May’s Moments of the Month: June // Rough Mental Health and Favorite TV Shows

Was June even real? Be honest.

It felt like the month happened in a blur. But I guess that can be blamed on the fact that my mental health wasn’t so great! It also felt like I was doing so many things but also nothing at the same time? I’m doing things, like reading and writing and blogging, but it all feels so pointless.

Anyways, I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you to be keeping up with current events, sharing resources, and donating if you can! I’ve been including BLM resources in my posts but I also want to bring attention to Palestine: donate to these orgseducate yourselfshare resources.

Click for BLM resources.

mmm reading

I read 10 books in JuneI was not that great at following my TBR, and had a few impulsive reads that didn’t follow my theme of wanting to read Black authors / queer books. But that’s okay, because I’m planning on reading those throughout the year anyways and that’s what’s most important!

Unfortunately, I had a rough start to the month, though I ended up liking more books near the end. My average rating was 3 stars, not counting rereads, so I guess it could have been worse!

Favorite (not counting reread): 🌹, least favorite: 🥀, most disappointing: 💔.

Running With Lions  The Black Flamingo  How to Be Remy Cameron  Forest of Souls (Shamanborn, #1)  Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise (Avatar: The Last Airbender, #1)

  • 🥀 Running with Lions Julian Winters // I suspected I wouldn’t love this but… god the writing was so bad and I didn’t care about the characters ★★☆☆☆
  • The Black Flamingo Dean Atta // read this in one day and it was so beautifully written!! really great story about growing up Black and gay ★★★★☆
  • How to Be Remy Cameron Julian Winters // better than Running with Lions in terms of writing and messages but I still didn’t care about the characters! ★★☆☆☆
  • 💔 Forest of Souls Lori M Lee // this cover was pretty but oh look… another book where I didn’t care about the characters… ★★☆☆☆ [review]
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Gene Luen Yang // Katara and Aang’s “sweetie”s were the worst but Zuko’s arc was 👌👌👌👌👌👌 ★★★★☆

Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)  The Beauty That Remains  Girl, Serpent, Thorn  You Deserve Each Other  Full Disclosure

  • Graceling Kristin Cashore // [reread] impulsive because I was sad and needed serotonin from rereading and I was genuinely so happy because of this book!! ★★★★★
  • The Beauty That Remains Ashley Woodfolk // I feel so mean but I just didn’t really care that much about the events/characters. also the multi POVs was weird ★★☆☆☆
  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn Melissa Bashardoust // this was solid but I wanted things to be darker (and I also wanted more gay!!) ★★★☆☆
  • 🌹 You Deserve Each Other Sarah Hogle // I did not read white cishet romance… look away… but this was cute and funny and made me smile! I did it for the serotonin okay!! ★★★★☆
  • Full Disclosure Camryn Garrett // I really loved this! made me emotional at some points, and GOD I want someone to love me like Miles loves Simone ★★★★☆

mmm blogging


The 2020 Book Blogger Awards have begun and I am so excited! In June I wasn’t too good at keeping up with blog posts, and this month probably won’t be much better, because keeping up with the awards daily takes up a lot of time. But it makes my heart grow so much to see all the blogger love, truly!

Obviously I’m biased as a host, but!! nominate some bloggers!! You can learn all about it right here, and it’d be a great way to help boost and support bloggers (even if they don’t win an award). And if you need an incentive—though I hope you wouldn’t—there’s a giveaway you can enter!

(I also started going through my old 2017-2018 posts and privating them. I’m not deleting them entirely, but I refuse to have them viewable by the public. Thinking about that makes me want to climb in a hole and never get back out!!!)

top posts

qpoc book recs  BBA 2020 Logo  mid yr freak out

I’m try not to look at/talk about stats, but I GOT ALMOST 10K VIEWS IN ONE MONTH??? I’ve never come anywhere close to that so I’m genuinely shocked. But I love you all, and the support for my QPOC YA book recs post really made me so so happy!!

favorite posts from others

mmm writing

I somehow got to 43.5k words for planning. Which means I wrote 15.2k this month??? It sounds like I’m achieving a lot, but I’m telling you I have NO idea what my plot is. I just talk to myself and write down random ideas that go nowhere.

this is what I think every time I plot

I’m giving myself another week in July to plot, but then I’ll have to start drafting because of the writing contest deadline! Perhaps we will see a writing update post this month?? Perhaps???

