Goodbye 2021: My Favorite Moments of the Year

Welcome to the start of my silly end of year traditions!

You all know I love end of year posts and carrying on “traditions” on this blog, so as always, we’re kicking off my “Goodbye” series with my favorite moments of 2021. And as I always say, I can’t believe we’re here at the end of the year. I know last year I was hoping (but doubtful) that things might be different in terms of the pandemic, and it sucks that they aren’t. But there were some pockets of happiness I was able to find in 2021, which I’m forever glad for!

Speaking of the pandemic: I have COVID! This is certainly NOT a favorite moment of the year… but luckily I’ve been experiencing only mild symptoms (and hopefully it’ll stay that way). I’m going to pretend that my tiredness from COVID is the reason why this post is short, and not because I couldn’t come up with any more favorite moments :p

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  • As always, dance provided a space for me to heal and escape from my usual life worries. Whether it was regular class or team rehearsals, it was always a relief to be able to dance and move my body. Choreographing also was extremely frustrating but rewarding, especially for my solo. And I’ve loved watching my own artistry and skill levels grow! 
  • .Not really a particular moment, but reading! Like I talked about in my last post, reading has brought me a lot of joy in the past year. And especially in the past few months, I’ve cherished each chance I’ve gotten to sit down to read, since I’ve had so little time to. While I love being a hater every once in a while for the good of my soul, it makes me happy to not have (as much of) a reason to be a hater over the books I’ve read this year!

sssome of the books I loved this year! (but not my best of list)

  • While opening schools back up was certainly Not the smart decision for controlling COVID, it let me reconnect (physically) with my friends, which was honestly life-changing for me. I’m very much an antisocial introvert, but I’m just like anyone else and need at least a bit of connection with other people. Even if it was just complaining about schoolwork, being able to talk and laugh with friends at school has made a difference!
  • Honestly, just getting offline was so wonderful. It was a combination of school taking up all my time and being so fed up with things I saw online that I just had to take matters into my own hands. While I missed the people in the online book community, there were many things I certainly did not miss, and I was happy to get away to recenter myself. Now I just log off when I want to tear my hair out—it’s honestly sad that it took this long for me to reach this point but at least we’re here!
  • .Spending time with my sister has made me really happy, whether it’s watching shows and movies together or me chilling in her room on my phone while she does her homework (I’m an annoying older sibling like that!). She’s also finally listening to my book recommendations, so it’s been fun to talk to her about books as well! But mostly I like annoying her.

totoro  spirited away  howls
we’ve been watching Ghibli movies over the year!!

  • Though I didn’t write a lot this year (and I’m so sad over it), I feel like I’ve gotten more confidence over my writing and it makes me really happy. I still deal with impostor syndrome a LOT and of course have so much room to grow, but I wrote a short story I’m immensely proud of and got to share my writing + spend time with other writers at a writing program. I’m really excited to see where my writing will go when I have the time to nurture it!
  • After procrastinating it and stressing about it for so long, finally getting my driver’s license was a huge relief!! While driving still terrifies me—I honestly don’t understand how people can drive without any fear—I’m really glad to be able to do some things with a modicum of independence because of it. And it’s made for fun drives with my sister!



  • I got a job and though I don’t love working (who does), I do love getting money!!
  • Rediscovering old songs I loved brings me so much joy, especially when I thought I had no taste and it turns out I did.
  • I started journaling about mundane things to practice my cursive and now I have pretty cursive that I’m very proud of (and journaling was a stress relief too, I guess…)
  • While I was terrible about learning Thai this year, I redid my notebook and it makes me happy to see it! Even if I don’t study it!
  • I love playing an excessive amount of Gamepigeon with my friends, and winning at Word Hunt 99% of the time.
  • Caring less about grades (even if only slightly) has been so wonderful for my mental health <3

shall we chat

what have been your favorite moments of 2021, big or small? any standout movies you watched? do you journal? I hope you’ve all been having wonderful holidays!

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33 thoughts on “Goodbye 2021: My Favorite Moments of the Year

  1. Aah, I’m so sorry to hear that you have Covid! But I’m happy that the symptoms aren’t that bad so far! Covid’s really been rising and it feels like so many people I know suddenly got it!
    Yesss studio ghibli is SO GREAT I’m happy you’ve been watching them!
    And haha how are you so good at word hunt in gamepigeon I’m somehow terrible at it 😭

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      1. Yeah I know, it’s going crazy…but as much as I don’t want to go back to school because of it, I also really don’t want to head to virtual school….but it seems like that’s the way we’re headed right now…

        Yesss the Ghibli films are great. I recently watched Pom Poko and honestly though, it was WEIRD. It’s about raccoons trying to take back a forest that’s getting destroyed for new developments? But like the raccoons can shapeshift. Have you watched it? It’s probably one of the weirder of their movies. Haha well good for you for doing well in wordhunt, I can only wish!

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  2. Whoop congrats on getting your driver liscense!!! I just got my full one this year, actually anxiety really helps me being a better driver- as people don’t know how to drive and I think they’re gonna cut me long before they actually do so i’m prepared for it, ahah!

    ohno!! so sad to hear you’ve got covid.. though it’s a relief that you’ve only got mild symptoms so far; wishing you a speedy & easy recovery!

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    1. thank you!! same, i’m overprepared and overcautious at every moment, which i guess is safer since i’m hyperaware of other drivers but it definitely doesn’t lessen how much my legs shake and my stomach roils haha 😭

      thank you so much, i’m already feeling better! <3

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  3. Ah congrats on getting your driving licence! I’m still having driving lessons but I’m hoping that by this time next year maybe I will have passed. We’ll see what happens though I guess. I’m so happy that dance and reading could be an escape for you and congrats on choreographing your own dances. I can only imagine how time consuming and hard that must have been but so rewarding and satisfying too when you finally finish it!

