About Me and My Blog



Hello there! I’m May, aka the Mango Queen. As you can tell, I REALLY LIKE MANGOES. It’s not an obsession hahaha no not at all.

I’m a hardcore bookworm with very little money. The library is my savior and also my curse. AND I HAVE A HUGE TBR.

I am also a writer who has never finished a novel. But I plan too??? Also my dream is to be an NYT bestselling author but let’s be real here.

I absolutely LOOOOOVE blogging and am totally open to making new friends! (But apparently I’m a “big blogger” and big bloggers usually scare me but I PROMISE I’m not scary!)

I’m a hardcore FANGIRL and I’ll list some of my favorite authors down below so we can scream together. I think I say omg too much but will I apologize??? No. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I SCREAM IN ALL CAPS A LOT AND I LOVE IT (and I also use parentheses too much), and how could I forget my question marks???

Other facts about me:

  • I’m a dancer and super shy when I dance. (Trying not to be but it’s not working???)
  • I also play the piano but just end up angrily banging on the keys a lot.
  • I’m a Ravenclaw (#EaglePride) buuuut I could also be a Slytherclaw.
  • I’m an INFP! Which says I’m an idealist and HAHAHA no.
  • I am actually really quite shy (tho blogging helps) so I will 100% flail when someone I idolize talks to me.
  • I believe I have anxiety and social anxiety; it hasn’t been professionally diagnosed but I’m like, 90% sure. (Not that severe tho.)
  • I am Thai. I live in America but all of my family is Thai. If you want to ask any questions about that, shoot em at me! BTW THAI FOOD IS THE BEST FIGHT ME.
  • Also I really want to be British please someone make me British or at least have their accent.

Favorite authors: (Uncle) Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Marie Lu, Leigh Bardugo, Marissa Meyer, and VE/Victoria Schwab.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and always feel free to leave me a comment! <333

(P.S. I also write book reviews on Goodreads. Friend me!)

My Blog

Forever and Everly is a blog that talks mainly about books and writing (in a FUN and HILARIOUS and BRIGHT way!). You’ll enjoy everything (especially the mangoes), because what’s not to love? The content is fresh and exciting and, just saying, VERY relatable!

I hate complimenting myself.


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