The Stuck at Home Book Tag // Things I’m Currently Reading, Watching, and Listening to!

Yes, I’m doing another book tag…

I’m running out of blog post ideas okay! Specifically, running out of blog post ideas that I’m motivated to actually do. Life is very wild for me right now, as in if something is not exciting I will drop it in five minutes, and this tag was the only thing I could actually manage to make myself write so…

Today I’m here to do the Stuck at Home book tag, specifically created for all of us stuck at home because of this lockdown! Thank you so much to Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books for tagging me—please go follow her, she has amazing recommendations not only for queer books but also queer TV shows, and she is also just the sweetest!!

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  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions down below
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Forest of Souls by Lori M. LeeI just finished Not Your Sidekick (which wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it!). Now I’m currently reading Forest of Souls with Lauren and Tiffany! As I’m writing this I haven’t… actually started it but… you know what? It’s the thought that counts.

(But it’s very exciting because originally the publisher wasn’t able to send a physical ARC because of this COVID mess, and so when one showed up in the mail a few days ago, it was a very pleasant surprise!!)

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Watching Netflix! I’ve been watching Criminal Minds as always, but I also just started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, because practically everyone is talking about it and loves it. I watched 7 hours of it yesterday and I am not ashamed. I also need to watch She-Ra!!

Rina Sawayama: SAWAYAMA Album Review | PitchforkSomething else I’ve really enjoyed is listening to music. I usually listen to a decent amount of music, but I’ve been playing it in my room all day lately. I’m still in a Cage the Elephant kick, but I’m also re-listening to Clairo’s album Immunity and just started listening to Rina Sawayama!! (She’s not traditional pop, but it’s still reminded me of how long it’s been since I actively sought out pop music…)

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Little Fires EverywhereOh, so many. Practically almost every book on my TBR that was released before 2020? But I think I’m going to go with Little Fires Everywhere, because I am deeply ashamed of the fact that I have planned to read it for Asian Heritage Month not once but Two times… and did not.

I read about 60 pages this month and was intrigued, but I think literary fiction just takes me some time to get into! And I don’t have the motivation to read it anymore (those 60 pages took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to read… embarrassing for me) so I’d rather save it for when I do.

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The Priory of the Orange TreeI definitely have to say Priory of the Orange Tree for this one. It’s over 800 pages long, and I think if I held a physical copy in my hands, my arms would just fall off or something. (Both because my arms are really weak and the book is gigantic.)

I’ve heard that listening to the audiobook helps, but I’m not sure if I could last that long? I can’t even imagine how many hours it would be… like the length of a whole day?? But I do want to get to this some time, especially for the f/f romance, I’ll just have to hype myself up a lot and break it down!

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I’m not quite sure what to put for this question! So I’ll put the eARCs I have right now:

Unravel the Dusk  (The Blood of Stars, #2)  The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves, #2)  Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards, #1)

  • Unravel the Dusk: so excited for this because from the way the first book ended, it’s about to get a LOT darker!!
  • The Silvered Serpents: yes I have had this for month, no I have not yet read it…
  • Where Dreams Descend: I’ve only heard the best things about this one and the premise sounds amazing so I’m excited!

(Asian excellence.)

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All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1)The DeepI’ll recommend two novellas: The Murderbot Diaries (a series) and The Deep! I read both of these last month and loved them. The Murderbot Diaries is sci-fi, and if you’re looking for fun space battle type things with humor, I’d definitely recommend checking them out. And The Deep is just such a beautiful story with so many amazing themes!

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My The Poppy War agenda will never end. Read it, cry, and love Fang Runin like me.

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Um… do some driver’s ed? Not the actual driving part, but the classroom part. I have an app on my phone that’ll take me through the necessary courses, and I have so much time on my hands but I still have not completed more than 50%…

I also would like to learn Thai!!! I stopped doing my alphabet lessons, so I need to pick them back up again. It’s so hard to write and it’ll take me forever to be able to learn things properly, but I’m determined to not feel like a Thai impostor so I’ll do whatever it takes. >:))

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Unravel the Dusk, probably! I’m reading all queer books for Pride (except for a PJO reread because I’m too weak to resist anymore), and I have a blog tour review scheduled next month. So it means I need to finish reading before May ends, since it’s not queer, and I’m really excited about it!! 

Harley in the SkyAnd to finish Asian Readathon off, I’ll be reading Harley in the Sky after, which I’m really excited about. I honestly don’t know much about it besides circuses and mental health, but I love Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books so I’ll hopefully love this one as well!

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Anyone who wants to do it! I just tagged a bunch of people in my last post so I feel like I’d be extra annoying tagging people for this. But if you want to do it, feel free to just say I nominated you!! 

shall we chat

what are you all doing at home? tell me what you’re currently reading (or watching), and what you’re reading next! have you read The Poppy War??

p.s. I tried to write this in the new WordPress editor… never again. my formatting is messed up now!!!

