Goodbye 2022: My Favorite Things, Moments & Media of 2022

2022 was thankfully quite good to me.

Even though there were rough patches like any other year, it was truly a nice year for me, full of lots of happy things and moments for me. I always like to write a post on the moments that stand out each year, as a way to remember the positives and carry that into the new year with me, but this time I’m also talking about specific items and media that I loved. I feel like I feel less inclined to talk about more specific parts of my life now, after being away for so long, so hopefully those extra tidbits will make up for it!

picture of Bangkok skyline, with roof in top left corner and trees in bottom right

My trip to Thailand was certainly a huge highlight of my year, since I hadn’t gotten to go in 2020 because of covid and was really missing it! It was so lovely to see my family again, especially after such a long time, and of course, the food was amazing and every day I yearn for (real) Thai food. And being on vacation always means lots of relaxing and low stress, which I really needed after the hectic months of finishing out the semester. I already want to go back, especially to travel outside of Bangkok, where I usually stay!

Read more about my trip here!

Yet again, dance remains one of the most important things in my life. I love it for how free it makes me feel, how good I feel just to move my body around and be active, how easily it reduces my stress, and how challenging but rewarding it is. And particularly, it’s been so much fun to take mostly hip hop classes, which is a style I’m not as used to—seeing my improvement in just a few months has been so encouraging!

I also got to teach my first dance class (and in hip hop, which was a good challenge!), and I had so much fun. Definitely have a lot to improve on as a teacher, but I hope I get more chances to teach because I love sharing dance!

square album cover with orange background and illustration of plant in the middle (looks like a dandelion)
The Volunteers “New Plant” single

Music has always been important to me, but this year, I finally branched out a lot more in the artists I listened to, and I found so many new songs to love! My favorite songs from artists I discovered this year are:

  • Let me go!, Hypocreep, and New Plant by The Volunteers
  • So Good and Stoked by Weston Estate
  • fallback by nightlife
  • I Hate You So Much by Anarbor
  • great escape by cinema staff
  • 踊 (Odo) by Ado
  • (and from a forever favorite artist: Frankenstein, Imagining, and Phantom by Rina Sawayama)

Speaking of music, I got to attend my first concert since 2018 for one of my all-time favorite artists. Seeing Rina Sawayama live was an absolutely amazing experience, and I am so so grateful that I was able to see her. If you’re even just a small fan of her and can afford to go to her concert, please go!!! She is a phenomenal performer, her live vocals are exceptional, and so much of her music is simply perfect live. Truly one of the best nights of my life!

I also got to see some other small live music performances/shows, and it just reminded me of how incredible live music is. I already have one concert scheduled for 2023 (for Keshi, who I actually don’t listen to much but my sister needed someone to go with), and I hope I can attend more!

I got into journaling in 2021 and kept it very lowkey until I bought a Hobonichi Cousin Avec around halfway through 2022. And I am obsessed. I never thought I’d be a planning or journaling girlie, but I think I am slowly becoming one…? The Hobonichi Avec works so well with my needs (habit tracker, weekly to-dos, daily journaling), and I’m just very in love with it. I still am low-pressure about journaling (especially the “making everything look aesthetic” part), but it has become so important to my life and daily routine. It truly is therapeutic and soothing… Science is right! Shocker!

While I am honestly terrible at watching movies, getting to go to cinemas again was truly a highlight of 2022. I’m a staunch believer that watching movies in theatres is better than at home, and it was just so lovely to be able to return to that. My favorite films that I watched this year (in general, not just ones I watched in theatres) would have to be:

  • Everything Everywhere All At Once
  • Nope
  • The Handmaiden
  • Glass Onion

(And I didn’t watch many shows this year, but my favorite would definitely be Link Click!)

