11 Ownvoices YA Latinx Book Recommendations to Celebrate and Read Beyond Latinx Heritage Month!

It’s the last day of Latinx Heritage Month!

I wanted to make sure I’m boosting Latinx stories and voices as much as I can, so of course I’m posting a list of my personal Latinx book recommendations! and even though this post is a bit later than I would have liked, it’s a great reminder that you should be reading these books (and other POC books) beyond their “designated” month!!

I could do a lot better with reading Latinx books, since most of the POC books are Asian (since I’m… Asian…), but there are still quite a few I’ve enjoyed. I also wanted to make sure to list ownvoices novels, though I’ve read some non-OV ones that handled rep just fine, according to Latinx reviewers! (It’s not YA but if you haven’t read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, please do it NOW.)

(And yes I tried to choose mostly lesser popular novels with the purpose of hyping! them!! up!!!)

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A Recommendation List of 10 of My Favorite Webcomics (a Pretty Gay Selection)

Webcomics aahhh!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this post FOREVER now, that I’ve finally just decided to go ahead and do it!!

A while back in a post, I mentioned possibly making a webcomic recommendations list, and there were a surprising amount of people interested in it. So I thought, “Why not!”, drafted this post… and never published it. I was waiting for a time when I could read more webcomics to add to this list but that never happened.

I’ve actually only read a small amount of webcomics (about 20 total, so I’m recommending basically just half of the ones I’ve read lmao), but it’s a lot compared to your regular average YA reader. And I’ve been asked for recommendations before, so honestly just why not make a whole post and share some of my favorites!

Disclaimer: Some of these are fairly popular webcomics, so it might not be very helpful to the more seasoned webcomic reader, but this post is aimed at those who are new(er) to them, since that seems to be the majority of the people who asked for this post!!

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The Pancake Book Tag that Makes Me Hungry (Yes Hello I’m Back)

Hello, I’m back!!!

Sorry for disappearing on you guys for a week!! Be prepared for this to happen more often as I drown in schoolwork. My teachers love to shove a bunch of work at me all at once, and then I have breaks in between all the huge workloads (which is how I’m now able to write this blog post!).

I’m still not quite sure how I’m going to balance blogging with everything, because I’ve clearly been struggling, but it’s fine I’ll just die!!! I’m not confident in my ability to come back if I take a longer hiatus, so I’m gonna keep trying to stay on top of everything, but c’est difficile et je suis désolée!

I thought for my first post “back” (I sound dramatic because I AM), I’d do something fun and easy that I’ve been meaning to do a while: The Pancake Book Tag! I think I’ve been tagged a few times for this one, but I was also first tagged by the creator, Becky @ Blogs of a Bookaholic. Be sure to check out Becky and her blog, because she’s an absolute angel!!

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The 5 Most Disappointing Books I’ve Read So Far This Year (Happy National Book Lover Day)

It’s National Book Lover Day so naturally, it’s time for me to rant about disappointing books!

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been truly salty for a blog post, and that’s an issue. One day all my bitterness is going to explode from me and I’ll become a husk of dry despondency.

So today, I decided to talk about the 5 most disappointing books I’ve read in 2019 so far!! I forgot it was National Book Lover Day when I wrote this, but honestly I think it’s very fitting that I’d be salty about books on a day meant to celebrate loving books.

(Actually, though, the real reason behind me writing this post is that I tried to write two other blog posts and completely lost motivation for both of them, so I decided to go back to something that will never fail me: Ranting and being salty!! And it’s going to be FUN.)

Before I get on with it, I just wanted to say the biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU, because I recently reached 2,000 followers on my blog, and… I don’t know how to describe how much that means to me. There are a lot of reasons why this particular milestone is so jaw-dropping to me, but in general, it just means the world to me that you guys support me and the work that I do. I love and appreciate you all endlessly!!!

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My Most Anticipated Books Releasing August Through December ft. Me Being Way Too Excited For Everything

Hi, I’m back to add more books to your TBR!!

Having to go through my Goodreads shelf to make this post was EXCRUCIATING, because there are just so many amazing books coming out this year (or, more accurately, this last half of the year) and I just want to read them all right now. But here is a list of my most anticipated books releasing in the last half-ish of 2019!!

To compensate for the fact that I got overexcited and included July in my previous anticipated releases post, I’m doubling the amount of books I feature in September and October!! (No, this is 100% NOT because I’m indecisive and can’t choose out of all the amazing books releasing those months.)

Note: There are a few non-YA books here; Gideon the Ninth, Ninth House, and Queen of the Conquered are adult, The Tyrant’s Tomb is middle grade!

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