Blogging Stats: A Ranty Discussion on the General View on Stats and How It’s Kind of… Wrong?? In My Opinion!

Stats are quite controversial.

Some people think that you should never look at stats, while others believe you should look at them like a few times a week, and then others believe you should cHECK EVERY SECOND AND MAKE SURE YOU’VE GAINED ONE GAIN IN THE PAST NANOSECOND.

Obviously, I’m the last type. Except I check stats every millisecond.* Or nanosecond. Whichever’s smaller.**

Last week… or some time recent… (I’M SORRY I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF TIME) I wrote a post about why I love blogging and in it, I talked about how I love good stats! That incited some discussion in the comments, and I’m so intrigued by it*** that I decided to write a whole post on it!

Well, a whole post on the general view on blogging stats and then MY view. Because everyone knows I like to insert myself in everything because I’m just that self-centered amazing.


*JUST KIDDING. I’m not that obsessive. I think.
**I don’t do math okay.
***Or I’m running out of post ideas,,, but yOU DIDN’T HEAR THAT FROM ME.

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Why Does One Read??? // A Discussion Bound to Make You Question Everything and Also Have an Existential Crisis

So obviously, bookworms love to read.

But has anyone ever questioned WHY? Why do we like to read? Why do we like to read certain genres? Why do we like to read anything??

I don’t know why I question things like this when I have more important things to do* and wonder about, like why there are only 24 hours in a day and why people don’t like to read and wHY PEOPLE DON’T LIKE MANGOES THEY’RE INNOCENT LITTLE FRUITS THAT DESERVE TO BE LOVED OMG.

But I mean, I’m really writing this post just to make you question YOURSELF and make you wonder why you actually read. It’s like asking why you walk??? Like you don’t know, you just DO IT. ® Nike

But I’m actually serious. Why do we like to read?? WHY IS THIS QUESTION SO HARD TO ANSWER.

Today I’ll list a few of the reasons why I think people read and then add in my opinion!! Because discussions are nothing but me talking about myself, you’re welcome.

*I know, sounds fake lol.

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Being Embarrassed Over Things You Should be Proud of Ft. Self-Help!! (And Calling Myself Out For Being a Coward)

People generally have a lot of things to be proud of.

I say generally because there are SOME people who should be ashamed of themselves (especially if they don’t like mangoes). But usually most people should be proud of who they are and what they’ve done in their life??

But. Sometimes they’re NOT proud, when they should be. Sometimes they’re ashamed of things that they should be satisfied with. Sometimes they hide things that they need to shout to the world about.

“They” is a lot of people, including me. (SADLY.)

arrow 1

This is a really weird post??? It’s some weird analyze-yourself-and-your-soul-and-mind-and-body!!! discussion thing. I don’t usually talk about things like this, but you know, diversity. I’m still screaming about mangoes tho.

I don’t mean to call out anyone but myself (hello self-hatred) but I just wanted to discuss this because it’s something I’ve been thinking of recently. And I wanted to see if anyone else had these strange deep thoughts????

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The Pros and Cons Viewing Posts on the Site vs. the WordPress Reader + My (Very Biased!!!) Opinion

The important question is: Where are you viewing this post RIGHT NOW?

If you’re viewing it on my actual site, YAY GO YOU I LOVE YOU KEEP DOING GREAT THINGS.

If you’re viewing it in the WordPress Reader… bye.


As you can tell, I have a very biased opinion on where you should view blog posts. And because I know people have different thoughts on this as well, I thought, Why not write a discussion about it? AND HERE I AM.

I’m a very big believer in viewing posts on the actual site, but I will try my hardest not to let my bias show in my list of pros and cons. (Lol it ain’t gonna work.)

And I also realize* that there are other ways to view posts, but these are the main two, yeah? And I also don’t really know the other ways…

*I spelled this as “realise” at first I SWEAR I AM BRITISH.

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How Much Should We Really Trust Book Reviews and/or Reviewers??? #trustissues

Obviously I have some #trustissues.

I’m mostly trustful tho??? And also trustworthy. Completely trustworthy.

One of my top trust issues is with book reviews/reviewers. Like is this book actually BAD or does that person THINK it is??? Should I read it because they say it’s good??? Or ignore it because they saiy it’s bad???

I mean if the majority of the people are like EW EW 1 STAR DO NOT READ I probably won’t read it. But if it’s a bunch of mixed reviews??? WHO DO I TRUST.

Image result for existential crisis gif

Because of this major minor existential crisis problem I’ve been having, I decided to write a discussion on it and hear your thoughts! I seek help. A lot of it.

But a small note that I’m talking about trusting book review(er)s BEFORE reading the book. As in, should I trust this book review(er) and read/not read the book??? Hopefully that makes sense?

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