Even though I’ve been quite bad at actively studying Thai, the fact that I’ve improved my Thai reading skills in particular has blown my mind! I made Thai friends for once in my life, and while speaking to them in Thai has helped me with new vocabulary and conversational nuances, my heart is especially happy seeing how much faster I can read Thai now. My writing skills also got a tiny bit better because of the reading I did. ดีใจมากเลย <33 (trans: I’m very happy)

I dedicate the final memorable thing of 2022 to the most important of them all: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. My ability to focus has been deteriorating for years now, and I always find myself needing something to fidget with. I knew I needed an actual fidget after I kept picking at my skin just to have something to do with my hands. made me bleed. This thinking putty is the perfect thing for me to fidget with: I’ve always loved Silly Putty, and I can play it many different ways compared to traditional fidget toys. Also, the one that I have changes color! Functional AND pretty!

Smaller moments:

  • Getting surprisingly high scores on exams after years of stress
  • Choreographing short dance combos just for fun
  • Drives with my friends while we sing loudly
  • Watching TV shows with my family
  • Walking more and taking in the space I exist in

What were your favorite things or moments of 2022? Are you trying to learn a language? Do you journal? Give me all the music and movie recommendations please!!


9 thoughts on “Goodbye 2022: My Favorite Things, Moments & Media of 2022

  1. hfgdhggdfhgfgdh yayy to such a fabulous 2022!!!! I’M SO GLAD YOU GOT TO GO TO THAILAND AFTER SO LONG!! also YAYY TO AMAZING FOOD!! (FOOD IS ALWAYS THE SUPERIOR THING IN LIFE OBVIOUSLY. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE FOOD IN QUESTION IS ASIAN!!!!!) the teaching-dance-classes part sounds so so cool too CONGRATULATIONS!!!! also omg i MUST watch all the movies you mentioned?? I HOPE 2023 ENDS UP BEING EVEN MORE AMAZING FOR YOU <33

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh it’s great to hear that 2022 was pretty good year for you here’s to 2023 being even better!
    I stopped dancing professionally last year and honestly it’s been much more fun doing it in a more relaxing way, I definitely get you on how great it feels! AND OMG A RINA SAWAYAMA CONCERT??? IT LOOKS SO COOL AHH I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE HER LIVE
    Everything everywhere all at once was my fave movie from the year- I absolutely adored the concept!
    Hope you have a wonderful 2023!! <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh i’m glad that you’ve been able to enjoy dance more!! i think the nature of the dance industry/competitive dance can make it become very pressuring unfortunately, so taking a step back really allows the art of dance to thrive 💕

      i hope you one day get the chance to see rina live, she was phenomenal!! and TASTE, eeaao is superior <3 have a happy 2023!!


  3. I’m so glad to hear that 2022 was good to you! These are some great memories to look back on. I think my favourite memories of the year are definitely the many trips I went on and the friendships I made. It was the year I tried a bunch of things and prioritized experiences and having good moments with the people I love.

    I should probably get thinking putty too because I pick my skin all the time and it just worsens my eczema. I need to switch the habit.

    Hope you have a lovely 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’m so glad to hear that you were able to have so many fun experiences with other people! trying new things always is so fulfilling, i definitely felt that this past year too <3 and omg yes!! i still pick my skin unfortunately, but whenever i have my putty, it definitely keeps me from doing that. i hope it works out for you like it did for me (partly)!

      have a wonderful 2023 too 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg I don’t have a hobonichi, I opted to get a Kinbor instead because it was cheaper and still met my needs but boy did I fall down the hobonichi planning hole on YouTube last year xD It was fun though, I’m still enjoying watching videos of people planning haha. I’m so glad you’re still able to retreat to dance and enjoy it May! Also happy for you being able to go to Thailand last year after so long 💜

    Ah drives with your friends whilst you just sing loudly and live in the present sound so fun. I hope I get to experience that at some point this year. Thinking putty sounds fun, during school I used to chew gum a lot, just because it gave me something to do and kept my brain occupied. Nowadays I tend to click pens or if I’m lucky find a song I can loop (or several songs) and that’s enough to help. Sending you so much love and I hope you have a wonderful 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hobonichis are definitely expensive! the kinbor looks nice too though 👁 i do enjoy those planner vids too—they always make me want to do more with my own but i never stray from my routine haha! and thank you so much <3

      i'm also hoping that you get to experience driving with your friends & singing along to music! it really is so wonderful <3 and ahh i've never been a gum girlie but i know it helped out a lot of my friends too. i hope you've been having (and will have) a wonderful 2023 too!!

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