Romance in YA—What It Needs to Do Better (Because It #FailsAtLife): A Collab with Abigail @ Ups & Downs!

Who’s back with another collab???

Obviously me. But when Abigail @ Ups and Downs asked me to join her in writing a post on some tips and tricks to writing romance, I couldn’t say no to this1) I’m a bad romance writer so maybe this would help me??? and 2) I must spread my knowledge to all so that they will not fail at life like YA romance does. #kind

This post will only be featuring only THREE of the points, so make sure to head to Abigail’s blog and check out the rest of the things we came up with! (Or your mango supply will be taken away and who wants that hmm???)

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Genre Recommendations With the Lovely Sarah @ Between the Pages

Despite our ever-growing TBRs, us bookworms can’t say no to book recommendations.

We are slowly killing ourselves???

But despite the self-murder going on here, I decided to say yes to the wonderful Sarah @ Between the Pages when she asked me to do a collab with her. And obviously because we are great and growers-of-TBRs, we decided to give some book recommendations!

…Of course just a random post on recommendations would be boring. So Sarah and I decided to give each other recs* for some specific genres, so we could EXPAND OUR HORIZONS.

*waggles eyebrows* Look at that fancy wording huh huh.

*This stands for recommendations. For any unsure beans out there. I’m here for you.

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One Word/Sentence Story Collab with the Great Cas #original

I give you… the One Word/Sentence Story with the Great Cas from Lemon Lullabies! #original

*two rewrites, many hours, and some misunderstandings*

*and lots of tears*

*and lots of witty comments*

*plus cheating*

*because we’re rebels*

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Le Horribly Short Blogger Interview with Amelie Trash™ + #girlpower

It is time for yet another collab.

What??? I really love collabs. And people really like to be featured on my amazing blog. This time, it is with the lovely Amelie trash™. And yet again, no gifs. People these days.

So of course, I’ve taken to adding gifs/images/memes for her, just like I did for Ivy. And also make sure to check out my answers to her interview right HERE. They’re longer, more entertaining, and contain gifs LIKE A GOOD PERSON.

I also have a little ranty thing about #girlpower and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY WHOOP WHOOP. I’m only a little bit of a women’s rights advocate (read: a lot), so you can bet that I have some things to say about this AMAZING DAY THAT CELEBRATES THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO ARE WOMEN WHOOP WHOOP.

My comments are italicized.

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“What Would You Do?” Character Questionnaire with Ivy―In Which I Find All Her GIFs

Yup, another collab indeed! I have two collabs planned for next month as well.

(If you want to collab with me, let me know through the comments, contact me through the form on my Contact page, or shoot me an email! As you can see, I love love collabs! 😛 )

Anyways, I’m here with the lovely Ivy Ashtyn from Flaming Ivy. If you haven’t checked her blog out, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FLY AWAY AND DO IT NOW. And return to my blog, of course, because you need to read her glorious answers to my glorious questions!

(But while you’re at her blog, check out my answers there too! Although she is horribly representing me and my aestheticness by NOT FORMATTING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY ASDFGHJKL MY EYES.)

Ivy and I decided to do a little “What would you do?” type of character questionnaire, instead of an actual character questionnaire/interview. BEING UNIQUE IS FUN.

And you see the part after the em dash in the title? Yes. It’s true. Poor Ivy is a sad little mango who cannot find good images/gifs (or any at all), so I did it all for her. Say thank you, Ivy.

My comments are italicized.

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