As for poetry, I wrote a tiny bit more than usual (because I was sad) but it wasn’t anything special. I wanted to do something writing-related every day, though, so when I wasn’t feeling up to the mood to plot, I just forced myself to write a (bad) poem lmao.

mmm life

I watched She-Ra! Obviously I had to mention this first because it’s the most important event that happened in June (and also because… literally nothing else happened in June…). It was amazing, and though I was decently invested from the beginning, season 5 was truly a masterpiece!!! Lesbian friends to enemies to lovers excellence!!!

watch HD | She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5 Episode 4 ...

Moving on to less important things: My mental health was… not great! Honestly the only thing saving me from feeling like complete trash was my habit tracker, strangely. I made one for June for the first time in years, and it was super motivational for doing basic self-care/hygiene! It also pushes me to read/write a bit every day.

But it truly wasn’t all that bad!! My obsession with ATLA returned full-force after finishing She-Ra, and it kept me very distracted. I resumed watching Criminal Minds, and I started another Thai drama though I put it on hold <small>(I was using it as a way to learn Thai but I finally started actually studying the alphabet again)</small>. I also listened to a bunch of Rina Sawayama and Mitski, which was a very healing experience!

mmm old goals

  • read 13 books (honestly I’m surprised I even read 10 books
  • continue working on WIP!!  (I CAN’T PLOT but it’s okay I still tried)
  • write 3 poems
  • do driver’s ed stuff (did it one day…?)
  • read/write/listen to Thai every day (most days)
  • work out (I did so well on all my habits except for this one)
  • SAT practice
  • research college stuff (on the very last day of June I started so I’m counting it)
  • donate

mmm new goals

  • read 10 books (I don’t have a TBR but this seems like a good amount for me)
  • write and edit 9k-14k
  • write 3 poems
  • start scheduling posts in advance (I have no post ideas but I want to do this because school is starting in August!)
  • don’t let BBA pile up!
  • do driver’s ed stuff
  • keep up with habits (my habit tracker is my savior)
  • work out
  • more college stuff (including research / SAT practice)

mmm looking ahead

Mourning that I’m not in Thailand. I was supposed to travel there for July, before covid, so I’m very sad about not being able to go. I really miss being there (as well as all my family of course), but it is what it is and I’ll just wait until next year!

Writing and reading! I’m entering a writing contest in August, so obviously I need to get some writing done! I’m also trying to read as many books as I can before I go back to school in August. I’m not sure how it’s going to work with covid yet, but no matter what, I’ll definitely have less time. And it’s supposed to be a very hectic, stressful year for me so!!

The Book Blogger Awards. This takes up a big chunk of my time, at least the nominations round. I’m so glad I have a co-host this year, and I’m especially appreciative of the fact that while I’m at home doing nothing during the summer, Marie is still working! I genuinely love hosting, though, and I can’t wait to see how the awards go this year.

shall we chat

how was June for you? what books did you read? have you watched She-Ra or ATLA? are you planning to participate in the BBA??

blog signoff

61 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: June // Rough Mental Health and Favorite TV Shows

  1. seeing those rose emoji…next to you deserve each other…WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

    also omg i hope your mental health is better in July </3 but a habit tracker sounds like a good idea i might have to do that. and omg school starts in august for you? (i am surprised every year) my school starts in September </3 and yes write 3 poems and send them all to me ❤ ❤ also should i read graceling?? also i used the form for BBA because even though i wanted to promote the awards…i didn't want people to feel bad if i didn't nominate them :(( also yikes a lot of you reads seemed pretty bad…I AM MANIFESTING YOU READ BETTER BOOKS IN JULY!!!!!!!!!! (i said also like 5 times in this comment…look away)

