9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust a Writer/Author (They’ll Actually Kill You) Ft. Emotional Pain

Writers are SCARY PEOPLE.

They can do many things to you, ranging from making you feel extreme emotions to also killing you.


jal;ksdjfLJ;LFKJAL;SDJFlkjaf;lajkdsf They are evil and cruel and horrible and ghastly and yet we still love them.

But! MANY negative things happen to you that are caused by writers/authors, so that’s why I decided to make a list on why you should never trust writers. And also because I did a similar post with bookworms and it was much fun.

Note: This list consists of pain, pain, and pain, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing, THERE YOU GO! You have a one-word summary: PAIN.

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How to Deal With Bookish Disappointments (Without Intense Sobbing—or Death! Wow!)

I am not easily disappointed.

Especially by books! I’m actually really really nice when I rate books*, so I’m always expecting to NEVER be disappointed. (Why read a book you think will disappoint you???) And for 98.3%, I’m not!!!

But the other 1.7% or something**, I DO get disappointed. And because that’s such a rare feeling for me, I don’t know how to deal with it???

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I’ve put together a little guide about how to deal with bookish disappointments, because if you’re like me, you probably just end up sobbing and/or dying from disappointment.


*Which is why I have never rated a book one star… Strangle me.
**I hate math.

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9 Ways How Dancers and Bookworms are Actually Quite Scarily Similar… #surprise

If you don’t know already, I’m a hardcore dancer.

“Hardcore” meaning “trying and failing to be good and not flop over like a dead fish”. But despite my fishy side, I love dancing!

I’m also a hardcore bookworm. (Meaning that I’m trying to figure out how to defeat my TBR but it’s not working.) So I thought, Why not combine these two to make a cool post???


And so today I’m going to talk about how bookworms and dancers are actually pretty similar. And maybe you’ll find that you might actually be a dancer after all. *wink wink*

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9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust the Bookworm Creature #trustissues #again

Bookworms are untrustworthy creatures.

We do a lot of scary and mean things. This is why you should never be friends with us and leave us to our books because we will betray you.

But seriously. There are LOTS of reasons why you shouldn’t trust bookworms, and today, because I am lovely and helpful and helping you stay away from my kind, I am highlighting all those reasons!

Aka stay away from me.

Aka let me read my books.

Aka go away.

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