About Me and My Blog

Hi there!!

I’m May (she/her), a teen book blogger and reviewer, and I love reading to escape the prison of existence! I’m an enthusiast for QPOC, Asians, and morally grey girls in books, but beyond reading, I enjoy writing, dance, language, and music. On my blog you should expect to see me talking about books, diversity & representation, and, every once in a while, my writing!



  • Though young adult books were my first love and I still read them, I’ve grown beyond them and also read adult fiction! I’m also mainly a fantasy reader.
  • I love to write, though you’ll probably find me not writing, unfortunately. I usually write fantasy and also make an attempt at poetry!
  • I can play the piano and drums, and I’m learning French, Spanish, and Thai. Yes, I am sadly a nerd!
  • The music I usually listen to is indie/alternative, and some my favorite artists are Cage the Elephant, Rina Sawayama, Wallows, The Neighbourhood, and Lorde.
  • I’m currently a high school student, so you can accurately assume that at any given moment I am stressed out.
  • I’m very introverted and use humor as a shield a little too often!!



  • On my blog, you can find book lists, book reviews, discussions, helpful guides, and more!
  • Most of my posts have been centered on young adult books, but as my tastes have grown, you’ll likely see other fiction as well. A majority of what I read and talk about are diverse books.
  • I’ve been blogging since January 2017, and I’ve loved it ever since! (Most of my 2017 posts are privated now, because I cannot handle the idea of anyone looking back and seeing how embarrassing I was.)
  • You may know me for my love for mangoes, my overuse of parentheses, my passion for Asian books, or hosting the Book Blogger Awards!
  • When you see “the Mango Queen demands your opinions” as the comment prompt… look away. I regret every single thing 2017 me did on this blog, and the option to change it has disappeared. This is my one shame.
  • I’m open to working with authors and publishers: You can contact me here.



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352 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. This is random and I’m pretty sure I’ve already commented on your about page but I just have to put it out there that your name is so pretty. Seriously! It sounds like a name from a book or movie! So I just wanted to say May Everly is the coolest name ever. and everyone’s jealous. 😂😂

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  2. What a great “About Me” posting! :) I’m a fellow Ravenclaw and Hamilton lover. :) My favorite character is Elizabeth, but Lafayette’s pretty cool. I’m an INFJ so we’re close in personality too. I stopped by to say hi after finding you on Marie’s SFATW blog-hopping post. :)

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