May’s Moments of the Month: April // Did Anything Actually Happen?

April honestly did not feel real.

I think time in general does not feel real now, but last month literally feels like it was a month of just Void. I don’t know if anyone else had the same experience or if it was just me, but as I sat writing this post I was just like wow. Absolutely nothing happened!

Anyway, it’s a bit funny to say that I’m here to give a recap of the month when I just said it felt like nothing happened, but here I am giving a recap of April! (I think the most exciting part of this month was the books I read, because they were very good and also at this point I am nothing but existential dread and escapism through fiction.)

mmm reading

I read 8 books! Even though there was one book I didn’t love, I feel like I’ve been doing so well at picking up books I know I’ll enjoy and it’s made me very satisfied with my reading, no matter how many books I pick up. Also, very very cool that more than half the books I read were by/featured QPOC (maybe that’s why I had such a good reading month… :p).

Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating  Foolish Hearts  The Unbroken (Magic of the Lost, #1)  Darling

  • Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating Adiba Jaigirdar / stronger than The Henna Wars for me (fun to read and loved the sibling relationship!), but some pacing issues ★★★★☆
  • Foolish Hearts Emma Mills // [reread] no book gives me serotonin as much as this one does… Emma Mills’ humor remains unmatched! ★★★★☆ [4.5]
  • The Unbroken CL Clark // extensive exploration of colonialism, with a beautiful character arc and intriguing politics! didn’t care for the romance though ★★★★☆
  • Darling K Ancrum // this was a whole EXPERIENCE! brilliantly written (for taking place in a day) with well-written characters, and a twist that creeped me out so much ★★★★☆

Ace of Spades  Descendant of the Crane  The Black Tides of Heaven by Neon Yang  The Angel of Khan el-Khalili

  • Ace of Spades Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé // devoured the last 70% in a day: so gripping and chilling, the suspense and portrayal of white supremacy were fantastically done ★★★★☆ [4.5]
  • Descendant of the Crane Joan He // unfortunately disappointing: slow and boring for the first 57%. great twists but didn’t make up for my lack of investment in the characters ★★☆☆☆ [2.5]
  • The Black Tides of Heaven Neon Yang // enjoyable, but a bit lackluster. liked sibling relationship but wanted more emotion, felt limited by the small size ★★★☆☆
  • The Angel of Khan el-Khalili P Djèlí Clark // I love this world so much! short but packs a punch, highlighting truth and the burdens of it. also liked the second person! ★★★★☆

mmm blogging


I am still struggling with some things but I’m very glad to be active again! I haven’t yet gotten back into a more regular habit of commenting on blogs, but honestly I’m not going to beat myself up for it because I just don’t have the energy or time (to beat myself up, but also to comment on blogs).

Also, I’m not sure if many other bloggers have heard of it from outside of social media, but I have an account on Readerly, which is a cool new app where you write 200-character “Gists” of your thoughts on books! Not sure how much I’m going to use it but if you’d like to follow me there, I’m @foreverandeverly.


mmm mar 21  asian personalized recs
anti tbr tag  asian tbr 21

mmm writing

I did very minimal writing! Earlier in the month, I edited the piece I wrote in March, sent it off to some friends (who all made my ego inflate to a grand size), and submitted it to a summer writing program. I’m still waiting to hear back from them but I really missed the experience of writing and editing and sharing my work with people, so it was really cool no matter the outcome of that program!!

Other than that, though, I pretty much did no writing this month. I wrote a poem but other than that, nothing. Love how for the past few months I have been wanting to “develop a novel idea” and yet I do absolutely nothing to achieve that goal!

mmm life

Like I said earlier, it genuinely feels like nothing happened. At this point, I feel like a machine just mindlessly chugging along and waiting for some big thing to happen (big thing meaning the end of this hellish pandemic). I honestly have just been holding out for the end of school, which is thankfully very soon now.

One amazing thing that did happen, though, was that I got the first dose of the COVID vaccine!! For those wondering, I got Pfizer and I luckily only got arm soreness for about a day. My second dose is coming up this week, and I’m feeling very grateful that I live in the US where I have access to this. (Please consider donating to help provide resources to India where a genuinely terrifying COVID crisis has developed.)

Some small things, since the small things are starting to feel like big things at this point: I have resumed my driving practice and am remembering that driving is terrifying. I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs and I am loving it so much!! I also went back into my Rina Sawayama phase because I spontaneously decided to choregraph something to one of her songs, which has been very fun.

mmm old goals

  • read 8 books
  • start developing a novel idea
  • get >7.5 hours of sleep
  • college prep
  • driver’s ed
  • learn Thai tone rules!
  • get back into playing piano
    mmm new goals
  • read 9 books
  • catch up on ARC reviews
  • post 5 times
  • start developing a novel idea
  • get >7.5 hours of sleep
  • get off my phone please god (I have been on my phone for a terrifying amount of hours each day)
  • driver’s ed

mmm looking ahead

LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL!! I’m going to burst from excitement!!! This past semester has been absolute hell and I have not enjoyed a single moment of this whole school year. With every year that comes to a close, there’s usually the thrilling yet terrifying feeling of My Future getting closer and closer to me, but this year I feel absolutely none of that because I am just ready to be DONE.

