May’s Moments of the Month: August // Back to School + a Reading Slump

Long time no see!


Welcome to my shortest monthly recap ever, because school pretty much took over everything and I genuinely have nothing to talk about. I apologize for disappearing from my blog for probably the tenth time this year, but, to repeat myself like I will for this whole post, school really is just taking everything away from me!

August was not that great, considering the whole “school is making me want to sink into the earth and never face the sunlight again” thing. I slumped badly with reading and blogging (and writing, but that’s kind of been ongoing…), and I’m so sad that I haven’t been keeping up with those two things but at the same time I know I really just am too overwhelmed.

mmm reading

I read 2 books… This is truly a low point in my life considering one of them took literally only 30 minutes to read… I started a lot of books throughout the month but didn’t get around to finishing them, not because I wasn’t enjoying them but because I was just having a hard time focusing or finding the time/energy to sit down and read.

It honestly felt so miserable to not be able to read books, and I hope I’m actually able to read more this month. There are times where I say I’m slumping but I’m not truly (I’m just being dramatic as always), but this really was a reading slump and it made me feel terrible!

Séance Tea Party: (A Graphic Novel): Yee, Reimena: 9781984894151: Books  The Ghost Bride


  • Séance Tea Party Remeina Yee // a lovely story about friendship and growing up that resonated with me a lot more than I expected! very comforting and whimsical art too ★★★★☆
  • The Ghost Bride Yangsze Choo // beautiful prose and I loved the main character’s arc. felt like a unique story in its setting, genre blend, and journey and it was so engaging! ★★★★☆

mmm blogging



I knew I would struggle balancing blogging with school when I went back, but I didn’t expect to drop off the face of the earth! I actually have content ideas, but I just don’t have a lot of time and energy after a tiring school day plus all my homework. This is probably going to be the norm for the next few months as I deal with my pressing academics, which makes me sad, but it is how it is!



july recap 21  disappointing books 21

mmm writing

Nothing. :D

mmm life

  • I went back to school and wow! I hate it so much more than I remembered! In person learning is definitely so much better (and my school decided to put a mask mandate in place so it’s less scary in terms of COVID), but it’s still a lot to adjust to. And my workload is already so bad, with my free time gone and my stress levels soaring.
  • It has been very nice to see my friends, though!! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see them regularly. Even though I still don’t love that schools are open like nothing’s wrong, I really am glad to be able to actually interact with people.
  • I am slowly getting better at driving! I should be getting my license next month, and I’m looking forward to being Independent and whatnot.
  • I’m trying to watch more Studio Ghibli movies with my sister, and we most recently watched Princess Mononoke. I really liked it, but everyone really does lie about how Ghibli movies are all pretty and whimsical and “aesthetic” because why were some people getting their arms and heads chopped off!!!

mmm looking ahead

So much academic stuff… Things were already starting to pile on in August, and it’ll only get worse from now on! Please send all the good energy my way because I sorely need it.

Dance! I go back to dance soon, and even though it’ll eat up a lot of my time, I can’t wait. It’s truly been a lifeline for me the past few years, and I think it will be something I cling to even more during this school year. I’m very excited to get back to classes again as well as team rehearsals, and to continue choreographing my solo!!

I don’t have many goals this month because it’ll be consumed by school stuff again, but I’m hoping to do some writing alongside dancing as outlets for my stress! I also have a list of books I’d like to read, mostly the books I meant to read in August and definitely did not…). My confidence in reading has decreased significantly after August’s disaster of a reading month though, so I’ll save myself the public embarrassment and keep the list to myself.

shall we chat

how was your August? have you gone back to school? are you slumping like me?

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24 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: August // Back to School + a Reading Slump

  1. It sucks to hear that school is so draining and not something you enjoy at all. I always struggled to manage blogging with school and work whenever I returned to it as well, but I’m sure you’ll eventually get back into a groove that feels more manageable, especially since you said you had content ideas.
    Also, I hope that returning to dance will bring you joy!! Happy September – may the month be kind to you!

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  2. Ouch, school really is rough, best of luck with that! I feel like honestly school content creators or whatever need to listen to the people who actually go to school, especially teens, because yeah it’s important, I know that, but it just takes over…everything and it’s really bad for sleep and mental health. They need to dial it back.
    I’m glad your school now has a mask mandate, that’s really important! It’s scary how some states are totally lax about that and don’t even care.
    Studio Ghibli movies are so fun! Haha, Princess Mononoke was certainly an interesting one…I think that one was the craziest and most violent of the ones that I’ve watched, but you’re right, I wouldn’t exactly call any of them whimsical. They’re still super awesome movies, though!

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    1. thank you! and yeah, i feel like sometimes it’s easy to “glamorize” school and studying and whatnot, but it really takes a toll on you :(

      a lot of school districts in my area are defying our governor’s executive order to put mask mandates in place, which i’m glad for!!

      i need to watch another ghibli movie before the month ends! good to know the other ones won’t be as surprising with the violence like mononoke haha

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      1. Yep, exactly. I honestly didn’t think it would be as bad for me, but I started school and I am SWAMPED.
        Oh, well that’s really good! Yeah, masks are definitely the way to go at this point, even if you’re vaccinated…they’re gonna be the things that’ll make sure everyone’s safe in places like schools, workplaces, etc. (though of course being vaccinated is also extremely important).
        Aaah, I hope you do!!! Almost all of them are good (there was one that I thought felt sort of queerbaiting-adjacent…I don’t know if I’m just overthinking it though). Haha yeah Mononoke surprised me too, honestly I feel like that one had a very different vibe from the rest of the movies. There was definitely MUCH more violence than the other ones.


  3. August was pretty meh for me too and I couldn’t read anything at all so that’s something I can relate! But it’s good to see the school making you happy for now you can meet your friends; that’s always so much fun. Hoping September would be good for all of us who haven’t had a great reading month in August! 😊

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  4. People really do lie about Ghibli movies being soft and aesthetic 😂 Have you seen Grave of the Fireflies? I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t get affected by sad movies very easily but that one nearly broke me into pieces, it’s so sad.

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  5. I’m so sorry that August was a rough month for you. I’m sending you all the love and wishing you all the best for school <3 Also, if you have the content ideas, I'm sure you will manage to find a new rhythm with blogging eventually. You always come back to it if it's meant to be! <3 Sending you all the love <3 <3

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  6. I completely understand school sucking the life out of your soul. I have never been more glad that this is my last year before I graduate. I’m even part time this semester, so I thought that classes would be a breeze, but NOPE! One of my classes had a seven page syllabus, just to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with. Thankfully, now that I’m a few months in, I’m in a better groove, but it still takes up so much of my time!

    And good luck with getting your license! I adore the independence of being able to drive, and frequently offer to drive my friends places because I love it so much! I’m also a part time chauffeur for my mother at this point, since she can’t drive long distance anymore.

    I hope September was a better month! (I’m about to find out, since I’m commenting on this post 5 weeks late. Ooops!)

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    1. i also thought this year would be a bit more of a breeze aside from some certain parts, but also nope 🥲 i’m glad you’ve found your groove with school now, but i hope you can find time to yourself soon!!

      thank you so much! i’m very nervous about the test but i’m definitely excited to gain that independence hehe. and no worries about lateness, i appreciate your comments regardless <3

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