My Late, Last-Minute, Ambitious The Stay Home Reading Rush TBR! + Mini Tag

This post can be entirely blamed on May @ My 1st Chapter, who I hate a lot for roping me into this.

I don’t usually participate in many readathons, because I’m a very big mood reader, in terms of both the books I want to read and also when I actually want to read! And though I was interested in the Reading Rush from last year, I didn’t care much for this year’s Stay at Home prompts.

But May convinced me that it’s just a readathon to read as much as possible while staying at home, and I don’t have to do the prompts, so… here I am!! Posting a TBR for a readathon that started yesterday. (It’s FINE I am completely on top of things.)

If you’d like to know more about the Stay Home Reading Rush, click here to find out more!! It lasts for 4 days and I’m planning to read 8 books like the ridiculous person I am.

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All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1)Because I’m somewhat competent for once in my life, I read two books yesterday already!! Which is the also kind of the worst because it took me 2 weeks to read 3 books, and suddenly now I can read 2 books in 1 day.

But I listened to the audiobook of All Systems Red and really loved it! I’ll be honest, I’m not Entirely sure of what happened, and while I paid attention (for once), I feel like I missed out on some things because I didn’t actually read the words. However, I had a lot of fun listening to it, and I really love Murderbot, so it ended up being a pretty enjoyable book for me.

Queens of GeekI also read the ebook of Queens of Geek, which was a completely spontaneous decision when I saw it on Scribd! It was entertaining and cute, and I binged it in one sitting!! It did feel preachy at times, though, like I couldn’t read a few pages before getting some monologue about this important issue. Which, of course, was great to read, but I just wanted more story, you know?

(Queens of Geek qualified for the “make you smile” and “somewhere you wish you could go” prompts, technically.)

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Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)I think the entire series is up on Scribd as audiobooks? They’re all quite short, and like I said, I enjoyed the first one a lot, so I’m excited to continue! I think I’ll try to listen to one every day, and read another book from my TBR as well.

Unfortunately, because Scribd is the WORST, they’re saying the rest of the series will be “available in a week :)”… which is when my free trial ends and I’ll have to pay. But joke’s on them because I have like 700 emails and I’m not afraid to use them for more trials!!

This series is basically about a sentient security unit droid named Murderbot. It avoids all social situations whenever possible and therefore is very relatable to me, and I really like the themes of figuring out what it means to be “human”!

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The DeepI’ve been wanting to read Rivers Solomon for SO long, and The Deep is another novella that will be perfect for my dwindling attention span! Scribd again is the worst and told me “available soon :)” about the audiobook, but I will be using my ever-so-honest method of obtaining to access it.

(Technically, I can still read the ebook, but Daveed Diggs is narrating the audio and the Hamilton fan buried deep inside me needs that.)

I haven’t read much about this one, though I know it’s about the descendants of African slaves and a historian who keeps all their traumatic memories. And my friend Silvia recommends this, so obviously it’s going to be good!

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You Should See Me in a CrownI read about 50 pages of this like a week ago, so I want to keep going with it! So far it’s not really Wooing me yet (seeing as… I stopped reading it and haven’t picked it up since), but I also haven’t read that much. I’m hoping things will start to pick up soon, and I can’t wait for the f/f romance to start developing officially!!

This book is about a Black girl who joins a prom competition in order to win money to afford her dream college, but in the process falls in love with one of the girls she has to run against. The author was the SWEETEST and sent me this ARC herself with some swag, so I will actually cry if I don’t love it.

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Harley in the SkyWe’re going to ignore how I impulsively added this to my TBR .2 seconds after seeing it on Scribd. (I really should become a Scribd sponsor considering 1) how many times I’ve mentioned them in this post, and 2) how the majority of these books I am reading from Scribd. But… I also said that they’re the worst. So things are a bit conflicting.)

There is definitely a strong chance I will not finish this and/or end up reading it at all, because it’s the longest book on this list at 380 or so pages, but! If there’s anything that will make me fly through it quickly, it’s my love for Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books.

I’ve also heard nothing but amazing things about this one, so I’m confident I will enjoy it immensely! I don’t know much about it except that it features a circus and good portrayals of mental health, so it’s great representation of myself (meaning: I’m both a clown and mentally ill).

