The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Winners!

Today, I’m very excited to present the winners of the 2020 Book Blogger Awards!

It brings us the utmost pleasure to be able to host these awards and recognize, in some way, the hard work, time, effort, and passion of book bloggers. So many incredible people in this community are overlooked, and we love that with these awards, we can bring just a tiny bit of appreciation and support for them. People telling us they found new blogs to read or some of their favorite bloggers through these awards makes us so happy—and we hope that you will continue to find new, amazing blogs because of them.

Of course, feelings of being left out or not enough are inevitable. Please remember that no matter what, your voice always, always matters, whether or not you were nominated/won. These awards are just one way to recognize and uplift book bloggers and are not the end-all, be-all of a blogging career, especially since these awards take place in one corner of the book blogging world. (And there’s always next year!)

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The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Voting

Welcome to the voting round!

If you participated in the nominations round of the 2020 Book Blogger Awards, thank you so much!! We’ve counted up all the nominations and narrowed down the top bloggers of each category, and you can now vote for the people you think most deserve to win. If you’d like to share the google form, you can use the custom URL!

You are required to provide your name and email address to ensure that you are not voting dishonestly, but this information will be kept private. You are not allowed to vote more than twice. ***You MUST vote in AT LEAST 12 of the categories for your vote to be counted***, but you do not have to vote in all. You are allowed to vote for yourself. Bloggers are in randomized order. This form will close on SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, at 11:59 PM CDT and results will be posted during the week of August 30!

We encourage you to look at ALL the nominees first, before voting! We are providing you two weeks to look at all the blogs, so voting for 12 should not be difficult. (If you have a serious issue with this, though, let us know in the “comments and concerns” box at the bottom of the form and we will work with you.)

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The Fourth Annual 2020 Book Blogger Awards: Rules and Categories!

The awards are back again!!

I’m so excited to be hosting the Book Blogger Awards again this year, and I can’t wait to see all the blogger love and appreciation start pouring in! But before we dive into the specifics, I have a few short announcements:

First of all, as I mentioned earlier: this year, I have a co-host, who is none other than my absolutely lovely friend Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books! I was so honored that she said yes to my offer, because she’s someone I look up to so much, and also a blogger who has the same passion as I do for supporting other bloggers.

Second of all, we’re implementing some new changes/limitations in order to make this year’s awards better than last year’s! Hopefully, this means more bloggers will get the love. So please pay attention to all the rules to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Finally, this year Kat @ Novels and Waffles was able to make some stunning graphics for us, so all of the logos, promo images, etc. are all by her!! Please go follow her blog, commission her, and give her some love because she deserves it all.

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