Goodbye 2017: Goals for the New !! Year !! that I Probably Will Not Achieve // 2018??? Already??? Who Allowed This

If you don’t know already, I LOVE goals.

I really don’t know why??? I think it’s because I’m pretty competitive, especially with myself. So I love to make goals and check them off and pretend I’m successful in life, when really, I am not.

Plus I have something to aim for! Instead of wandering around aimlessly and randomly, trying to figure out what to do in my life!

And if I fail at everything, it at least provides me with something amusing to laugh at, at the end of next year, wondering how the heck I thought I could succeed at any of this. (I have weird coping mechanisms???)

So to 1) pretend I’m successful, 2) give me SOME kind of purpose in life, and 3) have something to laugh at next year if I fail, here are my goals for the new year of 2018 (which is coming up way too soon who allowed this)!!!

This is my fourth (WHAT) post in my mini-series “Goodbye 2017”, which is the most unoriginal name you’ll ever find!! You can read the previous posts HERE (1)HERE (2), anddddd HERE (3). Go read them if you haven’t.

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Goals for the New School Year (+ Other Rambles) aka I’m Going Back to School and am so Not Ready

So this thing called torture is right around the corner.

I mean, it’s not complete torture because 1) I get to see my friends, 2) I get to see my wifey and cheerio, and 3) I get an education!!!

Yeah but other than that, it’s torture.

I’m very lucky to a (good) school so I’m grateful for that! But still, so much HOMEWORK and ASSIGNMENTS and STRESSSSSS.

But to help deal with this torture, I’ve decided to make some goals! Because wow who am I if not a goal-making-lover. Hopefully I’ll accomplish most of them, if not all!

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My Promises as a Better Blogger // Two Month Blogiversary!!!

Even though I am the Mango Queen and am supposed to be utterly perfect, the world refuses to acknowledge that. #rude

I am a Queen and Queens are perfect, but apparently NOT ME because I just have to be this great person who made lots of mistakes as a newbie blogger. Why all this rudeness??? Can’t we live in peace and harmony and agree that I am simply an amazing person with no flaws???


Image result for sound of music gif
That’s peace and harmony right there, beans.


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Habits Goals (Because I am a Horrible Mango Queen with Horrible Habits)

*Note: This graphic is heavily inspired by Sarah and her amazing For All Who Wander graphics. Her graphic designing skills are #goals??? (P.S. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of notes like this because I’m trying to find my “graphic designing style”, so I’ll be going off of different bloggers who inspire me with their GREAT DESIGNING SKILLS and then there’s me.)

The mango kingdom is very hard to rule, and that’s why the mango queen (ME) has lots to do. And unfortunately, because these mangoes are so unruly, the mango queen has developed bad habits. WHICH SHE NEEDS TO GET RID OF RIGHT. NOW.

It’s a very true story and you need to STOP LAUGHING. I have horrible habits (which may or may not have been caused by blogging) and I really need to stop being such a HORRIBLE BEAN.

Because I’m the mango queen and I’m so brilliant, I’ve done a few things already to get rid of those ugly habits, which I’ll be forcing you to read sharing with you today. And why are you looking at me like I killed something??? I’ve never killed anything. I mean, anyone.

(Dang it, now they all know. GREAT SLIPUP MAY.)

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