My June TBR: Books for Pride and a Long Awaited PJO Reread!

Originally, this post started out with simply “v excited”…

…and I feel like that’s pretty accurate to what I’m feeling right now.

I was originally going to take part in the Olympic Games readathon in June, but then Scribd got taken away from me momentarily. Then when I reviewed my TBR, I found that I wasn’t super interested in a lot of the books I’d put just for the sake of fulfilling prompts. So I just decided to make my own TBR and not participate!

(Also, I’d wanted to do the readathon to do something PJO-related to trick my brain into waiting just one more month to reread the books, but… the adaptation news took away my resistance completely.)

So, while a majority of the books on my TBR are queer to celebrate Pride Month, PJO is not! I tried to include a diverse range (POC, f/f, nonbinary/trans), and since none of these are white m/m by straight white women like you see so often in “LGBTQ+ book recommendations” lists, I’d say I did a pretty good job. [insert passive-aggressive smiley face]

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Steel Crow SagaI’m not sure if I’m going to buy this as a paperback or check it out as a physical copy from my library (usually I’d use my library but… physical library copy during COVID?? I don’t know about that one). But there’s a very strong chance I will end up reading this, because I’ve been Dying to read it! There’s f/f and a mix of several Asian cultures, and now that I’ve officially watched ATLA, I can say that I’m very excited for the ATLA parallels too!!

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Girl, Serpent, ThornI tweeted out a #bookishwish last month, and this book was on the list. Someone is actually sending me an ARC and I’m so excited!! I’ve heard amazing things about it, and the premise intrigues me so much. It features morally grey girls, monster sapphics, and Persian mythology, and if I don’t love it I will CRY because morally grey sapphics are the only people I have hope in anymore.

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Dark and Deepest RedI’ve been meaning to read this book for so long—I’m absolutely in love with Anna-Marie McLemore and their books. I also have had the library book checked out since February (because I kept renewing it until March until lockdown)! I think I will really love it, since I enjoy all their other books, but it’s historical so I’m a bit hesitant because of that. I’m hoping I will also be able to listen to the audiobook on Scribd if I’m not put in Scribd jail, which will help a lot!

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The Silvered Serpents (The Gilded Wolves, #2)I’ve had this eARC for several months now, and I know plenty of TGW lovers are sending me a death stare through the screen for not having read it yet. But I’m… scared? With the way the first book ended, I’m nervous about what’s going to happen!!

And I also had to use a combo of the audiobook and ebook to help get through The Gilded Wolves, since sometimes the pretty writing was a bit too dense for me to read easily. So I’m also nervous that it’ll be hard for me to get through this one and I don’t want to fault it for that!

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Gideon the Ninth (The Locked Tomb, #1) I know a Lot of things went down in regards to discourse about this book. However, simply because I am powerful and don’t want to, I will not be discussing that!

This is actually a book I preordered, not only because I thought it had the possibility to be a new favorite but also because I’m shallow and wanted the black sprayed edges. But unfortunately, there have been a lot more negative reviews ever since I bought it, so I’m really hoping I still love it!! Lesbian necromancers in space is an excellent premise/marketing line.

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I Wish You All the BestI have been meaning to read this book since forever, and it’s especially shameful since I own a physical copy of it. While I’ve read a few books with genderqueer main or side characters, I don’t think I’ve read one with a specifically non-binary protagonist, so I’m really excited for this one! I’ve heard lots of good things, and Mason also seems like a really nice person, so I’m excited. (And I WILL be sad if this disappoints.)

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We Unleash the Merciless Storm (We Set the Dark on Fire, #2)I have this checked out from my library, and I’m looking forward to reading it! I’m really just hoping that I’ll love it more than I liked the first book. It was a good book and I enjoyed it! But it definitely didn’t deliver everything I expected. So I am REALLY hoping that this one will, especially since my expectations are kind of lower now! (I also don’t really remember what happened in book 1 but… I’ll figure it out maybe…)

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Running With LionsThere’s a slight possibility I might not be able to read this, if Scribd rudely puts me in book jail, but I’m crossing my fingers that they won’t! I’m always in the mood for a light, cute contemporary, but especially so now, and I think that this will definitely deliver on that front. Also, sports gays!! Ownvoices m/m!! What’s not to love.

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The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)I feel like it’s kinda useless to include this now since I already talked about it, but in case you didn’t catch it: I’m rereading the entire PJO series!! I’d be concerned about finishing all of these books since there’s 13, but I will literally devour these books in 5 days so I don’t think there’s much of an issue.

