May’s Moments of the Month: September // I Disappeared on Accident… and Was Terribly Unproductive

Hi, I miss you guys!!

I’ve done exactly what I hoped I wouldn’t: disappeared from blogging because of school. I want to say I wasn’t expecting it but… I was. I was just really hoping I could keep myself afloat with everything going on my life but clearly things don’t work out that way!

I tried to come up with more things to talk about that happened in September, in an effort to update you guys on my life, but everything has just been consumed by school. But it means this post is SLIGHTLY less short than my usual recaps!!

mmm reading

I read 4 books in September. Considering the fact that I was Supposed to read at least 6 books that I had scheduled before, I did TERRIBLY.

I’m still slumping, as you can see, and I’m kind of freaking out because I’ve never been so behind on my reading challenge (17 books), nor have I been reading so infrequently!! All my reading is Truly based on my mood right now. (I read my books at a decent pace this month, but there was only one book that I didn’t force myself to read quickly and actually read fast because I loved it.)

Legend (Legend, #1)  The Grief Keeper  The Stars and the Blackness Between Them  Crier's War (Crier's War, #1)

  • Legend Marie Lu // reread! I loved this so much, and I forgot how obsessed I actually am over Day and June. this series is so addicting jesus christ!!! ★★★★★
  • The Grief Keeper Alexandra Villasante // chose this as a book to read for school and it was really beautiful! my perspective is a little warped since I had to do a Lot of analyzing but I enjoyed it ★★★★☆
  • The Stars and the Blackness Between Them Junauda Petrus // this was so beautiful and tender, and an absolutely magical reading experience ★★★★☆ [4.5] [review]
  • Crier’s War Nina Varela // a really fun fantasy with a romance I LOVED!! definitely one of my favorite romances of the year ★★★★☆ [review]

favorite book?

Not counting Legend since it was a reread, I really really loved The Stars and the Blackness Between Them. Like I said in my review, there’s just some magical, other-worldly quality to it that makes me feel like reading it was an out-of-body experience. It was just… such a gorgeous, touching book.

book haul?

This month was another great haul month for me!! I bought 3 at a Half Price Books sale in the beginning of the month, got a preorder of another book, and received another 3 as review copies. Thank you to Penguin for Juliet Takes a Breath, Bloomsbury for The Dragon Warrior, and DN Bryn for Our Bloody Pearl!

mmm blogging


  • The same thing happened again in September where I just disappeared and wasn’t active at all, because of stupid school draining all my energy!!! I don’t even have enough in me to feel bad about it, because I just don’t feel anything in regards blogging at the moment. It’s like I know I want to keep doing it, but don’t know Why, or feel particularly inclined to actually do anything about it.

top post?

pancake book tag

favorite post?

I really loved my webcomic recommendations post, actually!! It was a lot of fun to put together, and I just in general like to talk about webcomics, since most people in the YA community don’t read them and that needs to change!

mmm writing

  • Okay well first of all, the biggest news: I won a writing contest!!!
  • (Actually I won TWO but the second was an essay contest that wasn’t really an essay and more of a 300-word piece that I wrote the night it was due and didn’t put much effort into so it’s not that big of a deal to me but also still really cool!)
  • As you may or may not know, over the summer, I submitted three chapters of a WIP to a writing contest, and this month I found out that I was one of the three winners!! Not only was that extremely validating for me, but it also means I get some $$$
  • Aside from that though… I didn’t write. (Unless you count writing I did for school, which I did a LOT of.) At this point I’m either going to do NaNoWriMo in November with 25% of a plot, 0% of a plot, with my old, plotted WIP, or not going to do it at all, and honestly… my power.

mmm life

  • School is killing me and I am so exhausted all the time. I just don’t even have anything to say about it, because it would be me repeating how much I hate it and how tired it makes me and how life-sucking it is!!
  • My mental health was also worse this time around; I saw the usual bad mental health days, but some days were Really Bad days, the kind I haven’t had in a while. I’m only expecting it to go downhill as school continues because that’s how it always be!!

Related image

  • BUT something that lifted my spirits was watching Miraculous Ladybug. I am… so concerningly obsessed with it, and I can’t tell if I love or hate that I am. I finished all the episodes that are up on Netflix right now and now I’m going back and watching them all again but in French. (I’m telling myself it’s to practice the language but I’m a liar.)
  • I also watched some movies with my friends (Tall Girl, Heathers, and The Kissing Booth, which I fell asleep watching), and Tall Girl is now my favorite movie!! It really opened my eyes to how oppressed tall people are, and it was such a poignant story. <33

mmm old goals

really gottem this month!!!!

