May’s Moments of the Month: January // I Only Read… One Book… But I Went to NYC!!!

In reference to the post title, I’m trying to be positive here.

Yes, I read only one book and the fact that I didn’t read more makes me cry. But yes, I went to New York and it was my favorite thing ever. So who’s really losing here because it’s not me!!

Today, after quite some time of not posting, I’m talking about how my January went, except it’s more of a quiet ramble of things that may or may not be correct in my memory because January lasted way too long.

mmm reading

I finished only 1 book in January, and I am… so sad about it. I mean, I did read a few more books, but I never actually finished them. And I don’t think I’ve ever finished less than 4 books in my life before!!

But I’m going to be positive about it!!! Because the book I did manage to finish was AMAZING, and it also was an adult fantasy that I somehow almost read at the pace of a contemporary. So I’m very proud of myself for that!

The Poppy War (The Poppy War, #1)

  • The Poppy War RF Kuang // this was so well-written but also just completely. messed with my mind. how dare it end like that!! ★★★★★ [4.5]

book haul?

Belle Révolte  What I Like About You

I did get a few ARCs this month, actually! I was lucky to receive Belle Révolte, which I’ll be posting a review of soon, and What I Like About You!! Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire adn Simon & Schuster, respectively, for these copies.

mmm blogging

Yet again, I was pretty terrible at blogging. I don’t know how else to say these kinds of things without sounding like I’m making excuses for myself or without trying to make you feel bad for me. I really don’t need or want the pity or sympathy; I simply know that I’ve consistently been horrible at meeting my word of improving at actually blogging and talking.

I’m still not exactly sure why I’ve been struggling so much lately to write up blog posts or make myself comment/reply, or even just simply read one blog post that I’m interested in. It’s like my brain rejects the idea before anything else can happen. I can’t even, in good conscience, make a promise that I’ll get better, because I feel like I won’t!! But again, I’ll keep trying, and we’ll see what happens.

mmm writing

  • I wrote one singular poem. How’s that for writing.
  • (It wasn’t even a good one. Or a long one.)

mmm life

  • I went back to school, and I naturally had the worst time ever. Already there have been a few stressful things (I hate math class), but I guess it hasn’t been as bad as I expected.
  • I also attended a MUN conference, and saying this really makes me realize how LONG January felt, because while it happened only at the beginning of the month, it feels like I actually went to the conference  like 3 months ago.
  • I also WENT TO NYC, which was 100% my favorite thing about this month!!! I miss it so much already, and not for the whole tourist life part of it: I genuinely can see myself living there one day, and it was so exciting to explore different parts of the city. AND!!! I got to meet one of my closest friends Ju for the first time at the Met and it was amazing.

  • In NYC, I got to see two Broadway musicals, West Side Story and Moulin Rouge, and my favorite was absolutely Moulin Rouge. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now to imagine I’m still there watching it. I also was able to take some amazing master classes with great teachers, and it snowed while we were there, which was really pretty except for the slush!
  • I’m still obsessed with Miraculous Ladybug, and I know you’re all annoyed with hearing me talk about it but it is an important part of my life!! It’s pretty much the only thing I (re)watch regularly now.
  • Overall, my mental health was okay: it was better than December’s, but far from what I would have liked. I think not reading really destroyed my self-esteem this month, actually, because it’s usually so essential in my life and this month it wasn’t?

mmm old goals

(I didn’t have an actual wrap-up for December, so I didn’t make any goals except for these small non-blogging ones)

  • read 9 books (this is… so humiliating…)
  • write 5 poems  (I can justify the 1 book thing but this is just even more humiliating)
  • get 50% done with driver’s ed (ah yes. I did it for one day and never touched it again)

mmm new goals

  • read 9 books (so far I’ve already finished 1 and got 100+ pgs into another so HOPEFULLY we won’t be repeating January)
  • post 5 times (I have my Planned Content ready but we’ll see if I actually get around to it!)
  • write 5 poems
  • start (re)plotting WIP? (very big emphasis on ?)
  • answer some comments!! comment on blogs!!!
  • do driver’s ed stuff (I really want to get my license by the summer so!! I need to actually get both my driving and classroom hours in!!!)

mmm looking ahead

Three-day weekend! I have to look forward to the small things, and the small things include the moments of bliss of three-day weekends. It’s just one more day away from school, but it’s absolutely magical to me.

More reading? There’s really nothing major going on in February, so hopefully that means more time for me to read a lot of books! I have a bunch I want/need to read soon-ish, so hopefully I can get through them all. I’m also currently participating in the Pondathon, which is very helpful in getting me to read!

shall we chat

how was your January? did you have a good start to the year? did you read more than me? (probably) what are some of your goals for February?

P.S. for once in my life I wrote a short wrap-up… is it strange to say I’m a little terrified of its shortness

blog signoff

26 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: January // I Only Read… One Book… But I Went to NYC!!!

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to find books that are interesting. I’ve had that problem. Besides, it’s only February 4 so you have plenty of time.
    Okay, now you’ve got me into Miraculous Ladybug. I’ll have to watch it sometime. And don’t we all talk about a show we obsess over?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. luckily i’ve already read more than one book this month so i’m definitely doing better than january haha! and yay i’m so happy to hear that — it’s definitely not for everyone, especially seeing as it’s a kids’ show, but i just love it 🥰


  2. My reading and blogging has been pretty sporadic too lately. I feel sad sometimes that the things I used to enjoy take so much effort and ended up feeling like a chore sometimes 😦

    January felt really fast for me! Maybe because I had a lot of things happening and a lot of things to be stressed out for haha xD

    Well at least you had an amazing experience in NYC. I hope February will be an even better month for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that’s the way i feel! it’s just gotten so bad to the point that it hurts to open up wordpress. but i’ve been better at reading, and i hope things become easier for you as well <33

      thank you so much! i hope february has been treating you well!!


