My Reading Habits: Book Buying, Bookmarks, Annotating, and More

I’m running out of post ideas.

I’ve said this several times already but I just have to reiterate! But I’ve seen a lot of people discuss some of their bookish habits in the past few months. I thought, why not join in and make a whole post about my own reading habits!! Because I take my inspiration solely from other people now.

This is going to be a fairly short post (or at least… shorter than the usual monster posts I write), but I had fun writing it! I can’t remember the last time I’ve written a casual post like this?? Also for no reason other than how I crave structure, I’ve organized these into good, neutral, and bad!

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some diverse books, baby!
  • I read diversely in terms of representation! I of course can always, always be doing better, as can everyone, and I’m trying to be more aware of whose books I’m picking up, whose stories they’re telling, and whose voice is telling them. But I think I’m doing a pretty decent job already, if I say so myself! There’s always room for improvement though. <33
  • I rarely buy books! This simultaneously comes from a place of privilege and also not, because while I’m a high school student with no source of income to be able to buy books at all, I do receive a decent amount of books each year from publishers, family, and my library.
  • I’m great at not requesting ARCs. Seeing people panic about how they’ve requested too many ARCs is never relatable to me! While I do request ARCs, I request the ones I’m actually interested in, so I don’t end up with a bunch that I don’t want to read. We’re going to ignore how I’ve been requesting more lately.
  • I can read in any format!! I’m not sure if this is really a habit, but I’m including it anyways. I read a lot more audiobooks this year and so I can finally say I’m comfortable with any format, which is fantastic because I love the different experiences/benefits that come with each of them!

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  • I have to stop at chapter breaks; I can’t simply stop reading at a random place unless I’ve only been reading for a few minutes/am not into the book at all. I can inadvertently force myself to read more by doing this (especially with “just one more chapter”), but also it’s a pain when I want to stop reading and the chapters are like 50 pages long!!
  • I don’t highlight or annotate (unless I’m reading an ebook). I’m simultaneously fascinated with and horrified at the idea of writing anything in my books. I feel like it would be a fun experience for rereads? But then I just can’t picture myself actually doing anything to a book other than reading it and like… touching it?
  • I can’t read multiple books at once. This is neutral to me since I don’t think there are many pros vs cons with reading one book vs reading multiple books? My brain simply just cannot focus on more than one book at a time, and me reading “multiple” books literally means putting that book down to start another one and then sadly forgetting about the original book.


  • I’m a mood reader. It’s wonderful to just pick up whatever I feel like reading at the moment, but on the rare occasion I try to make a TBR, I just set myself up for utter FAILURE.
  • I read in silence! Sometimes I can listen to music (or it can weirdly help me get into a book), but I’ll have to turn it off eventually.
  • I read mostly on my bed and occasionally on my couch, which are pretty standard places to read?
  • I organize my bookshelf by color! (Don’t know if this is really a habit, but I’m including it anyways.) It makes me very happy to look at, and I also generally remember colors and visual things more easily, but I hate splitting up series.
  • I honestly don’t remember the last time I read and I wasn’t lying on my back… what’s sitting I don’t know her. Three seconds after I wrote this I realized I read a little bit when I was eating dinner, and I am ignoring that that happened!!

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all YA (that I love!!)
  • I don’t read diversely in terms of genre. I’m mainly a YA fantasy/contemporary reader, and this is something I really want to change soon—I want to read more adult fiction, classics, and non-fiction!! (Would anyone be interested in reading a post of some of the specific books I want to read?) Also this is bad for me personally: I love YA, and sticking to one genre is definitely not bad, but I just want to expand my horizons!
  • I never use bookmarks. I’m one of the chaotic people who does nothing to mark my page when I need to put a book down! I don’t even remember a page number, I just remember the general scene and then flip through the book to find it. (Yes it has gotten me spoiled a few times… we all have our flaws.)
  • I read mainly at night! I’ve been reading more during the day lately, since I have free time pretty much constantly now that I’m in quarantine, but besides that, I’m a night reader. This is bad specifically because I have a tendency to stay up in general anyways, but it’s even worse when I start reading a book at like… midnight. And then refuse to stop reading.
  • I don’t take notes while reading. I’m categorizing this as a bad thing because I would be so POWERFUL if I took notes while I read!! I’ve been jotting down a few bullet points after finishing books recently, but I just really want to get into the habit of writing notes during, because I have a terrible memory and they help me so much!

shall we chat

what are some of your reading habits? do we share some or have completely different experiences?? morning, afternoon, or night? bookmarks, dogears, or nothing?

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100 thoughts on “My Reading Habits: Book Buying, Bookmarks, Annotating, and More

  1. Some habits that I can totally relate to.

    1. Rarely buy books. I used to buy books every month (at least one) last year but now I’m trying to save my money to pay my student loan so I’ll only buy books if I’ve read and enjoyed it before or if it’s Sherlock Holmes collection.

