About Me and My Blog

Hi there!!

I’m May (she/her), a teen book blogger and reviewer, and I love reading to escape the prison of existence! I’m an enthusiast for QPOC, Asians, and morally grey girls in books, but beyond reading, I enjoy writing, dance, language, and music. On my blog you should expect to see me talking about books, diversity & representation, and, every once in a while, my writing!



  • Though young adult books were my first love and I still read them, I’ve grown beyond them and also read adult fiction! I’m also mainly a fantasy reader.
  • I love to write, though you’ll probably find me not writing, unfortunately. I usually write fantasy and also make an attempt at poetry!
  • I can play the piano and drums, and I’m learning French, Spanish, and Thai. Yes, I am sadly a nerd!
  • The music I usually listen to is indie/alternative, and some my favorite artists are Cage the Elephant, Rina Sawayama, Wallows, The Neighbourhood, and Lorde.
  • I’m currently a high school student, so you can accurately assume that at any given moment I am stressed out.
  • I’m very introverted and use humor as a shield a little too often!!



  • On my blog, you can find book lists, book reviews, discussions, helpful guides, and more!
  • Most of my posts have been centered on young adult books, but as my tastes have grown, you’ll likely see other fiction as well. A majority of what I read and talk about are diverse books.
  • I’ve been blogging since January 2017, and I’ve loved it ever since! (Most of my 2017 posts are privated now, because I cannot handle the idea of anyone looking back and seeing how embarrassing I was.)
  • You may know me for my love for mangoes, my overuse of parentheses, my passion for Asian books, or hosting the Book Blogger Awards!
  • When you see “the Mango Queen demands your opinions” as the comment prompt… look away. I regret every single thing 2017 me did on this blog, and the option to change it has disappeared. This is my one shame.
  • I’m open to working with authors and publishers: You can contact me here.



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352 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Hello, May! Your blog is beautiful. <3
    I am an INFP writer and reader. I am very glad to have found your blog, and that compliment you paid yourself at the end of your 'about' page is true. :)
    Just so you know, I would be willing to give you permission (its private except to those I allow) to read my blog; if you would like to. Here's the link: https://talesfromanidealist.wordpress.com and I promise not to expect you to follow me and not to feel bad if you don't.
    To give you an idea on what its about; its a lifestyle/book/writing blog. I hope you're interested, but if not, that's fine. :)

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  2. HII MAY. this is a very odd question but it has something to do with customizing. xDD how do you do the read more tag for every post? I thought I saw a setting for it, then forgot where it was …but maybe you manually put the read more tag in every post you do.
    thanks lol, for answering this weird question. byeee. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem, Carol! When you’re drafting a post in WP, you see the toolbar thing that helps you bold, link, center, and more? At the end of it is like an icon with three lines — two straight ones on the outside and a dashed one in the inside. That’s the Read More tag! :)

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      1. ooh okay, so you do it for every post manually. I know how to do it but I thought some themes had a setting where you could set all posts as read more… well, thanks anyway! xD :))

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