  • read 9 books  (4/9… someone please shoot me it would be less painful than this…)
  • read more webcomics  (I Started reading one and I’m almost done!!)
  • figure out blogging schedule thing (where was I going with this I don’t even remember)
  • write more posts in advance (I couldn’t even post regularly aaahhh)
  • plot half my WIP  (#notwritinganythinggoals but also #winningtwowritingcontests)
  • don’t stress that much about grades  (it’s at this weird point where I know that they’re worse than last year’s and I obsessively try to increase them when I can but I also don’t care if I can’t make them higher??)
  • keep procrastinating as little as possible  (as I write this, I am procrastinating)

mmm new goals

  • read 9 books (I’ve already read 2 and am working on my 3rd and 4th so I am god maybe??)
  • read more webcomics
  • write posts in advance
  • get back into blogging you idiot (I say this, but I know I’m just going to get back out of it a week later)
  • plot my WIP?? do something with it??? (I have no idea what’s going on in my writing life at this point and I’m okay with it)
  • accomplish the 7 goals I’m setting for my break (not gonna happen but… I’m trying to believe in myself!!!)

mmm looking ahead

I have a week off from school!! Perhaps the one (1) good thing about my school is that they give us a week off in October and it is a BLESSING. We’re just not gonna talk about how it’s the second day of break and I’ve done nothing besides watch tiktoks.

I’m going to a book fest! I’m excited to see a bunch of authors and hopefully get books signed, even though it’s going to be like 90 degrees because Texas is the worst (It’s times like these that I’m grateful I don’t have my face posted anywhere in the online book community, because I would DIE if I had to talk to one of you guys in real life without being prepared to.)

I’m STRESSED. I have so many things that I need to do this month and I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish all of them, much less half of them. I’m going to set up a day where I just write blog posts in advance and do some commenting, but I honestly won’t be prioritizing it as much.

Also just a tiny thing that I don’t want to make a big deal out of, but I spontaneously decided to do Inktober!! (Despite my lack of artistic abilities, especially when it comes to ink.) I won’t be sharing any thing I draw, unless one of them surprises me and turns out nice?? But it’s okay that they’re all gonna be bad because that’s the reason I’m doing it: to improve!! And it’s been relaxing so far!!!

shall we chat

how was your September for you? did you get a lot of reading done? preparing for NaNo yet? and the most important q: do you watch Miraculous Ladybug??

blog signoff

38 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: September // I Disappeared on Accident… and Was Terribly Unproductive

  1. sh*t, I totallu forgot that NaNo was coming up. Eh, I prob won’t do it this year. I have my own system/schedule that already has me at 12k words (yay). September was an… interesting month. I always hate Back to School but this time I was going to public school for the first time which equals mental chaos. I have watched Miraculous Ladybug but… I wasn’t a fan (sorry) I’m glad you like it though!

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    1. I’m glad you’ve figured out your own writing system — congrats on writing 12k words!! I really need to figure out some kind of system of my own lmao. And aah I’m sorry going back to school for you was so stressful! I can’t imagine what it’s like to go to public school for the first time, when it’s not elementary. And haha no you’re fine, no TV show is for everyone, and I’m definitely not its intended audience anyways! I hope your October is better for you 💛

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  2. Oh May!! I just want to give you a giant big hug and tell you it will all be ok!! Maybe it’s time for a mini hiatus? At least so you can catch up on sleep and not be so tired?! And take the stress down a notch? Also, lack of sleep could be what’s making you not want to read so much – because your brain might take that as a sign that it’s time for bed. (Or, maybe lower your reading goal for the year? At least until you feel like it’s attainable again?)
    Overall it sounds like kind of a rough month. However, I’m glad you’re loving Miraculous because it’s a adorable and amazing. Also, I hope you like Emergency Contact when you read it!! I think you’re going to identify with Penny a bit (I know I did)!!
    Have fun at the book fest though!! Sending hugs and good vibes. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Meeghan, you are so kind to me!! I already feel like I’m lowkey taking a hiatus with how inactive I’ve been, and I feel so bad for taking even more time off 😭 But yeah, what you said about reading and sleep makes sense — I’m definitely trying to sleep a bit more while I’m out of school and I’ve been more motivated to read haha!

