5 Reasons Why I Love Book Blogs + 7 Ways to Support Book Bloggers

If you’re not on book twitter, first of all god bless you and I wish I could relate.

Second of all, there were some recent… discussions that came up about book bloggers and how they’re underappreciated and overlooked in the online book community. Which, as bloggers, we all have known about forever.

Originally, I was going to write a post talking about the ways that bloggers are constantly underappreciated and forgotten. But 1) I lacked the brain cells to be able to discuss it properly, and 2) I wanted to try to make a more positive response (though that negative response is coming one day). So I decided to make a list of just a few reasons why I love book blogs!

This is going to talk more about book blogs as a platform rather than the act of blogging itself, because I want to show people what great things blogs have to offer just like any other platform. I’m also going to be linking to some great blogs that correspond because why not!!

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30 Non-YA Books I Want to Read (Including Adult Fiction, Classics, and Non-Fiction!)

A moment of silence for YA…

Just kidding! I probably will never stop reading YA, BUT I’ve been wanting to branch out of it for a while now. So I finally took the plunge and made a list of adult fiction, classic, and non-fiction books I want to read! I was already excited to read these beforehand (though also a bit intimidated), but making the list made me a lot more excited somehow!!

I definitely will not be reading all of these by the end of the year, but I want to start reading at least one book from this post every month! Hopefully it’s not just one book, because one book a month would take over 2 years and… I don’t have the patience for that.

Click for BLM resources. I’d like to bring special attention to the Portland bail fund because of the way the government and police are responding to protesters right now.

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My Reading Habits: Book Buying, Bookmarks, Annotating, and More

I’m running out of post ideas.

I’ve said this several times already but I just have to reiterate! But I’ve seen a lot of people discuss some of their bookish habits in the past few months. I thought, why not join in and make a whole post about my own reading habits!! Because I take my inspiration solely from other people now.

This is going to be a fairly short post (or at least… shorter than the usual monster posts I write), but I had fun writing it! I can’t remember the last time I’ve written a casual post like this?? Also for no reason other than how I crave structure, I’ve organized these into good, neutral, and bad!

Click for BLM resources.

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Judging You and Your Favorite Books (I Am Only Slightly Mean)

For once (kind of) I’m allowing myself to be chaotic here!

I’ve been running out of blog post ideas, but seeing Caitlin’s post where she reacts to book twitter’s unpopular opinions inspired me to turn to twitter. I asked people to name one of their favorite books to be judged by me, and, well, they were very enthusiastic!

Short explanation of how this worked: I basically just wrote up a short description of what I think you’re like based on the book (and my own opinion of the book). I’m occasionally nice but 100% of the time joking; this is all in good fun!! And this obviously isn’t directed at the specific person who named these books, unless I say so.

(Also, a bunch of these books I would consider favorites too. So I’m calling myself out as much as I am you.)

I didn’t get to everyone’s answers, I just ran out of creativity sorry!!! There were many books that were too high quality for me to insult (which is why most of the authors here are white but shh). If you want to see everyone’s favorite books, you can see my tweet here!

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50 of My Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2020: July to December!

Episode 39447 in which I spend way too much time on a blog post!

I was perhaps a bit… overly ambitious with the amount of books I put in this post. But I’m so excited about ALL of these releases, and authors could use a boost especially during this whole covid mess, so why not!!

I’m not going to make this a long intro because this is already a nightmarishly long post, but I would just like to say that we are pretending not to see that almost half of these are coming out in September while there are only two books for December…

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