5 Reasons Why I Love Book Blogs + 7 Ways to Support Book Bloggers

If you’re not on book twitter, first of all god bless you and I wish I could relate.

Second of all, there were some recent… discussions that came up about book bloggers and how they’re underappreciated and overlooked in the online book community. Which, as bloggers, we all have known about forever.

Originally, I was going to write a post talking about the ways that bloggers are constantly underappreciated and forgotten. But 1) I lacked the brain cells to be able to discuss it properly, and 2) I wanted to try to make a more positive response (though that negative response is coming one day). So I decided to make a list of just a few reasons why I love book blogs!

This is going to talk more about book blogs as a platform rather than the act of blogging itself, because I want to show people what great things blogs have to offer just like any other platform. I’m also going to be linking to some great blogs that correspond because why not!!

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Honestly, I get so many books to add to my TBR from just about any blog post that features books. I truly think bloggers have mastered the art of being able to describe a book and make you excited for it without using too many words and I LOVE it.

But I also really appreciate posts that are specifically meant to be book recommendation lists! I instantly go to Goodreads to add those books to my to-read shelves if I haven’t already, or simply get even more excited about certain books hearing that that blogger loves them.

Personally, aside from Twitter which is great for seeing announcements/sharing book tweets easily, blogs are my favorite way to find new books. I love that these posts are often in list form, with pretty book covers and links to Goodreads; they satisfy me visually, give me links for quick access, and often include quick descriptions of the book!

The Quiet Pond constantly puts out amazing book recommendations posts; one of my favorites from their Pride Month feature is this sapphic and f/f books post! And they also keep us up-to-date with all the book news, which introduces me to not only recent book releases, but future book releases to be excited about!!

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I feel like people enjoy booktube or booktok because they’re fun and entertaining, and guess what! Blogs can also be fun and entertaining!! Obviously, everyone’s ideas of “fun” can differ. But there are bloggers who churn out such creative and unique posts, and also bloggers who have a great personality that makes all of their posts entertaining.

I also have a feeling that people might think that all book blogs post is book reviews? And while book reviews aren’t always the boring things everyone thinks they are, there is tons of variety in content!! There are book tags, discussion posts, unique book lists, and so much more. (I personally really love reading writing updates from bloggers who are writers too!)

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I always really enjoy reading Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink’s posts; she has such an engaging blogging voice with all of her posts and it makes reading her blog so entertaining! I also recently adored reading Caitlin @ Caitlin Altheas post where she reacted to Twitter’s unpopular book opinions, and she has tons of other posts that are equally fun to read too.

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There are so many well-written, thoughtful discussion posts that bloggers put out, and I always find myself in awe of them and/or agreeing with them. I don’t know, I just really love how someone can write a hundreds of words in their own little space of a blog, talking so extensively and passionately about a subject and making me think deeply about it!

I also really love that these kinds of thought-provoking posts showcase bloggers’ writing skills. Blogging has definitely helped me grow my own writing skills in various ways, and I love to see other bloggers’ abilities on full display in these kinds of posts! They truly sound so engaging and intelligent.


I am but a Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books stan, okay. She is always putting out the most well-written, eloquent posts, and her discussions are no different! I also enjoy Faith @ Pages Left Unreads posts a lot. They are so insightful in their writing, and I always leave their discussions feeling like I’ve gained another perspective.

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As I said before, book blogs have such great discussion posts that cover so many topics in insightful ways, but this is not what I mean by “space for discussion”! I think that, compared to other platforms, there really is room for more deeper conversations to take place in the comments sections of posts.

This is both because I feel like a lot of bloggers leave thoughtful comments on posts that invite conversation with the original poster, and also because most bloggers tend to take the time to reply thoughtfully as well! All in all, it really a fosters a sense of community and allows for so many great and deep discussions to happen.

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Chana & Malka @ Paper Procrastinators always take the time to write long, thoughtful comments, and I LOVE it!! I feel like I really have a conversation with them. I also feel the same way about Olivia @ Purely Olivia and Ash @ Starlight Strands! You can tell that they both take the time to read your posts, and are just generally a wonderful and kind people.

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Now, I know a lot of people don’t really like reading reviews, or at least as much as other types of posts out there. But they simply are your opinions about a book, and that’s what we’re all here to share as book bloggers. (I also feel like the kind of make up the “basis” for a book blogger!)

While there are plenty of books I love seeing people’s thoughts on, there are of course a few books that I don’t particularly care to know more about. But I love that, regardless, they can be a way to get to know a blogger’s tastes and preferences. I think some people write extraordinarily well in their book reviews, and I honestly love reading a review break down a book and talk about it analytically! (And I always love a good gush or roast review too.)


There are so many great reviewers that I love, but one I will always enjoy reading reviews from is Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books! She’s so engaging and always want to know her thoughts on books. And I also love Melanie @ Mel to the Any’s reviews—beyond being a kind and supportive person, she has this ability to write so thoughtfully about a book!!

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If you’re thinking that these are reasons you also love booktube or other content creating platforms… Congrats! You got the point of my post: that book blogs are just as great and have content just as valuable as other platforms, and therefore should be receiving the same amount of love!!

Especially considering how… book bloggers are the foundation of this community… okay moving on.

Here are some very simple ways you can support and show some love to book bloggers! (These are more geared towards people who aren’t bloggers, because bloggers genuinely support each other so much already.)


  • Follow our blogs. Please. In a world and an industry focused on numbers, this can do so much more than you think it does. You don’t even need an account, you can literally just use your email! It’s like subscribing to a YouTube channel or following an Instagram account! So easy!!
  • Follow them on other platforms too! Publishers will often overlook bloggers in favor of other content creators. If following someone’s Twitter account helps their chances because their blog won’t do anything, do that!
  • Share our blog posts!! Not every blogger is on social media, but if they are and link to their posts, share that! And if they aren’t on social media, you can share a link to the blog post for them.
  • Actually read our content. We make our content for a reason: to be consumed. So consume it! Even if you might not comment or let us know you read it, reading is still important. Think of it like views for a YouTube video!
  • Leave a comment. Comments genuinely make my day, even if it’s just a short “I love this post!” Or just let us know in another way that you appreciate us… It sounds stupid but it truly means a lot.
  • Recommend us! If someone is asking for book blog recommendations, that is the perfect time to boost us. You can even recommend us unprompted.
  • If you can, monetarily support us! I know lots of bloggers have ko-fis, affiliate links, and wishlists. Obviously, no one is obligated to spend money on bloggers, but it’s just another way to show a token of appreciation!

BBA 2020 Promo Image

Tomorrow is also the last day to get in your nominations for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards! I understand awards aren’t for everyone, and I’m obviously biased as a host, but I personally have found so many great new blogs to follow through them. It’s just another way to recognize and appreciate bloggers for the work they do! Plus, we compile all the nominees in a spreadsheet and share it publicly as a mini directory.

(And, if you need an incentive to participate: reminder that there is an international giveaway!!)

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if you got to the end of this monster of a post, tell me: what are some things you love about book blogs? do you enjoy reading reviews? and have you nominated bloggers for the awards yet??

p.s. completely unrelated but I am still freaking out about it so I had to share: I managed to get an ARC of The Burning God and !!!!
p.p.s. yes that is a new featured image design I got bored

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  1. These were so true, and I absolutely loved your point that reading blogs is just as fun as watching booktube videos!! (and how you incorporated book blog recommendations!! ^^) I absolutely love book blogs because here we’re on a slower-paced platform and I can more easily keep track of everything that is going on and my slow brain can re-read the same paragraph as many times as it needs to process the information hahaha


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