May’s Moments of the Month: April // Studying Took Over Everything

I disappeared yet again… what a surprise! 

I can’t say I didn’t expect this to happen, especially since at the beginning of the year I was like, “There are going to be lots of big upcoming life events this year that will make me less active.” But after I planned out my posts months ahead, I was really hopeful that I would be able to maintain some activity throughout the busier parts!

Clearly, that didn’t happen. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m trying not to apologize for doing things that I needed to do. I disappeared because of exams that I had to study for, and doing that sucked up all my energy and I barely did anything substantial throughout the month.

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My 2022 Asian Heritage Month TBR!

It’s my favorite time of year!

Asian Heritage Month in May is quickly approaching, and as I do every year, I’m reading only books by Asian authors to celebrate it! I always love compiling a list of all-Asian authors/books to dedicate my time to—though I pretty much do that all year anyway—and this year, I’m extra excited to have a wide range of books.

Unfortunately, one thing will be a bit different this year. I’m taking exams for the first three weeks of May (which is why I’ve been absent this whole month), then leaving for Thailand at the end of the month. As a result, my TBR this year is not a list of books that I 100% plan to read, and more of a list of options for me to pick from! I’m hoping to read at least 5, but it all depends on the state of my brain during/after exams, and I’m not very hopeful… since it already feels like it’s melting…

Regardless, any number of books is great, especially because all of my picks look so GOOD!!!

*Note: This month is usually called Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, but I say Asian Heritage Month because 1) I don’t want to exclude non-Americans, 2) Pacific Islanders are vastly different from Asians and some have voiced concerns over being grouped with Asians, and because my list of authors is focused on Asians, it would be disingenuous to falsely say that this is a TBR of Asians & PI authors.

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Reading Books that I Think Will Make Me Cry

I’ve always been a masochist when it comes to books.

Sure, light and fun books are always soothing to read, and I enjoy a feel-good contemporary every now and then! But I’m also someone who calls certain books that made me sob “comfort books,” and I get more excited to read some books when when I hear people say they cried over them.

However, I’m also not very prone to crying extensively over books. So I thought I’d do a fun little reading project where I read books that I expect will make me cry and see if they actually do! For each book, I’ll give a “cry” rating and a regular rating, then talk about what I expected, what actually happened, and my overall thoughts!  

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May’s Moments of the Month: March // Finally, Some Relaxation!!

Isn’t it crazy how we’re already going into the first quarter of the year?

Maybe it’s because I have Big Personal Life Things coming up in May, but I feel like the beginning of the year has whizzed by and I can barely catch my breath. And part of the reason March passed by so quickly for me was because—I did nothing!!

Okay, I did do things. I did a lot of things, in fact, like read and labor over school assignments and even WRITE… But I mostly remember March as a month where I mostly got to rest. And thank god for that! I’ve really needed it.

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My Book Buying Experiences and Habits

Common jokes in the book community often center on book buying.

They’re all in good fun, of course, but obviously, they aren’t relatable to everyone! Many people, including myself, don’t buy a bunch of books before finishing unread ones, or have 20+ monthly book hauls. While I’m not going to dive into the consumerism that is definitely rampant in the book community, since that’s an issue that goes beyond books, I wanted to talk about my own personal experiences with book buying!

(Of course, the fact that I am able to read a lot of books without buying them is a privilege!!! I have the choice and the ability to do this, and many people do not—but because I do have a choice, it makes me wonder about why others in the community don’t make that choice too.)

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