4 Year Blogivesary Q&A Part 2!

Hello… I’m back :D

I think there’s some kind of weird, accidental tradition I have to disappear around the time I have my blogiversary Q&A, because last year I posted part 2 of my Q&A like 2 months after my actual blogiversary day. But sorry for disappearing on everyone for a bit—I just have zero motivation (and time) to post.

I’m not going to make this a long intro, as I’ve already done the sappiness in part 1 of this Q&A and this is a lengthy post, but thank you all again for being always so patient and supportive of me! It means the world.

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May’s Moments of the Month: January // Be Honest: It Was Terrible

What a sucky start to 2021!

I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way or if the universe spared you from it, but January was not very good at all. My low mental health from December never improved, and going back to school meant even more stress piled on me. I can feel myself losing reading and blogging motivation already, and we’re!! only a month in to the year!!

There was one thing that made my January slightly better, though, and that was surprisingly writing? I think I am more inclined to write when I am more mentally unstable so, you know… at least there’s a positive to bad mental health!

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4-Year Blogiversary Q&A: Part 1! + a Thank You for 4 Years of Blogging

Four years ago today, I started my blog.

It feels surreal to say that. Four years is such a big number of years to spend time on something, and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been… doing this thing for this much time! So many hours of my life and so much of my energy, effort, and love poured into this tiny little website!

I’ll save the sappy stuff for later in the post, because today, in celebration of four years of blogging, I’ll be answering questions you asked me, as I’ve done this every year! I’ve split this Q&A into two posts, because I don’t want this to be too long, especially with my surprisingly lengthy “thank you” section. If you still have any questions for me, feel free to ask them in the comments or submit them anonymously here!

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Goodbye 2020: How I Did on My 2020 Goals & Setting New Goals for 2021

Well, 2021’s off to a great start already…

Any small nugget of optimism I might have had for the year is now aimed entirely at my own personal growth instead of having any optimism for, for example, the state of the world. So I guess the timing of this post is perfect in that sense, since this is all about me and what I want to do/achieve in 2021, as well as a look back on how I did on my goals for 2020!

I actually did surprisingly okay with my 2020 goals, but I’m happy with whatever I managed to accomplish. The entire world went through… a lot during 2020, so it isn’t fair to beat myself up for losing sleep or not writing enough or whatever other arbitrary thing I wanted to do. (And I hope you aren’t being too harsh on yourself either!!)
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May’s Moments of the Month: December // I Finished My School Semester & Read A Lot

Happy new year!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2021 already. I’m praying that January is going to be a much better month for me than December was, because December was… not my best month. School and finals drained me a lot (unsurprisingly), and even over my break, I was kind of useless.

Luckily in December, I was able to read a lot of books, finish my GR challenge, and write more blog posts than usual!! But I accidentally developed some bad habits during the month (I am… so sleep-deprived…). Hopefully I can fix them and my deteriorating mental health this month!

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