The Pros and Cons Viewing Posts on the Site vs. the WordPress Reader + My (Very Biased!!!) Opinion

The important question is: Where are you viewing this post RIGHT NOW?

If you’re viewing it on my actual site, YAY GO YOU I LOVE YOU KEEP DOING GREAT THINGS.

If you’re viewing it in the WordPress Reader… bye.


As you can tell, I have a very biased opinion on where you should view blog posts. And because I know people have different thoughts on this as well, I thought, Why not write a discussion about it? AND HERE I AM.

I’m a very big believer in viewing posts on the actual site, but I will try my hardest not to let my bias show in my list of pros and cons. (Lol it ain’t gonna work.)

And I also realize* that there are other ways to view posts, but these are the main two, yeah? And I also don’t really know the other ways…

*I spelled this as “realise” at first I SWEAR I AM BRITISH.

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How Much Should We Really Trust Book Reviews and/or Reviewers??? #trustissues

Obviously I have some #trustissues.

I’m mostly trustful tho??? And also trustworthy. Completely trustworthy.

One of my top trust issues is with book reviews/reviewers. Like is this book actually BAD or does that person THINK it is??? Should I read it because they say it’s good??? Or ignore it because they saiy it’s bad???

I mean if the majority of the people are like EW EW 1 STAR DO NOT READ I probably won’t read it. But if it’s a bunch of mixed reviews??? WHO DO I TRUST.

Image result for existential crisis gif

Because of this major minor existential crisis problem I’ve been having, I decided to write a discussion on it and hear your thoughts! I seek help. A lot of it.

But a small note that I’m talking about trusting book review(er)s BEFORE reading the book. As in, should I trust this book review(er) and read/not read the book??? Hopefully that makes sense?

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Romance in YA—What It Needs to Do Better (Because It #FailsAtLife): A Collab with Abigail @ Ups & Downs!

Who’s back with another collab???

Obviously me. But when Abigail @ Ups and Downs asked me to join her in writing a post on some tips and tricks to writing romance, I couldn’t say no to this1) I’m a bad romance writer so maybe this would help me??? and 2) I must spread my knowledge to all so that they will not fail at life like YA romance does. #kind

This post will only be featuring only THREE of the points, so make sure to head to Abigail’s blog and check out the rest of the things we came up with! (Or your mango supply will be taken away and who wants that hmm???)

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Diversity in Books // Why We Need it But Also How it’s “Wrong” (I’m Not Crazy, I Promise)

Before you start throwing rotten mangoes at me, let me explain.

I don’t think diversity in books is WRONG. NOT AT ALL. I just think that the way some authors and readers go about it is wrong.

NOW THAT THAT’S CLEARED UP, hello! Welcome to yet another discussion in which I am more rambly and ranty than ever. (I can’t help it with topics I’m passionate about.) I also tried to be witty but horribly failed, because passion and wit do not go hand in hand apparently??? #rude

Anyways, before I explode with a burst of words, I’d like to say: THANK YOU FOR 600 FOLLOWERS!!! This is the BEST “gift” ever before I leave on vacation tomorrow, and it makes me SO SO HAPPY to have hit another milestone this month! ❤

(And now begins the rant.)

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Fantasy vs. Contemporary: Which is the “Better” Genre to Read???

In YA, you either like fantasy or contemporary better.

There’s no “I like both equally!”. You will always love one more than the other. Even just a little bit.

It’s okay, little mangoes??? You’ll survive this startling realization. But to help out with the shock, I’m also bringing to your attention this tiny little question:

Which genre is “better”?

Not “which genre do you like better?”. Which genre IS better??? Because we truly need to know which one is more beneficial to us as mangoes crazy bookworms human beings.

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