Goodbye 2021: My Favorite Books of 2021!

Here comes the most excruciating part of any year…

I read so many fantastic books in 2021 that I couldn’t imagine deciding on my top books of the year. But as I was scrolling through my many positively-rated books, there were 11 books in particular that stood out the most to me, and I truly believe that every single one of them is written impressively well and .

Some quick observations: I love how this list ended up being so diverse in genre, and I love how my top 6 were all absolutely emotionally devastating! I may not have much going for me but at least I’m consistent with my book tastes (books that hurt me).

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Goodbye 2021: 2021 Goals Check-In & My New Goals for 2022

It’s one of my favorite parts of the new year: seeing how I failed my goals!

Jokes, jokes. I actually really like reflecting on my year, even if I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped to, as well as setting goals for the new year. There’s always something very lovely—and funny—about the undying hope I have for myself and my abilities each year, despite all the failures.

I did not achieve most of my 2021 goals. And I’m okay with it! Of course, I would’ve loved if I had accomplished more, but all of my goals have the same ultimate goal: to make me feel satisfied. And I felt that way in 2021 without these things, which I think is actually quite cool of me. (I still want to achieve my goals though.)

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May’s Moments of the Month: December // I Got COVID but Also… I Read a Lot!

Happy new year, everyone!!

2022 feels even less real than every new year, because it means we’ve been dealing with this pandemic for 3 years? No! I refuse to believe it!

To address the elephant in the room: I completed my isolation for COVID and am almost completely asymptomatic, and I recovered really well! Thank you all for your well wishes, it means a lot. I hope you all remain healthy in 2022!!

Despite the whole catching COVID thing, and finals hell week, December was a strangely good month for me. Honestly I think isolation did something to me, maybe because since I had nothing to do, I ended up doing things that made me happy!

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50+ 2022 Anticipated Releases: January through June!

Anyone else just get ridiculously excited about NEW BOOKS??

I know I said that I care less about future releases now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care at all… If anything, I have even more upcoming books on my TBR because I’m just willing to try anything at this point! Even if I may not focus as much on future releases anymore, I can’t deny that there are so many fantastic books coming out in 2022 and I can’t wait to read them! (One day…)

Since all the books I’m interested in are following my attempt to branch out, there’s a lot less YA than usual. But if that’s what you were here for, hopefully you can find some other interesting January – June 2022 releases to add to your TBR regardless!

All books are in order of release date, and all book covers link to Goodreads pages.

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Goodbye 2021: My Favorite Moments of the Year

Welcome to the start of my silly end of year traditions!

You all know I love end of year posts and carrying on “traditions” on this blog, so as always, we’re kicking off my “Goodbye” series with my favorite moments of 2021. And as I always say, I can’t believe we’re here at the end of the year. I know last year I was hoping (but doubtful) that things might be different in terms of the pandemic, and it sucks that they aren’t. But there were some pockets of happiness I was able to find in 2021, which I’m forever glad for!

Speaking of the pandemic: I have COVID! This is certainly NOT a favorite moment of the year… but luckily I’ve been experiencing only mild symptoms (and hopefully it’ll stay that way). I’m going to pretend that my tiredness from COVID is the reason why this post is short, and not because I couldn’t come up with any more favorite moments :p

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