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NOTE: This is NOT a Button Swap page! The blogs featured below are some of my favorites. If you put my button on your blog, that doesn’t mean I will put yours on mine!

I love MANY MANY blogs. And I just love them SO much that I’ve decided to feature them here on this page! Make sure to check them out, because they are amazing and deserve all the love!

If you want to take my button, take it! I’d appreciate if you linked back to my blog. But, as stated above, just because you put my button on your blog doesn’t mean that I will put yours on mine! I am not open to button swapping at this moment.




Click on the button to be brought to the blog! (Note that this is not in any particular order.)

PAPER FURY  grab button for A Whisper Of Ink  Blots of Ink and Words

a paper reverie  For All Who Wander  The Well-Thumbed Reader Button

  maymay button circle 1  

Drizzle and Hurricane Books // Too Much of a Book Nerd // Lemon-Notes // The Writing Hufflepuff


206 thoughts on “Fav Blogs

  1. MAY we swap?
    GET IT?
    GENIUS. It’s on my footer of my blog so GRAB IT NOW.
    Also, I don’t have a lovely blogs or button swap page so um…can i put your button on my ABOUT or FOR YOU (all about you) page?

    P.S Your comment prompt says ‘only true mangoes comment’ but i’m a MANGOLD so I’m not a TRUE mango. IS ONE NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT ANYMORE?

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      Oh, of course!
      P.S. Oh dear, I forgot about glorious mangolds like you! Let me think of another one; that one was weird anyways.

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                    1. I DON’T KNOW!!! I AM HEARTLESS. To be fair, I’ve only cried over three books, and knew/suspected their deaths. So maybe that’s why I didn’t cry? But I was so shocked. I was like WUT and stared at the page.

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    2. Hiya! Wanna swap buttons? 🙂 I’m new to the swapping thing but I’d love to add your lovely button to my lil’ collection.

      allisonlovestowrite.wordpress.com (there’s the link)

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                    1. *looks at baby pics* *sighs at cuteness* Babies are all so cute when they’re babies. And then they grow up… XD
                      😛 I’m sure you’re a very cute gal, Madi! *winks*
                      Gosh I sound like some creepy stalker dude… XD MWAHAHA WHERE DO YOU LIVE, MADI? WHAT’S YOUR PHONE NUMBER? EMAIL? WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO? >:)
                      XD Juuuuust kidding. 😉

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                    2. Some people (that aren’t babies) are really cute though??? Did they not grow out of the cute-baby stage??? WHY DID I GROW OUT OF IT AND NOT THEM??? *cries* XD
                      NOOOOOO I DEMAND YOU TO TELL ME AS THE CRAZY STALKER DUDE I AM (by the way I’m getting your button up right now–I was on my phone previousy 😛 ).

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                    3. YUM YUM YUM. 😄

                      (Ooh, sudden urges! I have a lot of those. XD Ahem. It’s going pretty good! I *try* to document my progress on MyWriteClub.com. XD I’m writing 50k in short stories / any projects this month and am plotting out my second novel. I think that’s it. XD Do you have any writing things you’re working on? 😄 )

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                    4. DELICIOUSO.
                      (They’re so… sudden, aren’t they? XD And that’s awesome! I am seriously in awe of your writing capabilities: 50k? *dies* And ooh, second novels! How exciting! Well, I’m working on my NaNo 2016 novel for Camp next month, but then I’m discontinuing it because of plot problems. :/ But I’m slowly brainstorming ideas for a new story, so yay! 😛 )

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  2. Hey! I’m Chloe. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I really enjoy reading it. I was wondering, would you mind checking out my blog and maybe (if you like it) we could trade blog buttons? Here is the link to my blog: littlesnippetsofthought.blogspot.com

    I’ve put my blog button on the ‘Blogs I Like’ page. Hope you like reading my blog! It’s really new (as in, I started on the first of May) so I haven’t got many posts yet, but oh well. 🙂


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    1. Hi Chloe! And I’m glad you like my blog. 🙂 Of course I’ll check out your blog! I’m in mobile right now so I can’t put your button up, but I will when I get the chance. And wow, congrats! I love to help out newbie bloggers, since I’m still a newbie myself. 😉

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          1. Oops it messed up. Can you copy the image address and see if that works? I really cannot work these buttons…..

            Ugh I’m a technology fail.

            If it ends up that the picture as a link won’t work just leave a link under the button!

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  3. Heyyy wanna swap buttons?!!! Lol I already had yours on my page but I just was
    a. too lazy to comment ??? uhhhh wat ok sarah
    b. very clueless??? Hi I’ve only visited your blog 1000 times tbh and just never noticed this page. 😂😂


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