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56 thoughts on “The Stuck at Home Book Tag // Things I’m Currently Reading, Watching, and Listening to!

  1. I love Clairo so much! I haven’t listened to her music in a while but I love the vibe of her songs, and the Immunity album! I’ve been hearing a lot about The Murderbot Diaries for a while now, and since they’re so short I might read them 👀 Also, The Deep looks so good and I’ve been wanting to read it for a while! I still need to read The Poppy War, as well. I took a look at the WordPress editor after you mentioned it and all the new features scare me 🙈 I love this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i love clairo too!! she’s definitely one of the more popular indie artists but it’s for good reason haha. and yes! please do read the murderbot diaries, they are all so entertaining. and YES the poppy war!!! that is the book of my heart (which is weird to say considering the content but i just love the book so much 😭) and aahh i feel like i Could work things out with the block editor but this is just so much simpler and easier right now!


    1. I read Priory as an audiobook last year and I highly recommend it (your arms won’t fall off and it might take you a while to get through it but hey, it was worth it for me) 💕

      AAAAAAA I’m so glad you liked murderbot, I’m currently reading the novel that just came out and it’s so good 🥺

      I still haven’t read The Poppy War but it’s definitely one of the series I want to start once I have more time (uni online is k*lling me), it’s one of those books I know is just…there. and I will definitely read it whether it’s next month (unlikely) or in five years (…….definitely more likely than next month lmao)

      And thank you for the lovely shout out bb 🥺💕💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, i remember that you were the one who said the priory audio was good!! i always trust you so i guess i’ll have to try it out 🥰 and AH i’m really glad you’re loving the murderbot novel! i heard something about murderbot/art and now i’m even more excited??

        omg i’m so excited for you to read the poppy war 🥺 take your time to get to it because she’s a Thick one but i have a feeling you’re going to adore it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Where Dreams Descend is one of the next e-ARCs I’m planning to tackle in June! I have heard amazing things about it! Also, Harley in the Sky is on my TBR but I haven’t seen many people talking about it! I love Akemi Dawn Bowman’s writing, so I can’t wait to see your thoughts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m going to answer your most important question first: Yes, I’ve read “The Poppy War” and enjoyed it! *lol* 😛 And I totally agree with you when it comes to “The Priory of the Orange Tree” I put it on my book list 2020 and I’m still not ready to pick it up. It’s huge!!! O_o Also I’m soo damn jealous now! *lol* I wish I would have an eARC of “The Silvered Serpents” and “Where Dreams Descend”. Unfortunately NetGalley doesn’t seem to like me and declined my requests. T_T Guess I’ll have to live vicariously through your updates and reviews. *lol*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for recognizing that the poppy war question was the most important 😎 but yay i’m so happy that you loved it!! and yes — i think priory is one of the biggest books on my tbr and i’m so scared of it! and oh i’m so sorry to hear about your netgalley struggles 😭 i got where dreams descend when it was “free to download” or something like that, but i don’t know if that’s still the case/was only a US thing!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. what are you all doing at home? ….UMMM NOTHING
    tell me what you’re currently reading (or watching), i’m not currently reading anything idk what i’m in the mood for i think i’m gonna read some romance novels bc im trash lolol.
    have you read The Poppy War?? NO BUT U KNOW WHY (i just wanted a hardback. is this too much to ask)
    whenever i try to braid my hair my arms get really tired bc they r weak…just thought u’d like to know ur not alone in ur weak arm struggle…
    also can’t believe u didn’t tag me i HATE u and am following immediately that is disrespectful ma’am

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no ur not trash for reading romance books!!! i could never do that you are so powerful. and read tpw read tpw read tpw (when you manage to get a copy)

      okay shut up weak arms while you braid hair is a universal struggle if no one’s arms hurt after like 5 minutes of braiding ur inhuman


  5. maybe i’ll do this tag too!! and also YES the new wordpress editor sucks so much i gave up after like 2 min and wen back to the old one :’) i don’t like it!!! ah i’ve heard so many good things about harley in the sky and i’m super excited to read it once i find a copy!! great post may x

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  6. Netflix is def my go to indoor activity if I’m not reading lol 😂 currently obsessed w Teen Wolf and Outerbanks! And yes Where Dreams Descend is so good! I just finished that one last month! Unravel the Dusk if also on my upcoming TBR… I also really want to read The Deep since I seem to be on a mermaid/books that take place on the high seas kick, loved your answers ☺️💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i actually am pretty good at staying away from netflix until evening/night lmao! mainly since i only have it on my tv and not my phone/computer. and i’m so happy you loved where dreams descend!! i hope you’re able to read the deep soon and love it, it’s great ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. it’d be a perfect time to work on the driving ED’s classes!! .. I did mine online and erm.. I was doing the monthly driving in-cars with the tutors when this hit- it’s an absolute mess 🤦🏽‍♀️ I missed FOUR in-cars now, with no ideas when it’d come back … kind of a downer when you think the original date they’d given me for the road test has been the end of may; which is SO not happening now as I only done parallel parking like twice. so i’d be so not ready.. 🙃

