Review Policy

Hi there! If you’re here, you likely are here looking to get your book reviewed by me. At this moment, I am accepting review requests, but on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee I will accept your request, but I am willing to consider it.


  • indie/self-published books: ebook
  • traditionally published books: ebook, physical copy


I love to read

  • YA fantasy
  • YA contemporary
  • YA magical realism/urban fantasy
  • diverse YA books

I will read only on a case-by-case basis

  • YA sci-fi
  • YA historical fiction
  • YA romance
  • poetry

I will not read

  • erotica
  • non-fiction
  • horror
  • most books in the NA/adult genre (unless it is fantasy)


You can get in touch with me by



  • title of book
  • synopsis/short summary
  • genre
  • link to Goodreads page
  • format available
  • when you would like me to read and review by
  • *OPTIONAL BUT HELPFUL* short sample of the first few pages

Of course, you can include more information as you see fit, but having this information provided up front will help me greatly.


All reviews of books will be posted on my Goodreads account. I may post the review on my blog as well, but there is no guarantee.

I reserve the right to refuse [certain] review requests without having to provide a reason. I also reserve the right to review the book how I please, and to post it on the platform(s) I see fit.

I will be 100% honest in my reviews, whether my thoughts are positive or negative. I will always disclose in my reviews that I have received a review copy.