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When I watched Ariel Bissett’s video at 1:30am on the day this post goes up, I saw that she also had a tag with questions you could answer, so I thought I’d just stick it in to this post because I clearly cannot shut up and let myself write a post less than 1k words long! I won’t make you suffer for much longer though, I’m giving nice, easy, short answers. Shocking, I know.


berry 2 1. how is your reading going while staying at home? berry 1

March was very good, in which I read 23 books total, but April has seen only 5 books so far. I’d definitely say I’m overall more motivated to read, though!

berry 2 2. where have you been reading at home? berry 1

I’ve been reading mainly in my room on my bed, or in the living room! I should try reading outside one day, though.

berry 2 3. best book you’ve read while social distancing? berry 1

Not counting rereads, The Dragon Republic! I love you Fang Runin!

berry 2 4. what is your ultimate feel good book? berry 1

I’ll be posting a list of my comfort reads soon hopefully, but definitely The Lightning Thief or the entire Percy Jackson series. Absolutely no one is surprised.

berry 2 5. what is one book you wish you could buy or borrow? berry 1

Steel Crow Saga!! I’ve been in the mood for anything but YA fantasy, but I still want to read fantasy books, so this adult fantasy would be perfect for me if only I had access to it.

berry 2 6. pick an author to shout out! berry 1

I think for this one I want to shout out Adiba Jaigirdar! Her debut The Henna Wars is releasing next month, and I’ve been anticipating it for so long. I have an eARC that I’m very excited to get to, and I hope you all find a way to pick it up as well, because I know it’s going to be amazing!!

shall we chat

are you participating in the stay at home reading rush? i am still surprised that i am what are you currently reading? have you read any of the books on my tbr? and what’s the best book YOU’VE read at home??

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42 thoughts on “My Late, Last-Minute, Ambitious The Stay Home Reading Rush TBR! + Mini Tag

  1. omg you’re blaming me for this :”) im so honoured
    YOU LITERALLY FINISHED 2 BOOKS ON THE FIRST DAY WHAT THE HECK IM STILL HALFWAY THROUGH ONE BOOK fdjklafjdal lmk how the deep goes and ofc if murderbot is still giving you illuminae vibes bc i am still a trashcan for that series 😔 and yay for circus and clown and mental health rep!! akemi bowman is doing IT ALL

    anyways im happy im dragged you into this >:) can’t wait to see you finish all these books

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I adored Harley in the Sky SO MUCH! It wrecked my insides open and made me sob my eyeballs out. Quality content 👌
      This is insanely ambitious and I am very proud of you, catch me trying to channel your energy to read four books in three days 😭
      I hope you accomplish all your wmazing reading goals and enjoy lots of things ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. everything can be blamed on you >:(

      okay well it was ACCIDENTAL!!! i still have to finish 2 more books tonight plus a million other tasks so kill me :(( and may i TOLD u murderbot only gives me illuminae vibes because like. space

      i hate you >:(( but also i Guess it’s good to be reading…


  2. I attempted The Reading Rush last year, but I’ve now decided readathons aren’t for me because I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m just a really slow reader. OMG QUEENS OF GEEK WAS SO GOOD!! I’m so glad you liked it. Yeah, I totally understand what you mean with it being preachy – it tried to handle so many things but some messages just fell flat. And lmaoo when I was using Scribd some of my most anticipated books I thought I would be able to read did that available soon thing and it made me so mad because some of them just became unavailable randomly when they weren’t initially??

    I’m soo excited for You Should See Me in A Crown and hope it picks up for you soon! I got an e-ARC of it and I’m internally screaming from excitement. (Also have you heard of Cinderella is Dead by Kaylnn Bayron? It releases this July and sounds like something you would like. It’s a ownvoices retelling of Cinderella with a lesbian black main character & LI.) I’ve been wanting to read Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books for forever and I hope you enjoy Harley in the Sky! (and LMAOO at “I’m both a clown and mentally ill” because same 😔) The Henna Wars looks so good and I’m so excited to read it.

    Hope you read all the books on your TBR and have a good time during the readathon!! 💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. usually i’m not one for readathons, but when i finished 2 books yesterday to my own shock, i was like why not lmao! and i’m glad you loved queens of geek so much! it was definitely a fun and sweet book, just… too many messages in an unnatural way lmao. and ah I KNOW!! i don’t feel bad at all about my little cheating system, because if you’re going to advertise access to ALL books you can’t just… take it away

      ah i’m so glad you got an earc of you should see me in a crown!! i truly hope you adore it <3 (and yes i have heard of cinderella is dead!! it sounds absolutely amazing) and i hope you can read akemi dawn bowman soon, i adore everything she's written!!

      thank you so much faith 🥺 happy reading!! <3

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A read-a-thon sounds so fun but I’ve yet to take the plunge and participate. I also loved Queens of Geek! But the preachiness was something I noticed too. It felt like it was trying too hard to tell the reader about important topics in diversity rather than show it through the story. Still, super fun and cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. there are so many cool readathons but i’m always too impulsive of a reader to do really well lmao! and i agree — some messages felt like i was being hit over the head with. i liked them, but i just wish it was less in your face lmao!


