Goodbye 2021: 2021 Goals Check-In & My New Goals for 2022

It’s one of my favorite parts of the new year: seeing how I failed my goals!

Jokes, jokes. I actually really like reflecting on my year, even if I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped to, as well as setting goals for the new year. There’s always something very lovely—and funny—about the undying hope I have for myself and my abilities each year, despite all the failures.

I did not achieve most of my 2021 goals. And I’m okay with it! Of course, I would’ve loved if I had accomplished more, but all of my goals have the same ultimate goal: to make me feel satisfied. And I felt that way in 2021 without these things, which I think is actually quite cool of me. (I still want to achieve my goals though.)

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Mid-Year Check-In: How am I Doing on My Goals for 2021?

Ever year I am overconfident in setting my goals…

As I always do each year, today I’m taking a look at how I’m doing on my 2021 goals, now that we are somehow halfway through 2021 already. It’s always a fun surprise to do this post and reread these goals that I set in January and promptly forgot!

Whenever I do these check-ins, I feel like I overestimate my capabilities when setting my goals, but I think it also offers an opportunity to challenge and stretch myself. And I really do think checking in with my goals helps me to see what I can do for the rest of the year and realign my priorities, however cliche that may sound!!

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Goodbye 2020: How I Did on My 2020 Goals & Setting New Goals for 2021

Well, 2021’s off to a great start already…

Any small nugget of optimism I might have had for the year is now aimed entirely at my own personal growth instead of having any optimism for, for example, the state of the world. So I guess the timing of this post is perfect in that sense, since this is all about me and what I want to do/achieve in 2021, as well as a look back on how I did on my goals for 2020!

I actually did surprisingly okay with my 2020 goals, but I’m happy with whatever I managed to accomplish. The entire world went through… a lot during 2020, so it isn’t fair to beat myself up for losing sleep or not writing enough or whatever other arbitrary thing I wanted to do. (And I hope you aren’t being too harsh on yourself either!!)
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Mid-Year Check In with My 2020 Goals… For Once I’m Ahead on My GR Challenge?

Welcome back to me being a nerd!!

I really love making goals and checking them off, though I like to pretend like I never achieve my goals. For once I will practice some self-love and say that… I do!! Occasionally!!

Today I’m checking in with the 2020 goals I made at the beginning of the year, and seeing if I’m on track or not! I completely forgot what any of goals were until I did my post, which shows how I lack organization and/or any memory, and it was a surprise to see some of these (especially the ones where I was Definitely way too confident in myself).

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Goodbye 2019: Checking My Goals for 2019 and Making New 2020 Resolutions!

Hi, and welcome to the new year!!!

It feels surreal to be saying 2020 (I’m usually good about switching years when I write the date, but this one will be next to impossible to remember), but it almost feels hopeful? Maybe that’s just me being wistful.

I’m very excited to be back and talking about my goals, both old and new! I reached 10/16 of my 2019 goals, and while not the Best I could have done, I think it’s still pretty good, considering I had almost no motivation to do anything in 2019!

Note: I am so so sorry to have abandoned my blog yet again in December, but I truly needed it. (It was my worst month of the year.) I’m so excited to be blogging again, but to post everything I want to this month, I’ve decided not to post a December monthly wrap-up! Missed you all so so much, and thanks for still supporting me even when I’ve disappeared. <33

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