      Yes, I’m so happy you love Miraculous as well aahh!! It’s just so cute and fun and I enjoy it so much. And I actually am pretty excited to read Emergency Contact, because just from the synopsis I feel like I connect a lot to Penny haha!!

      Thank you so much, Meeghan 😭😭 I hope October is an amazing month for you!! 💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Naww, thanks May!! I hope October is great for you too.
        Also, don’t feel bad or guilty about needing a break!! It’s all about your health (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual – whatever you need) and that should come first!! 💕

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  3. Welcome back May! I have to say we seriously missed you [or at least I did]!

    A big CONGRATULATIONS on winning not one but TWO writing contests! WHOOHOO! Also I LOVE that you’ve been watching Miraculous LadyBug – thank god I’m not the only one who turns to cartoons and kid shows when I’m blue or stressed. My favorites are Free Rein, Disney movies and… dare I even say it…??? Old school Barbie movies. [Shame who???].

    I hope school gets a little better for you! Much love, Alexandra <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh Alexandra!! You’re making me cry 😭💖 I missed you too!!

      Thank you so much!! 🥰 And aaahh I really need to watch some more kids’ shows — I already have a lot of older shows I need to watch but the kids’ ones are so much more enticing lmao. And no, I LOVE old Barbie movies too!! I remember one of my favorites was the Princess and the Pauper (if what you mean by old school is what I’m thinking haha).

      You’re too sweet to me aahh! I hope you have a wonderful October full of great books 💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think because they’re just so pure and innocent? There’s adventuring, angst and crushes which is just so nostalgic and comforting? At least I find them so!

        And yes The princess and the Pauper is the definition of old school Barbie! I loved the original first ones [up until the Island Princess] but my Favorites were the Nutcracker [which I still watch every Christmas], the Princess and the Pauper and the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Those movies were my childhood haha! 💖💖💖

        Happy october reading to you too!


  4. It’s so hard to keep school from taking over. I congratulate you on simply getting this post together! It’s not a hurried rush to put everything together like I usually ended up with, haha. I hope school quiets down a little (because we all know how often that happens).

    I’m happy to see you enjoyed Crier’s War! I had that on my anticipated October releases.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you so much, Sha!! Honestly the only reason it’s not rushed is because I love writing recaps and I also was just ignoring my homework when I wrote it 😎 But thank you!!

      Yes, Crier’s War was amazing!! I hope you enjoy it if you get around to reading it soon — and I hope you have a wonderful October! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sending virtual hugs!

    School can get super stressful and I am also trying my best to deal with the pressures. I’ve decided that life isn’t supposed to be stressful! I don’t know much about your particular case, but usually, when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it’s because I’ve put unnecessary expectations and/or pressures on myself. Just recognizing that helps me a lot, so maybe it can help you too? When I feel like that, I like to sit and take a couple minutes to reset my mind.

    Working on my blog is a great outlet for me, but sometimes I also struggle to write a post. ( I also just wrote a “Hi, sorry I fell off the Earth and I’m back” type of post if you want to check it out.)

    Also, I love Miraculous Ladybug! It’s one of the best TV recommendations I’ve gotten over the past year :)


    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad you’re feeling less stressed using your little strategy 💛💛 I think I’ve always recognized that I put unnecessary expectations on myself haha, so it doesn’t really make me less stressed. But thank you for the kind advice anyways! 💕

      And ah I’m so happy you love Miraculous Ladybug as well!! I really don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but it just makes me so happy 😭 I hope you have an amazing October and aren’t as stressed!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you! I know I love Miraculous Ladybug becasue it’s so innocent, good, and easy to watch. Sometimes it’s nice to just ave something colorful and super easy to follow when your brain needs a rest. I hope you have a grat Fall season too! <3

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  6. I disappeared from blogging this month because of school too! Hopefully going to head back into it this month!