I last reread the series in 2018 (though I reread The Lightning Thief last year), and I’m very excited to reread it again. I was going to do some kind of currently reading thread on Twitter, but I decided to instead just take notes on all my favorite scenes and then use that list as my Goodreads review. It’s going to be fun! I’m not going to cry!!

shall we chat

do you have a tbr for june/pride month? have you read any of these books yet? do you like to participate in readathons? and have you read pjo???

p.s. this is the last post before the 2020 Book Blogger Awards is announced on Sunday! check this space @ 7 AM CT! the awards is why I’m a bit nervous about getting through all of these books, but with my new co-host Marie (which I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet on my blog) things should be much easier <33

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61 thoughts on “My June TBR: Books for Pride and a Long Awaited PJO Reread!


    also are you just like. refusing to acknowledge that Tyrant’s Tomb exists?

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  2. This is such a great TBR- I really hope you enjoy all of these books! I actually haven’t heard of Girl, Serpent, Thorn, but I immediately added it to my own TBR! It sounds so good and I can’t wait to get it once it releases :)

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  3. I Wish You All The Best! Happy reading, May. That book has been on my Goodreads TBR list for quite some time now. I’ve been hearing good things about the book too. Will you share your thoughts about the book here when you’re done with it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much, aina! and i’ll be really ashamed if i don’t get around to reading iwyatb, after meaning to for so long 😭 and yes, i will definitely share my thoughts! probably not in a review but definitely in my monthly wrap-up 🥰💖

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      1. You got this, May! It’s okay if you don’t get to it. You’re much better than me. I’ve been failing my plan to at least read one book last month miserably and that’s something I really should be ashamed of 😅

        I’ll be looking forward to end of June then 😊


  4. I haven’t read any of these but hope you love/enjoy them. Except for PJO years ago, I want to do a reread too, probs closer to the adaptation though.

    I’ve been wanting to read Anna-Marie McLemore’s books for EVER but they’re so hard to find in my country. It’d have to be shipped in and ugh expensive.

    I really want to try and get to Date Me Bryson Keller, Only Mostly Devastated, Tash Hearts Tolstoy and The Extraodinaries < 3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, ruby!! and aahh honestly waiting till the adaptation to reread sounds great but i’m too weak and definitely can’t wait that long 😭

      i’m sorry to hear that it’s hard to read anna-marie’s books! i hope you can find easier access to them soon, they’re amazing <3 and good luck with reading all those books on your tbr!! i'm excited about the extraordinaries especially 💖

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  5. I don’t currently have a Pride TBR because I feel like if I make a list of books I want to read, I’ll read anything BUT those books 😅 But! I will definitely be stealing some books from your TBR. I’ve also been meaning to read I Wish You All the Best for aggesss now! I think I maybe had it out from the library and then I was going to buy it and then I just forgot. This is a big theme in my life. Best of luck with your June TBR!

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    1. honestly, now that the month has started, i’m definitely not feeling a few of these books 😭 (but i think i’m just descending into a slump so aahh!) and it seems like a lot of people have been meaning to read iwyatb for a while and didn’t get to it lmao! i hope you read lots of great books in june, chana <3

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  6. hope you enjoy all these books, May!! i’m so excited to read Girl, Serpent, Thorn and We Unleash the Merciless Storm too for the sapphic goodness. i feel like i’ve been slacking f/f books this year and that really has to change. also, i’m so sad about Scribd 😭 i finally figured out how to sign up for a free trial, but i didn’t get to use it much because i was slumping when i was on it. now i can’t find the link anymore :((
    btw i think you asked me once if i signed up using the link, and i think i forgot to reply lmao :”( i did!! it actually worked when i tried it again, so thank you so much for reminding me <3


  7. Love love loveeee this TBR!! 🌈💗 I added Steel Crow Saga to my TBR because of this post, thank you for alerting me of this wonderful book (especially since it’s compared to ATLA/Pokemon) – it sounds incredible !! Also, I’m also rereading PJO right now (finished The Titan’s Curse yesterday) and I’m enjoying it so so much, this series & characters really have my entire heart 💓 reading PJO never fails to make me happy. I hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re reading rn, and (I know this is late ahh) happy pride month!! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah i’ve actually taken steel crow saga off my overall tbr because stuff came up on twitter about how the author is harassed/abused women of color in the industry :( but yay to rereading pjo!!! i don’t think i’m going to get to it this month but i’m so happy you’re enjoying your reread of it 🥺

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