30 Personalized Book Recommendations (& Upcoming Releases) Pt 1: Asian Edition!

Today I’m back on my Asian author support brand!

Earlier I asked for kinds of books that you’re looking for so I could do personalized book recommendations, and I decided to make this list only books by Asian authors. I’m always wanting to support Asian authors, and especially right now!

There were lots of prompts I couldn’t get to, so I’ll be doing a part 2 (open to any authors). Since I felt bad about not doing all of them, I decided to do both a recommendation and an upcoming release, if I could find one! Of course, disclaimer that I haven’t actually read them so I can’t personally recommend them—but definitely put them on your TBRs!!

If you’d like to ask for a(nother) book recommendation for part 2, feel free to comment or use this. And of course, if you’d like to support Asian people beyond supporting their creative work, consider donating to one of these organizations.

Content warnings for books I’ve read are at the end of the post for readability!

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May’s Moments of the Month: March // It’s Still Rough but Getting Better!

Hello… I’m back! For real!

Sorry if my last post gave you a scare (though I think I actually fooled myself into feeling more motivated to do more blogging things again). I personally think it was a fun way to start off April, which I’m hoping will be a good month! :D

Today I’m here to recap the month and update you all on how things have been for me, since it’s been a while! Overall, March was a bit of a rough month for me, but not too terrible. It honestly was just the first half that was miserable, because of school, but later I found some comfort in books and writing.

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May’s Moments of the Month: February // Texas Winter Storm but a New Favorite Book!

This month was exhausting.

If my accidental posting hiatus was any indication, I was so tired in February. I’ve been so busy with school, and when I don’t have schoolwork, I am just numbly lying in my bed on my phone. I will say that I had a better mental health month (thank you for all the warm wishes, by the way!!), and there were some good things that happened! Mainly getting to read enjoyable books and also finding a new absolute favorite. But amongst that was a winter storm that left me without power for days and a permeating, overwhelming exhaustion so… not quite the best.

I was very fortunate during the winter storm, but so many others were not, so if you have the means to, maybe consider donating to some TX mutual aid groups: AustinHoustonDallas!

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4 Year Blogivesary Q&A Part 2!

Hello… I’m back :D

I think there’s some kind of weird, accidental tradition I have to disappear around the time I have my blogiversary Q&A, because last year I posted part 2 of my Q&A like 2 months after my actual blogiversary day. But sorry for disappearing on everyone for a bit—I just have zero motivation (and time) to post.

I’m not going to make this a long intro, as I’ve already done the sappiness in part 1 of this Q&A and this is a lengthy post, but thank you all again for being always so patient and supportive of me! It means the world.

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May’s Moments of the Month: January // Be Honest: It Was Terrible

What a sucky start to 2021!

I don’t know if anyone else felt the same way or if the universe spared you from it, but January was not very good at all. My low mental health from December never improved, and going back to school meant even more stress piled on me. I can feel myself losing reading and blogging motivation already, and we’re!! only a month in to the year!!

There was one thing that made my January slightly better, though, and that was surprisingly writing? I think I am more inclined to write when I am more mentally unstable so, you know… at least there’s a positive to bad mental health!

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