  4. “i read about 50 pages of this like a week ago and haven’t picked it up since” this is…the me-est thing ever. i’m technically a chunk of the way through like 80% of the books in my owned tbr. one of those books is actually the henna wars…so thank you for this important reminder that i should actually read it.

    good luck on this readathon my love!!! i know you’ll kill it. queen of reading

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i have approximately 5 books on my cr shelf on goodreads because i can never force myself to go back and read them… but yes please read the henna wars!! v excited to see your thoughts on them. (also, the way i smiled so much when i saw you in my notifs!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m glad scribd is going well for you! i think it has an incredible amount of books available, i just wish it didn’t take my access away when it promised a full 30-day free all-access trial >:(( but i hope you enjoy the audios you read!! <3

      Liked by 1 person

  5. disappointed you didnt use the prompts for your tbr :// i keep having really really strong good reads but i just haven’t found a 5 star read so far :( i read hearstopper yesterday and finished the king of crows and the winner’s curse. idk what I’m reading next lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yes i will be reading the poppy war soon!! heartstopper was really cute!!! and i lov nick and charlie they’re so SOFT! (i mean idk why everyone like gushes over it like its the best romance EVER like its really cute but nothing revolutionary?? idk if I’m making sense) and I NEED MORE UPDATES immediately.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. ahh i’m so excited for the henna wars!!! and ‘the hamilton fan buried deep inside me’….. 100% the reason i listened to ari and dante on audio (narrated by lin manuel miranda) and that was totally not the only audiobook i’ve ever listened to. totally not ;) lovely post may! i hope you get through all the books x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. All these readathon ideas while staying home are great to keep people distracted! But with the amount of uni work I have, unfortunately I can’t join (I wouldn’t want to compromise and then fail it really badly). I hope it’s going well for you and that you’re having fun! :D

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  8. Harley In The Sky is so freaking good aoisjkfsaldfjisadklfjsadlkf it made me feel 12938102 feels it’s the best book I’ve read this year one of my all time favorite books ever for sure and you nEED to read it the entire universe needs to read it and apparently I loose the ability to write coherent sentences when Im talking about that book but we’re just gonna have to be okay with that
    The Percy Jackson series is definitely feel good books and I love reading in bed or the couch haha somehow despite being locked in the house im still too lazy to go outside to the backyard to read…
    best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aahh it makes me so happy to see you get so incoherent about harley in the sky!!! i don’t think i’m going to get to it this weekend sadly but i am DEFINITELY reading it for asian pacific american heritage month in may 😎😎 and aahh same!! i’ll be sitting like five steps away from the door outside and yet can’t make myself get up lmao

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Ahh I hope you’ll have tons of fun with this readathon! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Harley in the Sky, I really really can’t wait to read it, I loved Starfish by the author so, very much. <3
    Happy reading! <3

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Good luck with all your reading!!💛I’m so happy to hear you’ve been more motivated to read and that you’re enjoying your recent reads & I hope you love all of these books!! I haven’t read any of them but I recently added Harley in the Sky to my TBR and You Should See Me in a Crown looks really good as well.

    Haha, I love when you said “I should be sponsored by Scribd” and maybe you should, because now I’m going to go check it out for some ebook resources! Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Overdrive before, but it’s a really great ebook and audiobook resource that allows you to access for free using a public library card if that’s of any help. :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much!! yes, i’ve been strangely more inclined to read (as the schoolwork amps up lmao). i hope your reading has been going well too! <3

      oh, i hope you can find lots of good books on scribd! i think it's a great resource, at least at first haha. and yes, i've definitely used my library's overdrive before! i think scribd has a lot more books, but my overdrive is definitely very resourceful too!! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  11. ok as i’m writing this comment, the readathon has already finished, & i hope that it went well for you!!! i was able to complete all two of the books on my TBR and all the prompts except the “read a book while in the same room the whole time one” 😞😞 lol, i couldn’t sit still long enough to do it. and Scribd!! omg i remember taking advantage of the one-month free trial years ago & then deleting the app when it started asking for payments. i tried to sign up for it again with a new email, but idk why mine is still asking for a credit card number 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah well i ended up not reading 3 of the books i wanted to but that’s all right! i’m glad you were able to finish all the books you wanted to, though <3 and oh no, i'm so sorry to hear that it's not letting you sign up without a credit card number! did you try it through the link scribd provided for that? (i don't know if it changes anything / if the link is specific to the credit card thing though haha)


  12. I also don’t participate in many readathons because of mood reading… and my brain’s tendency to decide to do anything BUT Reading as soon as I “need” to. But I love how you jumped into this and read two books on the first day!!! I hope you had a good reading rush, and love(d) The Deep because that book is a masterpiece.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. same!! i always see so many interesting readathons but know i would barely be able to stick to a plan. (even doing asian books for may and queer books for pride is hard, and i’m super passionate about both of those lmao!) and YES the deep was absolutely phenomenal, i loved it 💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

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