About Me and My Blog

Hi there!

I’m May, a teen book lover and blogger, and writer! I’m passionate about books, social issues, and food. On my blog you should expect lots of screaming about books, diversity, writing, and food (namely mangoes).


  • I’m Thai (born and live in the US), and I refuse to believe that Thai food is not the best food to exist.
  • I love to write, though you’ll likely find me NOT writing rather than actually doing it. The usual genre I write in is fantasy (specifically urban fantasy), and I also write poetry!
  • I’m very introverted and use humor as a shield a little too often!!
  • I have anxiety and depression and both mental illnesses affect me really horribly. More often than not, you’ll see me in a bad mental place, so please be patient with me!!
  • I’m queer and use she/her pronouns!


  • Hobbies: reading, writing, dance, eating
  • Genres: YA (fantasy & contemporary)
  • Authors: Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Victoria Schwab, Anna-Marie McLemore, Rick Riordan
  • Music: weird mix of kind of indie pop, kind of pop, and kind of indie rock?


Goodreads || Instagram

Asian Book Bloggers Directory (shutupshealea.com)  Teen Influencers Book Blog Directory



349 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and I we seem a lot alike, honestly.☺️ I’m a fellow teen blogger and love love love reading/writing, though I don’t blog about it much, every once in a while I do. I also am on the journey of fighting mental illness and hoping to empower others to love themselves along the way! I love your blog, I hope to read lots of your posts!! Keep up the good work, lovely, you’re doing great!💗

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  2. Hi May! I just discovered your blog and we really do have a lot in common! I’m Asian (Indian), I think Thai food’s the BEST, reading is huge in my life, I love Rick Riordan, and I’m also going through some tough times 🙂
    Your blog made my day. I hope you liked my (newbie) blog just as much as I like yours!


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