May’s Moments of the Month: August // Too Much Stress & Rain + Actual!!! Writing!!! + My First ARCs Omgggg

There’s only one word to describe August: STRESSFUL.

Stressful school, stressful writing project, stressful plot bunnies, stressful reading, STRESSFUL EVERYTHING OKAY. And then on top of that, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and while I’m okay*, THERE WAS SO MUCH RAIN AND GLOOM AND UGH.

Everything just made August a very dreary unenjoyable month. (Read: stressful school.)

But! While it wasn’t very enjoyable, I do feel like August was a pretty overall great month, productivity-wise! There were lots of really awesome things about it. Okay so the hurricane kind of cancels it all out??? BUT MOVING ON.

*I’m sure you were all worried for me. Right??? RIGHT???

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9 Things “Regular People” Should Never Say to a Bookworm (Unless You Have an Extreme Death Wish)

There are MANY things that offend bookworms.

Some of these include: 1) insulting their fandom/favorite book, 2) interrupting their reading, and 3) not giving them your money when they demand politely ask for it omggg how ruder can you get.

But not only can your ACTIONS offend bookworms and/or make them cry, but also your words. And because bookworms are very fragile creatures who will easily break, I’ve compiled a list of 9 things you should NEVER say to a bookworm.

Unless you want to die, of course. In that case, go on ahead and tell every bookworm you know the following phrases! You most definitely WILL NOT get a pineapple thrown at your head???

Seriously tho, you don’t want a pineapple thrown at your head—LOOK AT HOW SPIKY THEY ARE.

But pineapples are also quite aesthetic and come on you LIVE for the aesthetics…

NOTE: I’m a bit salty in this post so beware of that. :))

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The Book Blogger Insider Tag: Stalkerish Information About My Book Blogging and Reviewing Life!

The #1 thing you should know about me is that I suck at keeping track of blog tags.

I KNOW I KNOW. I’m horrible. People take the time to tag me or nominate me for an award (!!!) and I just… forget.

But seriously, unless you pingback me, I will likely forget that you’ve tagged me for something??? And I probably won’t remember your pingback either, unless you pingback my About page oops.

HOWEVER! I was going through the comments/pingbacks of said About page, in search for a nice tag to do because WHY NOT, and I found this one!

The lovely Beth @ Reading Every Night tagged me for The Book Blogger Insider Tag, and I remembered being super excited when I read her post, because 1) her answers were awesome, and 2) THE TAG LOOKED COOL.

And this month, it seems like my theme has been sharing my secrets (about my post-planning and -writing process, and my secrets for success), so why not carry on with this tag???

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How to Deal With Bookish Disappointments (Without Intense Sobbing—or Death! Wow!)

I am not easily disappointed.

Especially by books! I’m actually really really nice when I rate books*, so I’m always expecting to NEVER be disappointed. (Why read a book you think will disappoint you???) And for 98.3%, I’m not!!!

But the other 1.7% or something**, I DO get disappointed. And because that’s such a rare feeling for me, I don’t know how to deal with it???

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I’ve put together a little guide about how to deal with bookish disappointments, because if you’re like me, you probably just end up sobbing and/or dying from disappointment.


*Which is why I have never rated a book one star… Strangle me.
**I hate math.

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9 Ways How Dancers and Bookworms are Actually Quite Scarily Similar… #surprise

If you don’t know already, I’m a hardcore dancer.

“Hardcore” meaning “trying and failing to be good and not flop over like a dead fish”. But despite my fishy side, I love dancing!

I’m also a hardcore bookworm. (Meaning that I’m trying to figure out how to defeat my TBR but it’s not working.) So I thought, Why not combine these two to make a cool post???


And so today I’m going to talk about how bookworms and dancers are actually pretty similar. And maybe you’ll find that you might actually be a dancer after all. *wink wink*

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