    Also congrats for winning the contests! You’re amazing! :D

    I also got a copy of Our Bloody Pearl and I’m halfway through…I like it except I keep getting distracted by other books! #lifeofamoodreader Have you started reading it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah it seems like a lot of people had to disappear from blogging because of a huge workload from school!! And thank you so much, Miri 😭💛 I’m glad you’re enjoying Our Bloody Pearl! I haven’t started it, and I thought I might not be able to any time soon, but the shortness of it is really enticing to me as I’m trying to catch up on my reading challenge 😎

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow, how is it that it’s so easy to disappear in September? Cause I kind of did the same thing. But we’re going to blame getting scheduled for 4am shifts three weeks in a row. How the heck is a person supposed to be productive when you have to wake up at 2:30 in the morning to work 8 hours… nah, it ain’t happening 😂

    But congrats on winning both writing competitions! Yay for money! also yay for a week long school break this month! And someday I’ve got to read Legend because everyone who has read it seems to love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like a bunch of bloggers disappeared in September, so we’re not alone!! But ahaha I think your reason for disappearing is a lot more valid than mine… I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done if I had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning oh my god 😭😭 You’re a god for being able to do that!!

      Aaahh thank you so much, Elizabeth! You’re too kind to me <3 And yes, PLEASE read Legend! I forgot how much I loved it; Marie Lu knows how to write a good dystopian 😭💖


  8. It’s okay to disappear from blogging, I disappeared for months before coming back at the beginning of this month with no reasons 😅 And you did better with your reading than I did. I usually read about four or five books in a month but I only read one book in September and it was actually one that I started reading in August and then I got slapped hard with a reading slump, oops.

    And congrats on winning the writing competitions!! 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you for the reminder, Louise, I really needed it <3 And ah no, don't feel bad about not reading a lot! Reading slumps suck so much! I'm used to reading twice the amount I did in September, but I haven't been able to read that much in a month for some time now haha. And thank you so much!! 🥰💛


  9. Congrats on winning the writing contest and please don’t worry about the blogging thing! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate with school and taking care of your mental health – you should be feeling accomplished for all that you’ve done here for the month!!

    Please take as much time and rest as you need and figure out what you want to do regarding blogging when you feel up to it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh Eustacia!! This means the world to me, thank you so much for your kind words — you are too kind to me 😭💖 Now that I’ve been writing more blog posts and commenting a bit more, I’m remembering how much I love it (but it’s also so time-consuming so I don’t know what to do 😭)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I am sooo sorry school’s giving you a hard time, May! I can TOTALLY relate and it’s understandable that you took a break before you went spiralling down the depression well. Sometimes it JUST ISNT POSSIBLE to keep up with everything going on and it’s better to just focus on one thing! ❤️❤️

    And hey, 4 books are alright as well, considering one of them, The Grief Keeper, has THE MOST AWESOME COVER EVERRR!! So we’ll count that one as two! 🤣🤣


    I fucking looovee this post sooo muchhh! 😍😍❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Rain!! I’m glad I took a break too, before it made my mental health worse, though I do still feel bad about not being active 😭💖 And yes, The Grief Keeper has a gorgeous cover!! It was one of the biggest reasons why I bought it instead of just checking it out from a library lmao!

      And aahh THANK YOU!! You are too kind to me 😭💕 I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope you have a fantastic October!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey! Don’t feel bad about it now, hon! IT HAPPENS! You know what I did!? I TOOK AN UNANNOUNCED BREAK! For A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR! 🤣🤣 Now feel happy about yourself because I was a fucking mess before this September! 🤣🤣

        I get it! I TOO AM A SUCKER FOR GORGEOUS COVERSSS!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️ I own a couple of books that I don’t actually plan on reading but they adorn my bookshelf so yeah…a job well done, I say! 🤣🤣

        YOU TOOO HAVE AN AMAZING, HEALTHY, AND FUN FLLED OCTOBER May! Can’t wait for more of your posts! 😍😍❤️❤️🥳🥳👻👻


  11. MAY!!! *hugs*

    i’m sending you all the positive vibes!! i hope you get to achieve your goals and your mental health is better. 💕

    also, don’t force yourself to post here!! we’ll be waiting for you once you’re free and want to post :))

    i also do not read as much as i want to because of college and it’s so sad 😭😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Don’t be so harsh on yourself!! School is draining and tiring and it’s okay to focus on that because well, it’s your education! Have you considered lowering your reading goal? Maybe that could help you not to feel so stressed out! It’s a great thing your school gives you this week off, enjoy it and rest a lot <3 Watch more Miraculous Ladybug hahaha In french, for practising, OF COURSE! (I've been watching so much lately, it's so addictive) Congrats on winning the writing contests, that's so exciting!! I hope you have a great October, sending hugs ^^


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