    I have been journaling, I do bullet journaling which has helped me stay somewhat organised throughout the year. It’s also given me a place to sort through my thoughts and then I’ve also spent a lot of time playing Genshin Impact. I watched Falling Into Your Smile, which I think is my favourite drama I’ve watched this year, it’s a C Drama and I plan to rewatch it next year. I hope you recover ok, sending you so much love and good vibes for the end of your year! 💜

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    1. thank you so much clo! i wish you all the luck with your own driving lessons and test, i’m sure you’ll do great and get your license <3 thank you!! it was so time-consuming agh, sometimes 8 seconds would take me a half hour to choreograph 😭 definitely made it all the more rewarding at the end though!

      i've always admired people who bullet journal, it looks so wonderful and i wish i had the time to do it too! i'm glad it's been helpful for you <3 and ahh i'm so glad you also got to enjoy gaming and watching dramas, that sounds like so much fun. thank you so much, hope you also have a wonderful end to 2021!

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  4. “though I don’t love working (who does), I do love getting money!!” lmfao what a mood

    I hope you recover from the rona soon and that your symptoms stay mild! Congratulations on everything good that happened to you in 2021 – you deserve nothing less. Love you!

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  5. Get well soon, May! I’ll cross my fingers that you’ll be healthy in no time! <3 I feel you on finally being able to meet friends. It's not good to be alone all of the time and even if you're more an introverted person you still need human contact. Glad to see you were still able to find some favourite moments in all that Covid craziness. XD

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  6. That’s great that you’ve gotten more confident in your writing!! And congrats on getting your drivers license. I got my permit this year, and I’m learning to drive but it is really scary. Dance has also been an escape for me this year, and it sounds like it was great for you to be able to do. That’s great you got to do a solo! What kind of dance do you do? I hope that you have a great 2022!!

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    1. thank you so much, aria!! i’m hoping for all the best with your driving <3 i think i honestly became a better driver once i was doing it on my own lol, but it's definitely still scary! and i had no idea you danced too omg, i'm glad it was also an escape for you too. i do ballet, tap, jazz, and contemp (my solo's contemp)! i do a bit of hip hop as well. wbu?

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  7. So happy to hear you had a ton of favourite moments still, despite everything! I hear what you say about getting offline and meeting people – you can get very stuck online and it isn’t the same – even if I don’t have people offline who are as enthusiastic about books as we all are! I do journal, attempting bullet journaling but it mostly tracks my reading to be fair – I find it very relaxing to listen to an audiobook or watch a show and create spreads for the next month – I’ve even become more artsy and able to doodle prettily most of the time!
    Hope you get well soon, and onto a hopefully more wonderful New Year!

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    1. definitely! since i’ve been in isolation for covid i’ve had a good time talking to people online but definitely miss seeing people (my family mainly) actually in person ;-; and i think i’d love to make fun bullet journal spreads for the calming factor of it, but i’m too perfectionistic and would get worked up over it lol! so glad you can find joy in it though <3

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  8. Oh no!!! Wishing you a good and speedy recovery 💗🙏 I liked reading about your favorite moments and reading is always such a big part of my year as well! I’m glad to hear that you could reconnect with your friends and spend more time with your sister 😊

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  9. I honestly think this post idea is so wonderful. It’s a great habit to be able to look back and make note of all the wonderful things both big and small that happened during a year. I would really love to try to write a post like this, but my memory hasn’t been the greatest recently, so I don’t know how many moments I’d be able to actually recall. But maybe I’ll try to keep a running list of things in 2022 that I could share at the end of the year! Regardless, even though the list may be shorter than you wanted, I’m so glad that you had lots of things worth looking back on and reminiscing on. Here’s to an even better 2022!

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    1. ahh malka, thank you! i feel the exact same way—i’m really happy i decided to do favorite moments because it gives me a chance to reflect on the things that have contributed at least a bit to my happiness, regardless of what other bad things might have happened. and honestly, as i kept trying to list more moments, i remembered more and more! but a running list is a great idea!

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  10. OH NO, I am so sorry that you have Cofid May! Sending you lots of healing vibes for a speedy recovery.

    I love the positivity for these big and small moments. Getting offline (or at least distancing myself from Discourse Twitter) has been a true Blessing in the tail-end of 2021. I am just here to post about books and laugh at people being silly.

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    1. thank you!! i’m doing well now, just dealing with a small cough!

      i’m so happy you were also able to get offline, like not to sound dramatic but it truly is life-changing. and that’s exactly how i feel—i’m literally here to just read and vibe!!


  11. Ok so first off…get well soon!!! I hope your case of COVID is very mild…social distance and rest well!!!

    Also, congrats on the driver’s license and getting a job!! I started working part-time too this year, though it’s something I enjoy doing at least…Hopefully you’ll be able to find something more enjoyable someday :)

    I hope you have a wonderful 2022 – even if you do start it off with COVID, it should be able to improve from there.

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    1. thank you so much! i’ve finished isolating and am well recovered, hoping that none of the long term effects sneak up on me!

      i’m glad to hear that you enjoy your job, that’s wonderful <3 i don't hate what i do but it's not something i particularly love either haha!

      i hope you also have a lovely 2022 💕

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  12. I hope you are recovering well, I’m sending you all the love and light for this new year, love! <3 this is such a heartwarming post to read and I'm so happy you shared it. It's so nice to look back on these little and bigger moments. I'm so proud of you for your driver's licence, your job and everything you've accomplished as well. I hope that the new year will only be better and brighter <3

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