Seeing friends! I’m really excited and grateful that my friends and I are going to be fully vaccinated, which means that we can finally hang out safely. I have become even more of a hermit over the past year, but I have missed my friends very much. So I’m looking forward to finally seeing them once school is finished and the necessary 2 weeks (for the vaccine) have passed!

shall we chat

was April a Void for you too? did you read any good books? if you participated in Camp NaNo, how’d it go? is it your last month of school or will you sadly have to suffer for longer? (I’m praying for you)

blog signoff

12 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: April // Did Anything Actually Happen?

  1. Some things happened in April for me, but honestly I was waay too out of it to properly remember them 😅 I’m still waiting for my vaccine schedule, things have been going really slow here it’s making me nervous. And I agree with you on Black Tide of Heavens- I think the world building and siblings relationship were awesome, but wasn’t developed fully due to its length limitation. I’m still looking forward to read its sequels!

    I hope you’ll have a better May! <3


  2. Now that I think about it, barely anything major happened in April for me too. Besides Ramadan starting, it was very very meh. Though I am so excited but totally nervous because I have three more weeks before I am free of high school forever!!! Excited because FINALLY I’m finally done but at the same time…My Future is also knocking at the door and being the anxious worrier I am, I’m very terrified of how life is going to change (it’s not going to be a major change really, I’m just worrying too much).
    The cover of Darling is so cool and kind of pretty, so I will definitely check it out. I’m sorry you didn’t end up liking Descendant. I powered through it in a day, and it was slow, but I was determined to finish it to find out what happened. I ended up loving how it all came together so I guess it was worth it (except for the fact that my eyes literally ached for the rest of the day).

    Anyway, I hope the semester ends well and you get to have a lot of fun with your friends!! ❤✨


  3. I HAVE TO SUFFER LONGER FOR SCHOOL THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS. My school year ends in mid june :(
    Your reading month looks so awesome, you really did read some amazing things! Congrats on getting the vaccine, that’s so exciting!
    On the contrary to you, I feel like April was when things DID start to happen because I started being around other people more as the softball season started and the weather started getting better.
    Awesome post and I look forwards to seeing more posts from you!


  4. last month of school? hah! i’m still only halfway through my first semester. hope you have a better may than april! (is that the life goal now, to have a better month than the month before? wow our standards of living have plummeted)


  5. at this point I am nothing but existential dread and escapism through fiction

    cue me laughing

    congrats on your first dose of the vaccine, reading more books that you loved, and being more active!!


  6. Congrats on getting the first dose of vaccine! April wasn’t a void for me. It was very slow and felt like it lasted for 6 months, if I’m being honest. It just feels very weird that I’m waking up and working from home every day when my country is going through a lot and I can’t do much except donate. So mental health is down which dragged on the month. But I did read a ton of books for escapism too! 16 books lmao when did I read that much but also I’ve been reading every spare minute.


  7. Just thinking back, April didn’t seem so fun somehow. Like, we’re having our finals and it’s seriously exhausting me. and i have been in a reading slump…
    And congrats on your vaccine! I heard there were even more serious symptoms after it but glad you were okay! I hope May is treating you well (and yes, it sounds like you should treat yourself well lmao) and hopefully, we’ll get to see some sunshine and summer vibes


  8. For me, April felt like a productive month on the whole, but this year in general just feels like one big void. I don’t know where time has gone. I was lucky to get my first dose of the Pfizer too last week and just had a stiff arm afterwards.
    Congrats on the 8 books you read. I’ve heard a lot of great things about The Black Tides of Heaven and, it’s been on my tbr list for a while. It’s a shame that the emotion didn’t come across strongly enough though. I hope May is kind to you and that you and your friends can get some adventures in. :D


  9. omg i feel you, April was definitely a Void. i feel like i was just a blob for the entire month, i woke up and did the bare minimum for all of my classes and honestly just life lmao :’)) hopefully May is better for both of us!

    congrats on reading 8 books in May and enjoying most of them!! it’s always the best feeling to pick up a book that you know you’ll enjoy, and have it live up to your expectations 🤩 maybe i’ll reread Foolish Hearts this month or next month 👀👀

    congrats on getting the first dose of the vaccine!! 🎉 good luck with the second dose, i hope the side effects won’t be too bad for you!! for me, i was mostly fine after the first dose, but the second dose hit me HARD lmao :’) i had body aches and was really tired / feeling sick the day afterwards, but thankfully those side effects only lasted for a day. pls take care of yourself and get lots of rest after the second dose 💓 and i hope the rest of May treats you well, May!! ☺️


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