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If you want to get in contact with me for whatever reason, feel free to use the form below, email me at (may[dot]everly[at]gmail[dot]com). I love talking to you all, and I’m definitely open to interviews, guest posts, etc.! You can also DM me on social media (for informal purposes only).

*I will most likely take some time to respond! Please don’t keep emailing me unless it’s absolutely urgent.

**Please also note that I’m a high school student, and while I love to help people, I do have boundaries and some requests from people require too much labor from me. Please honor my time and energy, and see if Google can help first! <33

CURRENTLY CLOSED TO REVIEW REQUESTS! check here for review policy

55 thoughts on “Contact Me!

    1. Of course, my dear! <3

      Oh gosh, I think I like the old one better! Except, maybe it would look nicer if you just put the flower bouquet thingamajig (the one you currently have) around just "Charis Rae"??? I'm not sure how that would look though. Or maybe you can make the tagline smaller and "Charis Rae" bigger??? I think it just looks a little weird with the flowers so far away from the actual title.

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  1. So here I am again. yaaaaay. ( XD )

    I’m here with yet another ( :| ) request from ya. Could you take a look at my blog home page? What does the sidebar look like? Is there a red subscribe widget? If so, is it underneath the correct image widget and does it say, FOLLOW ALONG at the top? If not, click on my about page and tell me if it shows up then.

    Basically, my home page isn’t updating my customizations for some reason…it works fine on my other pages, but not on my home page. The little black bar at the top also disappears. I’m trying to figure this out before camp, since I wno’t be working on it during then.

    Thanks dearie! <33

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  2. Hello May! Here I am again bothering you. XD IT WILL NEVER END MWAHAHA. *ahem*
    I’m quite unhappy with my blog design (imagine that), and I was playing around with some designs from AngieMakes. I haven’t bought the images yet (just used the snipping tool) so I’m not going to display them on my blog, but I wanted to test it and see what it looked like before I buy it.

    So anyway, do you think you’d mind taking a look at these graphics and letting me know what you think? I really like the bunting but obviously don’t want to buy the whole package if I end up not using it, and I’m an indecisive little bean. XD


    Thank you! :D

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  3. hey, so i read this poem and thought you’d like to see it:

    “He visits my town once a year.
    He fills my mouth with kisses and nectar.
    I spend all my money on him.
    Who, girl, your man?
    No, a mango.”
    -amir khusrow

    thought you’d enjoy it. :)

    xo loren

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