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    1. SHH it was good are u happy

      thank you 🥺 and yes i v much recommend a habit tracker!! if u need any ideas hmu >:) and yeah it starts pretty early for texas but i think i’m even a week before other texas schools too 😦 omg….. it’s very much a Main Character book? and it can be slow so idk if that’s ur type of thing, but i love it!! and noo it’s okay, you’re already promoting it a lot already 🥺 THANK YOU!! i am manifesting many + good books for you in july too

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  2. June wasn’t a great month for me, either. I did do okay with reading, but I didn’t blog at all (and I’m now catching up with everyone’s posts), lots of stressful and scary things happened in my personal life, my mental health also wasn’t great, and exam season totally destroyed my self-esteem. I’m really glad it’s over! I did watch ATLA (for the first time, how!!) and loved it, and I’ve been meaning to get to She-Ra so it’s great to know you’ve loved it. I’m super excited about the awards too!! ❤ I hope July will be a better month for both of us! Sending love ❤ ❤

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    1. i’m so sorry to hear that your month wasn’t great, marta, especially with your self-esteem!! i hope things are much better for you in july, and reminder that you’re amazing 🥰💖 and YES i’m so happy you loved atla! definitely watch she-ra if you’re looking for another kids’ animated show to get obsessed with, with lots of great rep too ❤ i'm manifesting the BEST month for you!!!

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  3. Sorry to hear that June wasn’t the greatest mental health month – we’ve all been there! Sending lots of love and positive vibes for July ❤️ So so happy you loved You Deserve Each Other! Sometime we just need a lil fun romantic comedy to brighten our day (: I decided I wanted to start ATLA (haven’t seen the whole thing through, only bits and pieces!) but I made the horrible mistake of committing to watch it with my long distance boyfriend, which means I have to wait for him to watch each episode (might have to ditch that because it’s so good, I just want to keep going!!). Crossing my fingers that you get to everything you want to in July and that things look up a bit!!❤️

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    1. ah thank you so much for your support!! ❤ and yes, you deserve each other was such a fun book that i really couldn't put down — it was exactly what i needed! i am SO happy to hear that you started watching atla, though i'm sorry you have to wait for your boyfriend haha 😭 i get you though — i watched it with my sister, and she's one of those people who likes to draw things out and savor them, but i just wanted to binge it all!

      i hope you have an amazing july too, erin ❤

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  4. I agree- June went by in such a blur. I don’t even know how it happened! I read The Black Flamingo as well, and had the same opinion as you! It was a really great read 🙂 I’m sorry your mental health wasn’t too great, I feel like a lot of people have been pretty down recently (myself included), but I’m sending you all the hugs and love I can 💕 Also, ahh researching college stuff was so exciting for me, so I hope you enjoy it!! & congrats on writing so much this month!! That’s incredible, even if it was just outlining 🥰 I can’t wait to see next month’s progress!!

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    1. the months are going by so fast now, i can’t tell if i love or hate it 😭 but yeah, i’ve heard from a lot of people that june wasn’t a great mental health month! i hope we both feel better this month, we deserve those good things ❤ and ahh i'm a bit stressed out by college stuff honestly 😭 but i saw your tweet about reaching out to you if people had any questions so i might have to hit you up on that! and thank you so much — i've loved seeing your writing progress updates and it really does inspire me 🥰

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  5. aww, c’mon! it may not seem like too much, but the important thing is that you got 43 point something k words done. screw the plot, you have to remember you’re writing for fun and for YOURSELF and the fact that you got that much penned down is an accomplishment and something to be proud of. plot is always secondary, that is a whole freaking LOT. even if you do have to scrap it later, it WILL come in handy sometime or the other, plus its practice and keeps you from going rusty. give yourself a break! you’re doing great!