    Goodluck in your readings, love! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i really need to aahh!! i just have no motivation to do anything that requires any thinking 😭 and i’m sorry to hear that this hit just as you were about to take your test!! i hope you can get some practice in, and that this all calms down soon 😔

      thank you so much! i hope you have a fantastic rest of the month ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Such a fun tag!! I hope you enjoy ATLA as much as we all did 😉 I looove The Poppy War and Little Fires Everywhere, I think they’re both also amazing books to read during lockdown, they really take you out of the real world ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m 5 episodes from finishing the show and i love it so much!!! i already want to rewatch the whole thing 🥺 and oh, good to hear about little fires being a perfect read for lockdown! i’m not going to get to it this month but hopefully some time during the summer!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Aaah, we’re literally twinning right now. I basically watched Criminal Minds and Avatar the Last Airbender in intervals all day today 😂 I’m not confessing to anything, BUT if I ever were to kill someone The Priory of the Orange Tree would be a good contender for the murder weapon because it is so LARGE. The new WordPress editor is a sin and should be expelled from this earth. I’m just too dumb to figure out how to work it 😭 I loved reading your answers May!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i love that!!! i’ve stopped watching criminal minds as i’ve been consumed by atla, but i’ll return to it after i get over the atla obsession 😭 and priory would be a great murder weapon if i was able to actually lift and wield it lmaooo. i feel like i could figure out the wp editor but i’m just too lazy to take the time to… but on june 1 i guess i’ll have to!


  10. Netflix is a great use of indoors time 😀 I’ve also been watching Avatar on and off, mostly while doing other things bc I’ve seen it so many times before, and it always cheers me up. And I’m watching She-Ra right now and DYING bc it’s AMAZING!

    Ahhh you should absolutely read Priory!! I know it’s intimidating…but it’s so worth it in my opinion 😀 I know that the author has talked about thinking of it as six shorter books, since it’s divided into six parts, if that helps!

    Oops I also have had The Silvered Serpents for a while and still haven’t read it. Here’s hoping we both get to it soon!


  11. uhh this is an interesting tag, I might do it later!! ^^ I think that being home all the time is burning my last two brain cells. I’ve been out two or three times (besides going grocery shopping and stuff) but still, I miss going to university and all. I can’t focus at home!! I’ve also decided to give in to the hype and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’ve watched everything and loved it!!! Being home makes Netflix SO much appealing than my textbooks! xD


  12. I agree with you about The Priory being the intimidating book 😅 and if I could add one more, it’d be A Little Life. That book has been sitting on my shelf for so long now I have no idea when I’d pick it up and actually read it.


  13. oof still not over that Forest of Souls cover!! Very intrigued to see what you think 🙂

    *hides away from the beast that is priory*

    But also Poppy War intimidates me. High fantasy in general intimidates ahhh

    I’ve had The Deep on audiobook for so I should def bump it up. I didn’t hear much about but MERMAIDS!!


  14. listening to music more often and intently is also a habit i developed because of quarantine. even though i listen to music pretty often anyway, i’d typically put them on and do something else. it’s different to listen to it when you’re alone in your room, though. i realized that i’m paying a lot more attention to the instruments, production and lyrics. and clairo’s immunity is a BOP. bags is forever one of my favorite tracks!
    i really wanted to learn more languages now that i’m stuck at home. i started learning french, but i’m always lazy to make progress on it, hahah. i really wish i could do drivers ed remotely, though! i was about to start my process when everything shut down and one of my goals for 2020 was to get my driver’s license, but i think it will have to be postponed ):
    my quarantine has been defined by tiktok and baking. my parents physically can not stand any more cake or cookies, but i shall not be stopped, hahah.
    p.s: i really hope wordpress doesn’t change to this new editor permanently because i will have a breakdown if it happens lol


  15. Omg, the Asian excellence in this post. We love to see it 😌😌 I’ve heard such good things about the writing in Where Dreams Descend—circus books aren’t really my thing but hopefully that won’t disappoint! Also, whenever someone mentions Harley in the Sky I get so excited to read it, but I have so many more pressing books to get to before I can read it, ahhh.

    I was so intimidated my Priory before I could finally read it too! The audiobook was 100% the reason why I was able to get through it. But I feel like it’s best if you don’t pressure yourself to finish it quickly like I did because that ruined my reading experience a little lmao. breaking it up into parts is definitely the way to go!!


  16. I agree about Priory!! the struggle of weak arms is actually real here. I nearly sprained my bones on Queen of Air and Darkness and I’m still recovering like a year later. Smh. I wanted to do this tag but then I remembered I never leave the house even when there’s not a pandemic 🙊


  17. This is such a fun tag! I loved reading all of your answers and I’m also trying to learn a new language while stuck inside 🙂 I just might take that open invitation and actually do this tag as well!

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