Awkward Blogging Interactions // Basically Me Flailing and Not Knowing How to Talk to People… Ever

I’m a generally awkward person.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet??? Because I make jokes and PRETEND like I’m not*… but really, I’m awkward.

Usually, “awkward” and “interactions” go hand in hand. I mean, it’s totally possible to be awkward without interacting with anyone at all. Aka me all the time.

I’ve decided to talk about awkward blogging interactions because AWKWARDNESS IS FUN TO TALK ABOUT!! And also hopefully you’ve experienced these things yourself too and it’s not just me being extremely awkward

Note: I took like a random week hiatus from posting?? I missed last Saturday because I had dance stuff (which was SO AMAZING but then I got really sore), and then I just decided to wait till today to post because I’m SUPEEEER behind on posts & comments and wanted to use the week to catch up. You love me. Even tho I didn’t catch up.

*Internet me is so different from real-life me?? Example: I go by a different name!!! That’s definitely not a big change at all!!!

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9 Bookworm Stereotypes… We Don’t Always Hide Away All Day (Tho That’s Fun) Ft. Rants!! About the Patriarchy!!

There are SO many stereotypes in the world.

I’m 90% sure the cause for all hate and divide among people is because of stereotypes??? Because of knowledge people assume is true but actually isn’t??? Because of our ignorance and how we believe that we’re truly right so we don’t seek the ACTUAL truth????

Okay sorry, got a little ranty there. THE POINT IS, stereotypes exist and they SUCK. I mean sure, some of them are true. But most are not???

So today, I thought it’d be fun to talk about some stereotypes against readers. Most of them are LIESSSSS (except like, half-lies) and hopefully you haven’t thought that readers are like this. Because I’d be very disappointed in you, and so far you’ve done a great job at exceeding my expectations of sucking.

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9 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Being a Blogger (aka Me Fangirling Over How Supremely Cool Blogging Is????)

There are obviously many things I love about blogging.

Obviously??? Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it still. Unless I find pleasure in doing things I hate, which I don’t. (WHO WOULD.)

I was feeling a little bit down about blogging the other day—not really motivated to write posts, not really motivated to read any, so I decided to write this post to help me fall in love again with blogging!!!

OKAY JUST KIDDING. The real reason I wanted to do this post is that I’ve already complained about some things I hate/am annoyed by blogging, but I am most definitely NOT a negative person* so I decided to talk about the things I love about blogging too!!

(But like. If this post helps reignite your love for blogging, THAT’S GREAT. I feel much more motivated to blog after writing this post wowowowow I’m so powerful honestly.)

*Just so you know that I hate everyone and everything and I hate myself and I think death is a really cool concept and I think mangoes are the WORST THING EVER.

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9 Things “Regular People” (If They Exist?) Should Never Say to Writers or Authors Because We Get Hurt Easily

Writers are fragile creatures.

So maybe we’re ALL fragile creatures. Me most of all.

But writers are especially fragile. I think the cause of this is how much WORK and EFFORT goes into writing, so by the time we’re done writing, we’re just mentally drained and feeling like a tea bag that sank to the bottom of the cup after you drank all the liquid.*

So, because you don’t want to hurt these poor fragile writers, I’m talking about things you should never say to writers! Hopefully you haven’t and will never say these things?? Because they honestly will break a writer. Like me.

This intro sucks as a result from lack of sleep I’m so tired just get on with your life and do something worthwhile instead of reading this post.

Oh! And make sure to check out 9 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Bookworms because that’s an equally important post because we bookworms are equally as breakable as writers. It also has a better intro.

*Is this even how tea works idk anymore.

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A Compilation of My Blogging Pet Peeves: A Rant (!!) of All the Things I Hate and Am Annoyed by In and About Blogging

I hate a lot of things.

It’s unfortunately a very relatable thing to have a lot of hatred as I do. It doesn’t seem like it because I’m an all-glowing, bubbly personality, but I can be very salty!! Friends can verify this.

And while blogging is not included in the list of things I hate*, there are many things ABOUT it that I hate, or find annoying. In fact, there are so many that I can’t even specify a number.

Or I’m too lazy to count, which is an extremely likely possibility, but no I’m NEVER too lazy.**

So today, I decided to talk about those things that I hate or find annoying—aka my blogging pet peeves! And yes, I know that there are many posts about this. BUT I LIKE BEING SALTY OKAY.

*Which is a very long list.
**I’d look up a synonym of lazy but… I’ll do it later. Maybe. Googling things is so much work.

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