    I’m so sorry about how shitty n taxing June’s been for you mentally:( you’re honesty amazing, May, you’ll pull through this. you have to understand you’re one of the friendliest, sweetest people out there and you’re also CRAZY productive. it may seem really little to you, but the amount you blog and write and just get shit done in general actually feels unreal to me. now I don’t know everything about you personally, but this is gonna pass. I really hope it gets better for you, but until then, do know we all love you and will be there for you if needed ❤

    I'll be watching the She-ra finale tomorrow, too! I swear, Catradora and Glimmer and Bow and SCORPIA and Perfuma and basically every damn character on that show has my HEART. I can't get over how brilliant it is. And Catradora…ahhhhhhh. It's really some kind of low-key sapphic masterpiece, isn't it?

    do take care! we love you:)


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    1. aahh you’re too kind to me 🥺 thank you so much for your words, they really mean a lot to me and i feel a lot better about my writing situation haha! i always have a negative mindset so it’s good to have people remind me that sometimes i’m not as much of a failure as i always view myself to be 😭💖

      OH MY GOD STOP i’m seriously about to cry right now 😭😭 i was not expecting this much love and support in one comment, i’m so overwhelmed. thank you so so much, i can’t explain how much your words mean to me 💕💕

      and yes yes!!! i hope you enjoyed watching the she-ra finale — season 5 truly blew it out of the park for me and i’m love with the show show and characters but catradora especially 🥺 the fanart is especially amazing too!! ❤

      thank you so much, and i hope you have an amazing month as well<3



    And all those pretty books that you’ve read – 😍😍 I am sure that July will be even better for you IN ALL RESPECTS – bookish, mental, academic – ALL OF THEM!! 😇😇❤️🦋

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  7. aww *hugs* 💖 I’m so sorry June has been such a mess of a month, and hopefully, July will be happier and much better ✨ And I’m so impressed 43.5k words???? I could never, I have never written so much and that’s amazing even if it’s only for planning!! I’m working on a WIP too, but that’s currently a disaster. I’m not getting anywhere, i semi-hate researching (it’s a histfic story) and I hate expository writing 😭
    But on a happier note, thank you so much for mentioning my post 💕🥺 You know, I’m weirdly looking forward to school starting in August again. I just..I’m finally going to be in a student council club for a whole year (it’s an online school, so it’s so much easier to interact with people through words…if it was brick and mortar I would have just died lol) and I have something motivating to do, and well, I’m gonna graduate in the spring too and I can’t wait for that either!! I honestly can’t believe I’m so excited for school of all things, but I am 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    Good luck with the writing contest and practicing for the SAT!! And I hope July is much better for all of us and for the world as a whole ❤✨

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    1. ah, thank you rukky 🥺💖 you’re too kind to me!! honestly idk how i accumulated 40k+ words over the past few months, but i just dump out all my thoughts (i wish i could write this much for actual prose lmaoo). and aahh it’s so exciting that you’re working on a wip!! i commend you for writing histfic, i could never omg, but i believe in you!

      no problem!! i loved reading it. and ah that makes sense! i feel like going back to school will give me back a bit of Structure, which i feel like would help, but it just always stresses me out so 😭 but yay for student council and also graduating next spring aahh!! i hope everything goes well for you ❤

      thank you so much, i hope july is kind to you!!!

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  8. Sorry that your mental heath wasn’t the best I hope it’s better this month!! I really want to read the black flamingo it sounds so good. I am so excited for the book blogger awards!! Having a habit tracker sounds like such a good idea! I hope you have a wonderful July❤️

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      1. i never clicked publish on my comment oh no! i’m doing well, just very bored and still in isolation. but at least i can take on the roads haha! trying to figure out something worthwhile to do with my time because i can’t believe its almost july. i miss you as well ❤

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  9. I’m so sorry you had a bad mental health month 🥺 I hope July will be much better for you. 10 books in a month is so impressive! I usually only read around 7 and there’s that. I also need to work on scheduling posts in advance because last month my posting schedule was a mess, but where do I find the time & inspiration?? Habit trackers are great and I live by them! When I’m having some rough mental health days, my bullet journal and habits tracker are the only things that keep me going.

