11 Ownvoices YA Latinx Book Recommendations to Celebrate and Read Beyond Latinx Heritage Month!

It’s the last day of Latinx Heritage Month!

I wanted to make sure I’m boosting Latinx stories and voices as much as I can, so of course I’m posting a list of my personal Latinx book recommendations! and even though this post is a bit later than I would have liked, it’s a great reminder that you should be reading these books (and other POC books) beyond their “designated” month!!

I could do a lot better with reading Latinx books, since most of the POC books are Asian (since I’m… Asian…), but there are still quite a few I’ve enjoyed. I also wanted to make sure to list ownvoices novels, though I’ve read some non-OV ones that handled rep just fine, according to Latinx reviewers! (It’s not YA but if you haven’t read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, please do it NOW.)

(And yes I tried to choose mostly lesser popular novels with the purpose of hyping! them!! up!!!)

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When the Moon Was Ours  Wild Beauty  Blanca & Roja  The Weight of Feathers

If you all know me, you know I’m absolutely in love with everything Anna-Marie writes, and I think she deserves so much more hype and love. I’ve loved all the books they’ve written, which include: When the Moon Was OursWild BeautyBlanca y Roja, and The Weight of Feathers. You all are paying her DUST, I swear, DUST!!!

All of her books include Latinx MCs, as well as many queer (including genderqueer!) MCs. They’re all magical realism, and written so so beautifully; I genuinely believe Anna-Marie writes some of the prettiest prose in YA right now. And the stories she tells are just as gorgeous too, and I adore all the characters she writes. Plus, the way she unashamedly writes QPOC characters is so admirable and I love her more for it.

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The Poet XThe Poet X is a book written in verse about Xiomara, and it’s such a gut-wrenching, hard-hitting story about body acceptance, rape culture, religion, and so much more. It’s won a lot of awards, and it’s so well-deserving of all of them, because Acevedo’s writing is absolutely stunning.

⇒ rep: Dominican fat MC


With the Fire on HighThis book follows Emoni, a teen mom as she goes through high school life having to take care of her baby but also wanting to chase after her dreams of being a cook. It’s a beautiful story of family and ambition, and the food descriptions were to die for!! I also read it super fast (as in I binged like 300 pages in a day).

⇒ rep: Afro-Latinx (Black Puerto Rican) MC

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More Happy Than NotI don’t remember this one very well since I read it in 2017, but it’s about a boy named Aaron dealing with his sexuality in a world where technology that can suppress certain memories exists. It deals with the intersectionality of his race and sexuality, and it’s dark and brutal and sad, but also just really really beautiful.

⇒ rep: Puerto Rican gay MC


They Both Die at the EndI sobbed a lot reading this book, and I think everyone should go through that experience!! This is about a world where on the day you’ll die, you get a call telling you exactly that, and I loved it so so much. I hate insta-love, but this insta-love was written so well in a way that I was actually rooting for the romance. (And the themes about living and dying were so good!)

⇒ rep: Puerto Rican gay MC, Cuban bi MC

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The Grief KeeperThis was a book for school, and even though I chose to read it, my enjoyment of books I read for school are usually destroyed by the amount of analyzing I have to do. But I absolutely loved it! (I also met the author, and she’s so sweet.) It’s a beautiful f/f story about grief and trauma, as an immigrant and a lesbian, and it was just… really really heartwrenching. Also the cover is absolutely gorgeous!!

⇒ rep: El Salvadorian lesbian MC

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Like WaterThis book is one that I would call really quiet, both because it’s not very hyped and it’s more focused on the characters’ journeys than any kind of action in the plot. But it’s a really beautiful book, especially with how it portrays the characters and their flaws. And a bonus is that it’s a book about a romance between girl and a genderqueer character, which isn’t that common in YA right now, especially with one of them as a POC!

⇒ rep: Mexican bi MC

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Undead Girl GangIf you’re looking for a fun, humorous, and well-set-up mystery, this is for you! It’s an excellent, underhyped book that I really loved, especially its strong themes, friendship elements, and humor. Also, the concept and execution were really unique, and that’s why even with my terrible memory, this book is still unforgettable to me!

⇒ rep: Mexican fat Wiccan MC

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shall we chat

what are some of your favorite Latinx books? have you read any of the ones on my list? do you have any recs for me? what should I prioritize because I have a LOT on my TBR!!

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16 thoughts on “11 Ownvoices YA Latinx Book Recommendations to Celebrate and Read Beyond Latinx Heritage Month!

  1. Poet X is AMAZING, I’ve read it twice so far and it hasn’t failed to amaze me at all. The writing is absolutely impeccable and the message it’s spreading is one of the best books I’ve read yet.
    Great post, I loved the books you listed. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh what a wonderful list, May – and thank you so much for sharing my list! <3
    I really can't wait to read McLemore's books, I'm so curious about them all, they sound fantastic. I also need to read The Poet X, though I'm a little bit nervous about it, since I never really tried reading books in verse, but this one sounds too good to pass up! :)
    Wonderful recs <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Marie, and of course! I loved your post and all your recs <3

      I really do hope you get the chance to read a McLemore book soon!! And aahh I think you'll also love The Poet X, knowing how you feel about contemporaries! I don't normally read books in verse, but The Poet X definitely was one that pulled it off well 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve read Wild Beauty but unfortunately, though I liked it, it didn’t become the huge favourite everyone claimed it would be … I probably had my expectations super high! I’m not sure if I’ll read another book of hers with lower expectations now … BUT I really really wanna read They Both Die At The End, it’s been translated and published here, so I’ve wanting to read it for quite some time! ^^


    i have THE POET X but still haven’t gotten into it! hope i will soon!!
    amazing post, as usuaal 💕☺️


  5. I’ve recently finished Undead Girl Gang, and oh my god, it was fantastic!? The friendship and growth in it was simply heartwarming and delightful to read about, which surprised me because it deals with grief – and does a good job of it, imo – so I expected it to be sadder. Anyhow, LOVED it. I really, 1000% need to read Anne-Marie McLemore – I own multiple books by her, and they all sound incredible, and I’m more than ready for them.

    As for another ownvoices latinx book I love – I read it a while ago, but I really enjoyed Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina. :) Amazing post!!


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