almost rigged things against myself and now I’m just rambling and I’m so so sorry I couldn’t have more bloggers move on. ahsdghslfhs

If you cannot access the form embedded below, you can find it RIGHT HERE. If you would like to help me share it, you can use the custom URL!

Thank you so much for voting and I hope you all have a great day! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have. I’m currently doing a 3 day dance intensive until tomorrow, the 25th, which takes a large part of my day and is also very tiring, so if I don’t respond immediately, please know that I am either dancing or resting!!!

And of course, a reminder that ALL book bloggers are absolutely incredible no matter what. It was so very hard to do this, because there were just so many fantastic bloggers, and I hope you all know that whether or not you were nominated or voted for: You all are amazing bloggers, and your voices are heard too. 💖

*Even a post like this, something that should be like 200 words at most, ended up being over 700 words. Can I NOT SHUT UP.

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55 thoughts on “The Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards: Voting!

  1. This takes quite a bit of work to organize, so thank you for that dedication! It’s neat to be among the nominated; my little blog has chugged along for quite awhile with a very low profile, but the ladies at “Pages Unbound” have always been generous and enthusiastic followers. I’m grateful to have been nominated by them. I seem to have gained a few followers from the nomination already — hope they find the reading worth their while! As it is, I’m seeing a good chunk of my afternoon going to checking out the other nominees.

    Happy reading!

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