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    1. thank you so much juli 🥺 and ah yeah, i think i used to read around 9 books a month a few years ago, so i’m glad quarantine has given me the chance to get back to that haha! and yes same with scheduling posts in advance — i just need to come up with ideas 😭 and i’m so glad your habit tracker does the same thing for you as it does for me!! it’s so strange how just a little bit of organization and accountability can keep us going ❤

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  10. big sad face that June was a bad mental health month & you’re not gonna be able to visit Thailand :(( I hope July brings greater things!! & Good luck on the writing contest i know you’re gonna kill it 🥺 it narcissistic of me to think that me reading graceling for a post contributed to you wanting to reread it? lmao,either way, i’m so glad that the reread brought you serotonin! & i’m so excited to read you deserve each other!! i, too, am gonna be a little ashamed about reading a white cishet romance because i’ve been doing so well with reading diverse books lately, but i am trash for hate to love 🥴
    And congrats on the blog views!! it’s what you deserve!!! i’m so freaking excited for the 2020 book blogger awards! you and Marie are doing such a good job of hosting, ahhhhh ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. thank you caitlin!!! you’re the BEST i love you 💖💖💖

      and lmao no it’s not narcissistic!! you reading it earlier made me remember how much i loved it and then my friend and i started talking about how much we loved it so 😎 and aahh yeah i… don’t know the last time i read a white cishet romance, even just in general and not romance the genre, but i just wanted the serotonin that was promised 😭

      ahh STOP you’re too kind to me 🥺 thank you so much!!!

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  11. I’m sorry to hear that your month wasn’t the best in terms of mental health…I can definitely understand that feeling of doing so much but nothing at the same time. Not the best.
    Okay, I think I need to reread Graceling soon for that sweet, sweet serotonin. That book always cheers me up! And I’m very excited for the blogger awards this year 😄 Getting very into AtLA after watching She Ra sounds like a truly fantastic idea, since they’re both obviously the greatest animated shows ever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Good luck with all your goals in July, and happy reading! 💕

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    1. ah thank you margaret!! it’s definitely been a struggle, especially being home 😭

      and YES do a graceling reread! i don’t think it’s like… a particularly happy book? but idk, nostalgia i guess 🙂 thank you so much, and i hope you have a great month!! 💕


  12. I’m sorry to hear your mental health has suffered this month but looking at this post, you’ve achieved so much so you should be really proud of yourself!
    I actually had no clue that the Book Bloggers Awards were happening but I’m super excited to hear all of the nominations and see who wins! It’s great that the community can come together and really promote each other in this way!
    I hope you meet all of your goals for July!

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    1. aahh thank you!! you’re so sweet, i’m trying to remind myself of that too 🥺

      and yay i’m so glad to hear that you’re excited about the awards! it was really great last year to be able to recognize some amazing bloggers, so i’m excited to see more of that this year ❤ thank you so much, and i hope you have a fantastic july!!

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  13. june!! was!! not!! real!!! like, where did the month go? what even happened lmao??

    The Black Flamingo is on my tbr and i’m so happy you were able to enjoy it!! i’m sorry The Beauty That Remains fell flat for you, though :(( but i am beyond excited for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards ahh (and forever grateful to you & Marie for hosting it)!!! 💖💖 and omg congratulations for your blog views, you deserve it and more!

    i’m also so so sorry to hear that your mental health wasn’t the best in June, and that you weren’t able to travel to Thailand! (i was supposed to visit family in India around this time as well so i completely feel you 😭) Rina Sawayama is superior though, and ooh i should probably try using a habit tracker to motivate me to get things done lmao. sending all my love and i hope you have a better July, May! ❤❤

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    1. i know!! i can’t tell the months apart anymore, it’s just all one big blur 😭 and aah i’m sad about the beauty that remains too 😦 i think i’m just in a place in my reading where if i don’t care about / connect to the characters i just will hate the book and nothing can redeem it lmao. and aahh thank you!! i’m so excited that you’re excited for the book blogger awards ❤

      ah we will mourn the loss of our family vacations together!! i'm just looking forward to next year even more now, i guess 😔 and yes, habit trackers are so motivational for me!! they work better than to do lists personally because it's a consistent thing and i want to cross off as much as i can 😭 have a great july too, ash! ❤

