Goodbye 2022: My Favorite Things, Moments & Media of 2022

2022 was thankfully quite good to me.

Even though there were rough patches like any other year, it was truly a nice year for me, full of lots of happy things and moments for me. I always like to write a post on the moments that stand out each year, as a way to remember the positives and carry that into the new year with me, but this time I’m also talking about specific items and media that I loved. I feel like I feel less inclined to talk about more specific parts of my life now, after being away for so long, so hopefully those extra tidbits will make up for it!

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Goodbye 2022: End of Year 2022 Reading Wrap-Up & My Favorite Books

It’s the best part of the new year!

Reflecting on my reading year always makes me so happy and excited for the next year, and especially so in the last few years as I’ve found myself quite happy with my progress on my reading goals. It’s always eye-opening to see the patterns in my reading so that I can make goals to change things and actively track how well I’m doing that. And of course, the best part is seeing pretty graphs as a visual representation of how I read this past year!

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