Mid-Year Check In with My 2020 Goals… For Once I’m Ahead on My GR Challenge?

Welcome back to me being a nerd!!

I really love making goals and checking them off, though I like to pretend like I never achieve my goals. For once I will practice some self-love and say that… I do!! Occasionally!!

Today I’m checking in with the 2020 goals I made at the beginning of the year, and seeing if I’m on track or not! I completely forgot what any of goals were until I did my post, which shows how I lack organization and/or any memory, and it was a surprise to see some of these (especially the ones where I was Definitely way too confident in myself).

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  • Read 100 books. Obviously I haven’t read 100 books yet, but I am on track! In fact, I’m ahead of schedule, which is the first time since 2018. I’d like to think I can read more than 100 books this year, but knowing how busy my school year will be in the fall… probably not.


  • Actually start writing reviews again! Yes, I actually have been writing more reviews! I’ve written reviews for books that aren’t just ARCs, even though some of them might not be full-length. I’m just happy because I strangely missed review-writing!
  • Keep better track of my reads. I’ve truly been SLACKING with my reading spreadsheet… Where did my excitement about filling it out go, I want her back!
  • Reread whatever I want. I’ve kept myself from rereading certain books that I really wanted to, so far this year, but I’m planning on definitely rereading more books later!

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  • Finish a WIP. No, I absolutely have NOT done this yet. Honestly I’ll be surprised if I do manage to do this, because I have a tendency to abandon projects and have only ever completed one. So I don’t know what I was thinking with this goal!!
  • Write more poetry. Just a little bit, yes! I usually don’t write that much each month (definitely not as much as I used to), but this month I’ve been writing more because I’m sad… I love exploiting my own pain!
snippet that isn’t one of my sad poems
  • Write 50k words. I think I’ve written only like 4k words total of actual prose so uh, definitely not. (Meanwhile my planning doc for my current WIP is at 41k and yet I have absolutely no plot and it consists of me rambling to myself and getting nowhere. I love it here!!!)

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  • Reach 2,400 followers. I’m not there yet obviously, but I think I’m actually… pretty close!! I don’t remember how many followers I had at the start of the year but I think it was around 2,100, and right now I’m at 2,346–THANK YOU!! (I’m trying my hardest not to care so much about numbers though.)
  • Actually interact. I think I’m doing a lot better than last year, so I want to give myself credit for that. But I just haven’t been doing as much as I’d hoped to, and lately I’ve been slacking, so! I don’t know!! I’ll give myself this one for now, I guess, because I think I really am doing better (at least just slightly!).
  • Host the 2020 Book Blogger Awards! Not yet, but coming soon!!! We’ll be launching on June 28 @ 7 PM CDT (it’ll be my next post!), and I’m so excited to see what happens this year.

BBA 2020 Promo Image

  • Just. be good to myself. I’m still working on this sadly. I just want to be doing so much more, and I feel so bad that I can’t!!

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  • Practice self-care. I’ve been doing a lot better, lately!! The beginning of the year was really bad, but for June I’ve created a little habit tracker that really helps me keep myself accountable. So while I’m not there yet, I’m getting there!
  • Listen to and play more music! I’ve been listening to more music/different artists, which I’m really happy about. But I haven’t playing a lot of music… I touched the piano like two times this month.
Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA Review: Artist of the Month Reimagines ...
my current music obsession!
  • Get a job! I was going to look for jobs over the summer but with covid… it definitely didn’t work out. I’m just not even going to try this year (unless the situation in the US gets a lot better somehow??).
  • Prep for college. The tiniest bit, yes! I’ve started doing a little bit of SAT practice every day, and though I haven’t really looked into too many colleges/universities yet, I’ve finally decided what I want to study, for now. Obviously things can change, but it’s just good for me to be able to look for specific programs and such!!

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reading: 2/4
writing: 1/3
total: 6.5/15

I did better than I thought! I was, uh, way too confident in my writing abilities and I also did not expect the covid situation to… [makes vague hand motions] get like this. But still! I do not have to cancel myself (and LOOK AT MY READING CHALLENGE).

shall we chat

how are you doing on your 2020 goals, if you made any? what about your goodreads challenge? and are you excited for the book blogger awards!!

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46 thoughts on “Mid-Year Check In with My 2020 Goals… For Once I’m Ahead on My GR Challenge?

  1. you’re doing so well with all of your goals, May, and i’m so proud of you!! 🥺🥺 ahh you’ve read so many books and are on top of your gr challenge, you’ve totally got this ❤ thankfully i’m ahead of mine as well, but i think most of my reading is due to our almost 4 months(?!) in quarantine haha. i’m in love with your poetry, we need moreeeee snippets because they are absolutely beautiful!!! (lmao your planning doc sounds like fun, mine is such a mess too)

    you deserve every follower you have and more, you and your blog are honestly my biggest inspirations!!! 💖 (sorry i’m being a sap here but we don’t deserve u 🥰🥰) also yes to Rina Sawayama, i’ve been loving her songs Cherry, XS and Dynasty at the moment!! i hope you’re able to have an even better next half of 2020 ❤


  2. Congrats, you’re doing great!!! <3 I was also planning on maybe getting a job but this whole covid situation has made things super hard tho … ):

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So confession time: I wanted to do a mid-year check in with my goals as well, but gave up on the idea realizing just how badly I’ve been failing so far hahaha.
    ANYWAY I love this post! I think you’ve been doing so good on your goals and I’m so, so very proud of you. Rooting for you for the rest of the year!! 🥰🥰


  4. Yay May (wow that rhymed!!) that’s so great that you’ve reached your goal. And 100 BOOKS OMG *happy dance* *insert that michelle obama meme*

    I… would like to read more poetry btw, bc it’s amazing <3


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