    2. Great at not requesting ARCs. This. I know too well about my reading habit and pace so I’m always careful before I request an ARC. Also, I’m quite picky too with books I read so it helps with that.

    3. Have to stop at chapter breaks. It IS a pain when a chapter is like 50 pages long.

    4. Mood reader. High five!!!

    5. Read in silence. Me too! I find it hard to focus when I’m at noisy place and it doesn’t help that I get distracted easily. I’m okay with soft noises like the sound of fan spinning or the distant background noise from TV when I read in my room.

    6. Don’t take notes while reading. I’m trying to work on this one because it’s gonna be helpful for me when I write a review later.

    7. Don’t highlight and annotate books. I usually do these with ebooks too because it’s easier and I’m not that okay yet to write in my physical copies yet. I’ll just sticky tabs and notes for that.

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    1. oh good luck with paying off your student loans!! i definitely relate though — i try to buy only books i’m 99% sure i’ll love, or books that i absolutely adored already and want to own. and ah yay another person who’s good at not requesting arcs! i’ll admit that right now i have a bit too many, but i have a friend who has like 30 so i feel like i’m doing pretty well 😭

      yes! i like to pretend that i’m such a focused that i could read anywhere, no matter how much noise there is, but i really think i’d just process only half of the page lmao. i’m good with softer background noises, too though! and yes yes, exactly — i can’t highlight anything in my physical books (both because i’m a perfectionist and would take way too long to make a perfectly straight line, and also because i just can’t imagine writing in my books), but i definitely do with ebooks

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      1. Omg I can totally relate with that perfectionist bit!! I also need to make sure the line is straight and there’s no blotching on the pages too if I were to highlight on physical books. And my writing is not that pretty so I’ll try my very best not to write down anything in my book hahahah

        And thank you for the wish!! 😄 I wish you all the best with the ARCs 💕💕

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  2. i am… commenting on this post so late, but i really loved reading it!! i also don’t take notes while reading 😭😭 i just feel like it’ll ruin my reading flow/mood i don’t know. but it’d be so helpful for when i have to review a book, especially one i requested from the publisher! also we are not like other girls we don’t need bookmarks 😎😎 but you’re more chaotic because you don’t even remember the page number!! i could never do that, i have a habit of checking the page i’m on regularly, and somehow i always remember what the number is 😭

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    1. i am… replying to this comment so late, so we can call it even <3 but yeah, i think note-taking would also ruin my "flow" but i feel like it'll be so helpful to me! maybe i'll try to do it every time i just put the book down, so i don't have to interrupt anything. and omg stop calling me out i know i'm chaotic okay 😭 sometimes i look at/remember the page number, but i am… much more likely to just flip through the book searching for where i left out lmaoo

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  3. I think we might be the same person okay. I love this??!
    “I’m simultaneously fascinated with and horrified at the idea of writing anything in my books” > this is so me. I’m fascinated by the process of annotating and… yet I can’t bring myself to do it myself, it terrifies me, too and I just feel so weird about it all 😂 I also try my best to read as diversely as possible, and I don’t request ARCs that often (being intl and knowing I’ll get denied just makes me not want to do it 😂). I do buy most of my books though, I wish I had a beautiful library with amazing books, that’d be a DREAM. And I also can’t read multiple books at a time because confusion. and bookshelves organized by color, yay! YOUR BOOKSHELVES ARE THE BEST.😍


    1. yes!! like whenever i see people make any kinds of posts about how they annotate books i’m always like “wow… that is so cool… i wish that could be me but absolutely not” 😭 and i hate that you don’t request arcs as much because of being international, you deserve so much better, always 😠💕 i’ve seen so many people in this community read multiple books at once and i’m like… how. i’m sitting here with 4 books on my currently reading shelf and only actually currently reading one 😭 I LOVE YOU! and one day you will have a beautiful library!!! <3

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  4. Before I get into commenting on your post, “The Mango Queen demands your opinions.” :D Sorry I just had to comment on that. Okay, now for your post. It was great to read about your reading habits, and some of them I have too! I tend to pause at chapter breaks and yes I know the pain of finding out that a chapter is like 30 pages long — The Hobbit, The Dark Forest, ahem. YA fantasy and contemporary — fun genres! Wondering what your favorite sci-fi novels are? :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAHH i regret putting that as my comment prompt in 2017… i can’t find the option to change it back now so it just haunts me forever 😭 but yes, long chapters are the worst!! if i’m really tired, i’ll flip ahead to see how many pages are left, and if it’s too many i just give up and go to sleep lmao. and oh, i truly don’t read enough sci-fi, but some i can remember loving off the top of my head were all systems red, dragon pearl (middle grade), warcross (ya), and the feverwake duology (ya, but kind of more sci-fi fantasy) <3

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      1. Wow 2017?! Long time :D Ha same, and then I end up spoiling things for myself lol. There are lots of positive reviews on Dragon Pearl, and it looks like a great read! I also want to read Six of Crows because it’s got so many rave reviews :D

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