About Me and My Blog

Hi there!

I’m May, a teen book lover and blogger, and writer! I’m passionate about books, social issues, and food. On my blog you should expect lots of screaming about books, diversity, writing, and food (namely mangoes).


  • I’m Thai (born and live in the US), and I will fight EVERYONE who claims that Thai food isn’t the best food to exist.
  • I’m officially a Ravenclaw, but a self-proclaimed Slytherclaw. No one can tell me otherwise.
  • I have the personality type of INFP and I’m apparently 86% introverted. (I’d personally say more like 90%.) And I’m also 97% turbulent and 3% assertive, so that’s fun!!!
  • I have self-diagnosed anxiety and depression and both mental illnesses affect me really horribly and more often than not, you’ll see me in a bad mental place. Please be patient with me because I panic over the smallest things and I’m not always in the best mental space!!
  • I’m queer, and if you have a problem with that, PLEASE feel free to leave. I use she/they pronouns!


  • Hobbies: reading, writing, blogging, dance
  • Genres: YA (fantasy, contemporary, magical realism)
  • Authors: Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Victoria Schwab, Anna-Marie McLemore, Rick Riordan
  • Music: Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan, Hamilton





331 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. ” I cannot respect beliefs that don’t respect my existence” OMG YES I AGREE SO MUCH. As a general rule I always respect people’s beliefs and opinions, but I’ve realised lately that I don’t have to respect people’s beliefs if those beliefs disrespect others… It’s 2018 for crying out loud! We have to start respecting each other! It makes me really sad that people are still hating on others for dumb reasons like sexuality or race. :/
    Anyway, it’s good to ‘meet’ someone with the same opinions as me! 🙂

    Andrea | indigoskysblog.blogspot.com


      1. That island life lol! We eat Mangoes like others eat bread or drink water, I swear. Like there’s always magically Mangoes in my parents house, ALWAYS. I don’t know what sorcery my mom was pulling but it’s not working out in my apartment lol!

        And you’re welcome! I’ll go hit follow now 🙂

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          1. I actually am not a fan of regular white rice… even in my sushi sometimes I’ll get tired of it and pick it out lmao! People always make fun that I’m skinny cause I don’t eat rice! Blah!

            The fruits I loved in the Philippines was the baby mangoes and the star fruit! I find them sometimes here in the US but they’re not cheap lol! I did get my bf addicted to coconuts though!

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  2. (South) Asian mango lover here and this has convinced me to follow you (yes, also I’ve read some of your blog and I like it, but whatever mangoes are what got my attention) 🙂


      1. I’m sorry. I had no intention of being rude. Honestly, I couldn’t care less if someone is gay, trans, queer, or anything. I still support James Charles, I still support Ellen, and I’ll still support you. You seem like a really sweet person, and I would hate to make you feel bad. If I came across as pushy or rude, I am so so sorry. I might not agree with you on certain things, but I’m not going to treat you like crap. Maybe we can just agree to disagree and then move on.


        1. Thank you for your apology. I know you view it differently, but I and other queer people think that if you don’t “agree” with us, you can’t FULLY support us, since what you “disagree” with is a large part of our identity. But thanks for at least not treating queer people badly.


            1. prove what? you don’t have to prove anything about your beliefs to me, why should I have to prove anything to you? I personally don’t believe in Jesus, but if you do, that’s your own choice and I don’t see why you have to attack me for my beliefs

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              1. and why not? So lemme get this straight, you want to spend eternity in hell with terrible things in it and die a terrible life, instead of living in heaven with Jesus and living a perfect life forever?


                  1. There will be a day when you talk with your friend for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you say “I love you” for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you go to class for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you tie your shoes for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you sleep in your bed for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you laugh for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you cry for the last time.

                    There will be a day when you close your eyes for the last time here, but open your eyes for the first time in heaven.

                    I’m not sure when that day is for you. I hope it’s not soon, but that day could be today. Or tomorrow. Or 50 years from now. I’m not sure, but that day is coming. I don’t want to scare you, but your life could be gone in the blink of an eye, and we’re not here for long. That day shouldn’t scare us, but instead, bring us joy.

                    There will be a day when I meet my Lord, Savior, and heavenly Daddy face to face.

                    There will be a day when we will walk on streets of gold.

                    There will be a day where there are no sickness, pain, cancer, drugs, Hiv, or allergies.

                    There will be a day where there is no more violence, wars, shootings or criminals.

                    There will be a day with no more sadness, death, guilt, fear, loss, abuse, anger, insecurity, or resentment.

                    There will be a day when the lion and lamb sit together.

                    There will be a day when you can sit and talk with your grandpa, or have coffee with the apostle Paul.

                    There will be a day when the widow meets her husband again.

                    There will be a day when a mother rocks her miscarried child.

                    There will be the sound of angels praising the heavenly king.

                    The sun will never set there.

                    There will be no more darkness, storms, blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes.

                    There will be a day with no more stress or tired.

                    There will be a day when I can dance for God without being dizzy.

                    There will be a day when all the brokenness from earth disappears.

                    There will be a day when all our tears will be wiped away.

                    There will be a day with no more enemy.

                    There will be a day when we come home, to heaven.

                    And we’ll be there for eternity.

                    This earth is not our home. I wanted to remind of the joy that awaits us home. Just think about the happiest you’ve ever been on earth(our temporary home), now multiply that by infinity and beyond. That’s the joy of our eternal home! When the troubles of this world bring you down, just remember you aren’t home yet! We’re all just waiting to go home, but in the meantime, we have a little bit more time to make a change to our world and bring Our King glory. Although I hope you don’t go home today, live like it’s your last! This *could* be the last time you play with your dog, chat with a friend, write a blog post, or go to ballet class. We have an amazing home waiting for us, but while we’re waiting, we have a little more time to shine for Christ!


                    1. I’m obviously not going to budge in my beliefs and you obviously aren’t either. and that’s completely okay, because we all are subject to our own personal beliefs and opinions. please, I’m begging you, get a life and accept that other people have different opinions than you

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                    2. I am sorry about being so rude. plz forgive me. i just really don’t want anyone to be without god and all of his amazing glory. please.just.listen. he loves you.


                    3. I have literally told you to leave me alone multiple times and to accept people for their own personal beliefs and opinions. I DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BE. WITH. GOD. and you need to learn to respect the beliefs of me and other people who also do not want to believe in or be with God

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