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  14. I’m sorry June wasn’t great for your mental health, fingers crossed your July will be better! But wow you wrote so much that’s amazing! I mean… pffttt who needs plot right?? so unnecessary

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to go to Thailand 😦 I know how you feel–I was supposed to go to Taiwan this summer before covid and now it’s just salt in the wound that they have it under control and we… don’t lmao. Hopefully you’re able to make the most of this summer anyways and going there next year will be extra special and amazing because you’ll appreciate it that much more ❤

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    1. ah you’re too kind kay!! but thank you so much ❤ and fhsdhf i WISH i could let myself start writing without plot… but i'd fail 😭

      noo we shall mourn our family vacations together!! and yeah… the issue definitely isn't with thailand! they just wouldn't let Me in 😭 and aahh i hope so too!! in the meantime i'll learn how to make all the thai food i wanted to eat there to make up for the lack of it 😎 have a great july, kay!


  15. If it makes you feel better – you basically just summed up my month too. Poor mental health sucks but a guess the bright side is that we’re not alone. I know exactly how you’re feeling – I had a trip planed to visit my parents in September but we’re back in lock down in VIC, Australia so travelling doesn’t look good. Things are starting to feel so pointless – like we’ll never get back to normal.

    At least we have the Blogger Awards to look forward too! 😉 Here’s hoping we have a better month in July! Keep your chin up and look after yourself – I’m always here if you want to talk about mental health. Sending lots of love – Alexandra 💙

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    1. i’ve heard that a lot of people are struggling with their mental health! i’m sad about that, but i guess… some weird form of solidarity? 😭 but ahh i’m so sorry you might not be able to travel! in the us it’s definitely gotten horribly worse so i feel you 😭

      aah you are so sweet! and i’m glad that the book blogger awards can bring you a little bit of happiness ❤ i hope you have an amazing july!!

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  16. i’m so happy you watched she-ra…………truly a formative experience that i wish i could watch all for the first time again!! 🥺💕
    i’m sorry your mental health wasn’t great, please be kind to yourself even on days you don’t meet your daily goals. everything is A Lot 💕 but i really hope things will be better for you this month! and good luck with your writing and the writing contest (can you hear me cheer for you from across the ocean!!) 💕💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. she-ra season 5 truly changed my entire life!!! i will never be the same after….. catradora 🥺💕💓💞

      and aahh i love you sil 🥺 thank you so much, for everything you said!! your support means everything to me, and i hope you have the best july possible 💓💓

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  17. May you may be thinking that you’re not doing much but I’M VERY PROUD OF EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE THIS MONTH! Reading 10 books is great especially because you’ve poured out your energy for blogging and writing too. You deserve all the achievements and milestones. ALSO YES TO ATLA LOVE I JUST FINISHED IT TODAY AND 😭😭😭

    I hope you have a good blogging/reading/writing month this July! Cheering you on because I know the Book Blogger Awards can be very taxing. SUPER PROUD OF ALL THE WORK YOU’VE DONE 💖

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    1. AAHH RAIN SHUT UP i love you 🥺 thank you so much, i truly don’t deserve you and all your kind words!!! and YES i am so happy there is a new atla stan in the house, who’s your favorite character 😎😈

      thank you so much! and ah your cheering on for the book blogger awards is very appreciated ❤ i hope you have the BEST july and i'm excited to see more posts from you in my reader!!

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  18. I’m so sorry June wasn’t the best for you, and I hope July is better!💖 But also you did amazing at reading a lot of books and putting out wonderful blog posts and writing and everything else, so just know I’m really proud of you :,)

    This is the second post of the day in which I’ve seen You Deserve Each Other be a favorite and now I really want to read it?! I’m really glad it made you smile and I hope I can get around to it really soon. Also, thank you again for hosting the Book Blogger Awards! I’m looking forward to writing my post as soon as possible.

