Why Does One Read??? // A Discussion Bound to Make You Question Everything and Also Have an Existential Crisis

So obviously, bookworms love to read.

But has anyone ever questioned WHY? Why do we like to read? Why do we like to read certain genres? Why do we like to read anything??

I don’t know why I question things like this when I have more important things to do* and wonder about, like why there are only 24 hours in a day and why people don’t like to read and wHY PEOPLE DON’T LIKE MANGOES THEY’RE INNOCENT LITTLE FRUITS THAT DESERVE TO BE LOVED OMG.

But I mean, I’m really writing this post just to make you question YOURSELF and make you wonder why you actually read. It’s like asking why you walk??? Like you don’t know, you just DO IT. ® Nike

But I’m actually serious. Why do we like to read?? WHY IS THIS QUESTION SO HARD TO ANSWER.

Today I’ll list a few of the reasons why I think people read and then add in my opinion!! Because discussions are nothing but me talking about myself, you’re welcome.

*I know, sounds fake lol.

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May’s Moments of the Month: October // Harry Potter World (!!!) + NaNoWriMo Prep that Didn’t Prepare Me at All???

It is now November.

I’M SO EXCITED. November is probably my favorite month out of the whole year??? Because 1) my birthdaaaaay, 2) it FINALLY gets colder, 3) the name is just really aesthetic, and 4) NaNoWriMo. Altho this year I’m not that excited about NaNo because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M WRITING ABOUT.

Hahahahhaa fun.

But??? I can’t believe it’s November??? I swear it was just yesterday that I was getting out of school but that was actually half a year ago. And can you believe it’ll be 2018 in TWO MONTHS? I just got used to writing 2017 god darn it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! This post is all about October and I actually did a LOT last month, despite feeling like I did it all years ago.

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9 Things “Regular People” (If They Exist?) Should Never Say to Writers or Authors Because We Get Hurt Easily

Writers are fragile creatures.

So maybe we’re ALL fragile creatures. Me most of all.

But writers are especially fragile. I think the cause of this is how much WORK and EFFORT goes into writing, so by the time we’re done writing, we’re just mentally drained and feeling like a tea bag that sank to the bottom of the cup after you drank all the liquid.*

So, because you don’t want to hurt these poor fragile writers, I’m talking about things you should never say to writers! Hopefully you haven’t and will never say these things?? Because they honestly will break a writer. Like me.

This intro sucks as a result from lack of sleep I’m so tired just get on with your life and do something worthwhile instead of reading this post.

Oh! And make sure to check out 9 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Bookworms because that’s an equally important post because we bookworms are equally as breakable as writers. It also has a better intro.

*Is this even how tea works idk anymore.

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A Compilation of My Blogging Pet Peeves: A Rant (!!) of All the Things I Hate and Am Annoyed by In and About Blogging

I hate a lot of things.

It’s unfortunately a very relatable thing to have a lot of hatred as I do. It doesn’t seem like it because I’m an all-glowing, bubbly personality, but I can be very salty!! Friends can verify this.

And while blogging is not included in the list of things I hate*, there are many things ABOUT it that I hate, or find annoying. In fact, there are so many that I can’t even specify a number.

Or I’m too lazy to count, which is an extremely likely possibility, but no I’m NEVER too lazy.**

So today, I decided to talk about those things that I hate or find annoying—aka my blogging pet peeves! And yes, I know that there are many posts about this. BUT I LIKE BEING SALTY OKAY.

*Which is a very long list.
**I’d look up a synonym of lazy but… I’ll do it later. Maybe. Googling things is so much work.

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Being Embarrassed Over Things You Should be Proud of Ft. Self-Help!! (And Calling Myself Out For Being a Coward)

People generally have a lot of things to be proud of.

I say generally because there are SOME people who should be ashamed of themselves (especially if they don’t like mangoes). But usually most people should be proud of who they are and what they’ve done in their life??

But. Sometimes they’re NOT proud, when they should be. Sometimes they’re ashamed of things that they should be satisfied with. Sometimes they hide things that they need to shout to the world about.

“They” is a lot of people, including me. (SADLY.)

arrow 1

This is a really weird post??? It’s some weird analyze-yourself-and-your-soul-and-mind-and-body!!! discussion thing. I don’t usually talk about things like this, but you know, diversity. I’m still screaming about mangoes tho.

I don’t mean to call out anyone but myself (hello self-hatred) but I just wanted to discuss this because it’s something I’ve been thinking of recently. And I wanted to see if anyone else had these strange deep thoughts????

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