My Goals for the Next 6 Months (I’m a Half Year Older??? No???)

Do you not want to eat the cupcakes.

Look! at! how! DELICIOUS! they! look!

I mean it looks like there’s bacon sprinkled on it which EW IS DISUGSTING, but still??? Chocolate???

But you’re probably like, “What’s with the cupcakes May??? Is it your birthday??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY???”

You’re close.

It’s my half-birthday! 

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Why I Think Characters are the Most Important (in Books and Writing Because #doubletrouble)

It’s obvious that I have favoritism towards characters over plot.

Can you really blame me, though??? Favoritism exists. Just like I will always love Android more than Apple (even though my father BETRAYED ME and bought an iPad for my mother *cries*).

But seriously. Characters are awesome. And I’m here to tell you that characters are the MOST IMPORTANT part of any book, even more than plot.

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More Talking of Writing With the Writer’s Tag + the #Smushing of Important Topics

Dude I was given a chance to talk about writing again??? No way am I not doing this.

It is 100% obvious that I LOVE TALKING ABOUT WRITING. Like it’s so fun??? I don’t understand. Why can’t I WRITE as much as I TALK about it? I’d honestly get so much more done.

But truly, I think all writers secretly like talking about writing rather than actually writing. It gives us an excuse. It lets us procrastinate, and procrastination is OBVIOUSLY MY BEST FRIEND and not at all my worst enemy.

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My Summer TBR (aka the Books I Haven’t Read but Should Have)

Summer is coming! And with that, too much sweat, tank-tops and shorts, and FREE READING TIME.

Obviously, I’m not going to waste this precious time and spend it PROCRASTINATING. Because that would be silly and quite irresponsible of me, honestly. And because I don’t have to write or practice piano or attend dance rehearsals, or even keep up with my blog, for heaven’s sake, I’M GONNA READ.

(Lol just kidding. Tbh blogging will probably overtake all of that, LIKE IT IS NOW. *glares*)

But truly. Summer is the greatest time because NO SCHOOL. And that means I can read more. Which is why all the books I meant to read during the year can be read now!

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Writer Woes 3.0—9 Signs that You Are a Writer (Because We Are Doubtful Creatures)

If you are a writer, you doubt yourself. I am not exaggerating.

Actually, even if you AREN’T a writer, you doubt yourself. But writers doubt themselves more. And you’re welcome for boosting your self-confidence! *thumbs up*

But we writers shouldn’t doubt ourselves! We are wonderful people (usually) who write great (usually) and deserve to be recognized for our amazing writing skills (usually). While I am a big doubter of myself, I think that we shouldn’t be. We’re great, yo.

Also I’m REALLY EXCITED to do this Writer Woes because the wonderful Mahriya*asked me to write a post on “signs that you’re not a writer”. BECAUSE SHE’S SO DOUBTFUL OF HERSELF AND DOESN’T THINK SHE’S A WRITER. *waggles finger at everyone who thinks this* Non, my fren, you lie.

But I aim for POSITIVE** on this blog, so obviously I’m writing a post on all the signs that you ARE  writer. So if you relate to even ONE of these—YOU ARE A WRITER.

*claps at the sudden appearance of writers*

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