    Sending you all the well wishes for July, May! xx

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    1. olivia!!! you’re too sweet to me, this isn’t allowed 🥺 but thank you, this post has really shown me that to everyone i’ve accomplished a lot and yet to me it looks like nothing 😭

      and yes!! i really enjoyed you deserve each other, and i feel like you might love it too, especially knowing how much you love contemporaries/romance ❤ and aah i'm so excited to see your nominations post! i'm glad to see all this excitement for the awards 🥺 i hope you have an amazing july too!!

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  19. Aww May, I’m so sorry to hear about this. Take care of yourself and hopefully next month will be better for you. The past couple of days have been like that for me but I think I might be coming around because so far today seems so fingers crossed, lol.
    Ahhh I’m just so excitedly typing up my nominations post, thank you so much for organizing the awards! Also hehe yes I wanted more gay out of Girl, Serpent, Thorn but I still ended up loving it 🙂
    Good luck with your WIP! My semester is also starting end of August so I totally get what you mean, I’m legit scrambling to enjoy this free time before it’s gone…

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    1. aahh charvi, you’re too kind to me ❤ i hope your month is better for you too, though!! we both deserve all the good health 💓

      and YAY i'm so excited to see your nominations!! thank you so much for participating, it makes me so happy ❤ and ahh yeah! girl, serpent, thorn was definitely a very solid book, despite me wanting more from the romance 🥰 and thank you so much! i'm sure we will both accomplish so much with our wips before we have to go back to school!!


  20. she-ra & atla are literally my only sources of serotonin rn……i love these characters sm :’) also YES,,, catradora in the last season?? friends to enemies to lovers excellence 😌❤️

    also i feel you about having a rough mental health month in June 🤧 i hope that July is better for you, sending all my love & support 💞 hope that you get to read a lot of wonderful books and watch more amazing shows hehe (i feel deprived now that i’ve finished she-ra :’))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg seeing all the she-ra/atla content you rt on to my tl brings me so much joy 🥺 and YES no one is doing it like catradora…… truly no one

      and i’m sorry that june was a rough mental health month for you too!! i hope things are better in july for us both ❤ and yes!! i recently just got disney+ (parents' bday gift for my sister technically but shh) so i have lots to dive into 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Feel for you with the low mental health 😔 and for not being in Thailand like your plans, gah, that sucks. But YAY for writing!! And I hope July is full of good words too. I was going to outline in June and write in July and I have done neither :)) Going to sit in a hole and just keep thinking about writing instead of doing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m sorry you didn’t have good mental health in june either, cg! i hope things are better for both of us this month 💓 and yes full of writing too!! i also had the plan to outline in june and write in july, but… well 😭 we got this though!!


  22. I’m sorry your mental health wasn’t great this june, I hope that July will improve little by little ❤ I'm with you on the habit tracker thing, it's like one of these little things that make me actually move and try to write and get a move on my writing projects. It makes me sad to leave days blank hahaha.
    I'm sorry you didn't love The Beauty That Remains, this makes me a little sad, but I'm glad you had other great reads during the month. So curious about the Black Flamingo!
    I'm always here for you and rooting for you, and you'll crush that writing contest! Sending you lots of love ❤ ❤


  23. So psyhed to get to You Deserve Each Other and Full Disclosure eeek ❤ all the stellar reviews give me FOMO hehe. Hope your mental health gets better soon xoxox

    But yay for good blogging stats!! And so excited for the awards, you're an amazing host!!!


  24. June was so strange??? Definitely the most surreal month so far 😱
    Ohh, I love the Avatar Comics as well, they are such comfort reads and really make me want to rewatch the show 🥰 I’m also happy to see that you love Graceling, I’ve got that one waiting on my physical TBR for me!

    I also want to watch She-Ra soon, as I’ve heard so much praise for it 😊 Sorry to hear that your mental health wasn’t great, I hope things are better in June ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it really was! i don’t know if it was because it was like the first real month of summer for the northern hemisphere but it was strange haha. and yes i’m planning to read the atla comics and then rewatch the show right after!!

      yes, please do watch she-ra, it’s amazing 🥺 and thank you so much! i hope your mental health is better this month too ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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