  3. There’s so much to unpack here, but the musical theater geek in me cannot talk about anything other than the fact that you got to see Moulin Rouge and West Side. I was in NYC in Oct. and really wanted to see Moulin purely for Aaron Tveit, but it didn’t work with my other shows schedule. Also how was West Side? I’ve heard some interesting feedback, but would love to know what you thought of the production!!

    Don’t beat yourself up about the “results” from this month! Just do you and enjoy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah it makes me so happy to see you so excited about the shows i watched!! i’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to see moulin rouge — it was amazing, but i’m sure you got to see a lot of other great shows! west side was good, in my opinion, but it… didn’t feel broadway if that makes sense? (they made several creative choices that i’m not sure i loved haha)

      thank you aahh <33 i hope you're having a lovely month!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah the musical theater nerd in me cannot help but geek out whenever/wherever I read that friends caught some shows lol. I’m still bumming about missing Aaron live, but I loved every minute of the shows I saw so no harm done. I saw Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, and my favorite Hadestown.

        But yeah I’ve heard lots of conflicting opinions about the choices made in this new revival of WSS. I’ll have to read up on it more.

        Keep up the great work!! =D ❤


  4. Ahhhh I’m glad u enjoyed NYC!! I love traveling, it’s so fun to be able to experience new places and experiences! I read nine books in January, but I always start the year of really strong and then fade out in the middle and end xD
    I want to go thru drivers ed this summer too, I can’t wait to start driving, the FREEDOM sounds awesome 😎
    Loved this post xx!
    Happy February, hope it goes AMAZING. 💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much! nyc is just a magical experience no matter how many times you visit. ah nine books is amazing!! i hope it stays that way for the rest of the year, though it’s definitely okay if not, too ❤

      oh god, you talking about driver's ed just reminded me i need to get on top of it this month. but yes i'm very excited to be able to go wherever i want whenever i want, without feeling like annoying my parents haha!! i hope your februrary has been treating you well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I only read one book too, but it was just a re-read. I just fell into a tv and movie watching hole this month and did almost nothing besides that. Also, I was just super busy at work, since January in retail is almost as busy, if not more than the Holiday season AND when I took a week vacation from work, I got sick…. In February, at this point, I’m hoping to just read at least two books (hopefully one with be girls of storm and shadow, since I’m currently reading that) and not die from stress at work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s definitely okay that you read one book! tv and movies are always great, especially when you just need a chill night to relax ❤ i hope you've gotten through february in good health and without a lot of stress! and i hope you enjoyed reading girls of storm and shadow (or will enjoy, if you haven't finished yet) — sadly it was a disappointment for me 😭


  6. okay, the Poppy War might be only book but it is massive so i’d say it counts for 3 or more! And NYC is so cool, I’m so glad you got to go and see two broadway shows. I’ve never heard Moulin Rouge but now I want to check it out.

    Hope your february is going well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha thank you for trying to make me feel better!! in all honesty, reading 70 pages of the starless sea felt like a bigger achievement than reading all 500 pages of the poppy war simply because the poppy war was just a lot easier for me to read lmao. but yes definitely check out moulin rouge!! it’s based on a movie (which i haven’t seen), but the show is absolutely stellar


  7. Don’t worry, May!! Reading one book – especially if you enjoyed it – it’s a victory as well! I understand you might be frustrated, BUT it’s like you said – looking at the bright side; same goes for blogging. I often feel disheartened to keep reading/blogging under stress or sometimes out of nowhere really, so I get you. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a break and some time for yourself (and don’t feel guilty about it) :/ But New York sounds lovely, I’m so happy you had fun!! ^^ I’m hoping February will be a good month for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh MARTA!! you are always too kind to me <33 i hope you have been treating yourself well. and thank you so much! i just feel like i've taken so many unplanned breaks from blogging, and even when i'm "back" i'm not actually back, enough to the point that i feel like i can't take an official break. but thank you, i'll keep your words in mind 💗 i hope you've been having a wonderful february!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. tying productivity/whether we meet a certain amount of goals with self-worth is probably one the worst qualities i have. probably one of the worst qualities society has. we all have this mindset that we have to be doing something at all time, accomplishing things at all times, or else what’s the point. 😦
    i hope you feel a little better this month may! but try and not to feel to pressured by it al!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i know, i hate it so much!! i try to work on it, especially since i tell others that their worth is not tied to their productivity, but it’s so hard when it’s ingrained in all of us. but thank you so much 🥺 i hope you’ve had an amazing month so far!! ❤


  9. I’m glad your mental health is doing a bit better! I hope everything balances out soon.
    I think it’s really great that you wrote a poem this month! Even if you don’t like it as much, I still think it’s really amazing that you wrote something! I can’t write poetry at ALL, lol. Sometimes we really aren’t in a place to get as much done, and that’s fine. We just need to give ourselves time.
    I hope you have an amazing February!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I feel like January is just…hard? It seems to be everyone’s month where they are able to accomplish soo much but for me it never really is. My january was a little rough (I think it has to do with the fact that last January I was moving to London and this January I’m back home lol) but also none of the books I read were five stars. Here’s to hoping we both have a better February!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Aaah, it sounds like your NYC trip was amazing!! And surre you only read one book in January, but at least it was a really good one? Also, The Poppy War is one thick book, so it might as well count as two.

    Hope you have a great February! Good luck with drivers ed and all the rest! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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