May’s Moments of the Month: August // Back to School + a Reading Slump

Long time no see!


Welcome to my shortest monthly recap ever, because school pretty much took over everything and I genuinely have nothing to talk about. I apologize for disappearing from my blog for probably the tenth time this year, but, to repeat myself like I will for this whole post, school really is just taking everything away from me!

August was not that great, considering the whole “school is making me want to sink into the earth and never face the sunlight again” thing. I slumped badly with reading and blogging (and writing, but that’s kind of been ongoing…), and I’m so sad that I haven’t been keeping up with those two things but at the same time I know I really just am too overwhelmed.

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May’s Moments of the Month: July // No More Summer but Good Books & Writing!

Summer break is basically over for me…

…and I am so tired of time passing so quickly this year!! Every month seems to pass by even faster than the last, and I wish everything would just slow down, especially now that I have to go back to school. Despite that, July was a pretty decent month for me, since I was able to read some good books and I also got to generate a lot of new writing for the first time in a while. It was filled with a lot of dread over summer ending though, which I feel very intensely now that I have less than a week before my school year starts again!

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My Book Review Writing Process + A Few Tips!

Exposing myself as a Gross Book Nerd on this blog: for the nth time!

This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost a year, but I’ve held off on posting it because I was still figuring out the best way for me to write reviews, and I knew that I wanted more practice before determining what was my “definitive” process. And I can definitely say now that I’m very comfortable with the process I’ve developed for myself!

I don’t consider myself a great reviewer—I’d say I can get my thoughts across coherently, so I meet the bare minimum—so this isn’t like “my process is the best and I’m an excellent reviewer because of it.” But I still wanted to share how I write my reviews anyway because I always found these posts from others helpful in the past!!

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Mid-Year Check-In: How am I Doing on My Goals for 2021?

Ever year I am overconfident in setting my goals…

As I always do each year, today I’m taking a look at how I’m doing on my 2021 goals, now that we are somehow halfway through 2021 already. It’s always a fun surprise to do this post and reread these goals that I set in January and promptly forgot!

Whenever I do these check-ins, I feel like I overestimate my capabilities when setting my goals, but I think it also offers an opportunity to challenge and stretch myself. And I really do think checking in with my goals helps me to see what I can do for the rest of the year and realign my priorities, however cliche that may sound!!

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May’s Moments of the Month: June // It is Summer and I am Still Stressed

June was basically filled with existential dread for me.

No way this year has gone by so quickly already… no way practically half my summer is gone already… I appreciate the freedom and relaxation that summer brings (or Should bring) but wow I think I am just in a constant state of stress at this point because I did not feel that relaxed at all.

June was clearly a bit stressful for me despite it being summer. Life Stuff is just so pressuring, not to mention all the pressures I put on myself! I wasn’t even able to achieve that much escapism through reading since I didn’t enjoy a lot of what I read in June and I also didn’t write… I am struggling big time basically.

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