In Which You (Help Me) Decide Which Novel to Write ft. a Very Important Poll!!! #indecisive

As you all probably know, I am very… indecisive.

I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. Do I read this book or THIS book? Do I eat this mango or THIS mango? Do I read or blog or go on Goodreads or do my homework??? Go on Goodreads.

But you know what helps me make decisions??? YOU. Or anyone else. Basically anyone who can make the decision for me HELP me decide things is helpful!

Which is why (as you’ve probably guess by now) I’m asking you to vote on which novel you think I should write!

I’m very a tiny bit scared to share the ideas that I’ve been working on for the whole month, but HEY I’d rather do that than *shudder* decide for myself. I CAN’T ADULT LIKE THAT YET. BABY STEPS.

Also, this was inspired by Cait’s post a few months back. I could never live up to her beautiful aesthetics tho. <333

NOTE: None of these have actual plots??? They’re more like premises FOR the plot, which is why I need to decide which one to work with NOW so I can actually plan it out.

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9 Things “Regular People” Should Never Say to a Bookworm (Unless You Have an Extreme Death Wish)

There are MANY things that offend bookworms.

Some of these include: 1) insulting their fandom/favorite book, 2) interrupting their reading, and 3) not giving them your money when they demand politely ask for it omggg how ruder can you get.

But not only can your ACTIONS offend bookworms and/or make them cry, but also your words. And because bookworms are very fragile creatures who will easily break, I’ve compiled a list of 9 things you should NEVER say to a bookworm.

Unless you want to die, of course. In that case, go on ahead and tell every bookworm you know the following phrases! You most definitely WILL NOT get a pineapple thrown at your head???

Seriously tho, you don’t want a pineapple thrown at your head—LOOK AT HOW SPIKY THEY ARE.

But pineapples are also quite aesthetic and come on you LIVE for the aesthetics…

NOTE: I’m a bit salty in this post so beware of that. :))

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The Book Blogger Insider Tag: Stalkerish Information About My Book Blogging and Reviewing Life!

The #1 thing you should know about me is that I suck at keeping track of blog tags.

I KNOW I KNOW. I’m horrible. People take the time to tag me or nominate me for an award (!!!) and I just… forget.

But seriously, unless you pingback me, I will likely forget that you’ve tagged me for something??? And I probably won’t remember your pingback either, unless you pingback my About page oops.

HOWEVER! I was going through the comments/pingbacks of said About page, in search for a nice tag to do because WHY NOT, and I found this one!

The lovely Beth @ Reading Every Night tagged me for The Book Blogger Insider Tag, and I remembered being super excited when I read her post, because 1) her answers were awesome, and 2) THE TAG LOOKED COOL.

And this month, it seems like my theme has been sharing my secrets (about my post-planning and -writing process, and my secrets for success), so why not carry on with this tag???

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Exactly How I Manage to Be A Supremely Amazing Blogger™ (The Revealing of All of My Secrets???)

You have to admit, I’m a pretty good blogger.

And by pretty good, I mean great. And by great, I mean amazing.

I’M JUST KIDDINGGGGGG. I actually am really shy about my “blogging success” (see the quotation marks). But a lot of you guys have told me that I’m an “amazing” blogger and that I’m a favorite of yours and IT MAKES ME SQUEAL OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

But when the sweetest-ever, kindest-ever, amazing-est-ever Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books forcefully said suggested that I write a post on how I was an “amazing” blogger, I was a little mixed:


But apparently I could and I can because here I am. (I can RHYME.)

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9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust a Writer/Author (They’ll Actually Kill You) Ft. Emotional Pain

Writers are SCARY PEOPLE.

They can do many things to you, ranging from making you feel extreme emotions to also killing you.


jal;ksdjfLJ;LFKJAL;SDJFlkjaf;lajkdsf They are evil and cruel and horrible and ghastly and yet we still love them.

But! MANY negative things happen to you that are caused by writers/authors, so that’s why I decided to make a list on why you should never trust writers. And also because I did a similar post with bookworms and it was much fun.

Note: This list consists of pain, pain, and pain, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing, THERE YOU GO! You have a one-word summary: PAIN.

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