#AmCurrently Update: Apparently You Want to Know What I’m Doing While Social Distancing

You all are too kind to me!! I’m boring!!!

About a week ago (time is a complete mush in my head now), I put out a link to a feedback survey that was supposed to go up on my blogiversary but didn’t because I’m a mess. And for a question about what content you want me to post, a lot of you wanted to know what’s up with my life amidst this COVID-19 social distancing nightmare!

So I’ve decided to please you all with that exact post, because 1) I am running really really low on post ideas, and 2) I’m annoying and enjoy talking about my own life!! (You know that one post on every social media platform that’s like “I have this weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself but also think I’m better than everyone else”? That’s me.)

Also, if you’d like to fill the survey out, it’s still open and I’d really appreciate it!! I love the validation, yes, but I also value your feedback, especially in terms of what content you guys are interested in. (And if you’ve already filled it out, you have my entire heart!!!)

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Upcoming Book Releases (March-June) to Support During This Pandemic!!

COVID-19, the taboo word on everyone’s mind right now.

(It’s taboo for me, because I don’t like to think about it.)

It’s a very scary situation right now, and I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts. I hope you’re all as safe and healthy as you can be, and staying home if you can! Please take care of yourselves now more than ever!

But among one of the effects of this is that authors have had to cancel multiple events that would help them promote their books, so! I wanted to write a post of some books releasing soon that I think deserve your attention and support. I tried to include only books with less than 10,000 adds on Goodreads, because I think promoting lesser hyped books has more of an effect than promoting the super hyped ones!

I’m only doing March through July because 1) I was supposed to make a list of releases in January – June but obviously I’m the worst and didn’t, and 2) I’m fiercely holding on to the hope that this will all calm down by July, which is when I’m scheduled to go to Thailand!!

ALSO: I completely forgot about this on my blogiversary, but I always like to do a yearly FEEDBACK SURVEY to help decide how to improve my blog for you guys, so if you could fill it out I would really appreciate it!!!

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The Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2020: Sign-Up/Update Post + TBR!

i’m back to normal, with the usual asian book love!

just kidding, i’m still struggling in all aspects of my life* and i like to represent that by refusing to type with proper capitalization. i’m not like other girls!

but Yes, i am here writing a post? that is not just a wrap-up? which is something i’m choosing to be proud of right now. and i really wanted to finally make my official sign-up (and update!) post for the year of the asian reading challenge, 2020 edition!

this reading challenge is hosted by lilycw, vicky, and shealea. the goal is to read as many books by asian authors as you can this year. please check out any of the posts linked to find out more info!

*i’m doing much better right now though!! thank you all for the love recently <33

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May’s Moments of the Month: February // I Was Sad but at Least I Read Some Books??

yay i’m attempting to be a blogger again!!

(i was supposed to post something else before this but. too late now)

monthly wrap-ups are probably the only thing i’ll consistently post, because i really love writing them and talking about myself for an ungodly amount of words, so today i’m here to tell you how my february was.

expect copious amounts of criminal minds references and me being unable to shut up about being sad!

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7 or So Books to Read if You’re Feeling Sad (Like Me)

hi everyone!!

today’s post is going to be a little different from the norm (as you can probably tell already with my lack of capitalization).

i’ve been, uh, missing from the blogging world for a few weeks now. it wasn’t my intention, as it never is, but it keeps happening over and over again. i’m not going to waste my breath apologizing because i have an overwhelming fear of being annoying and i feel like i’ve said sorry enough times to irritate everyone, but know that the words “i’m sorry” are brewing on my mind. this month, and especially this week, has been bad for me mentally, and it’s been hard to do even the simplest of tasks.

but as i’m writing this, i just spent a good part of my day watching booktube videos (and criminal minds…), and i felt inspired to create content. and one of my very kind friends ilsa said she loved my book recommendations, so here we are with a book rec post! because i love writing them and i love knowing others enjoy them too! and it’s specifically for the sad people who need a book to make them feel okay for a little while, just like i do.

love you all a lot. thanks for sticking with me <33

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