9 Things/Tropes I Will Always Love in Fiction + Some of My Favorite Books with Them!

I have no brain cells to spare, so we’re doing an unoriginal post!

I’ve always wanted to a post talking about my favorite fictional tropes and never had the chance to. But after finishing She-Ra and losing my mind in the DMs with my friends, I realized how many tropes it involved that I loved, so I thought, why not do this post as a convenient way to just lose my mind about She-Ra on my blog!

Not all of the things I’m going to talk about are necessarily tropes, so that’s why I just said “things” in the title. It’s also very important to note that I was strongly tempted to just include “gays” as one thing and then provide no detail whatsoever, but I held back to give you… actual content.

(I also attempted to list 10 things instead of just 9, but as stated before! No brain cells.)

Click for BLM resources.


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50+ YA Books by QPOC About QPOC that You Should Have on Your TBR, Especially for Pride Month!!

It’s that time of the month again…

…and by that I mean it’s time for me to list some book recommendations for Pride Month and beyond!!

I made a similar post last year, about books with intersectional queer rep, but a few of those were by white authors. Because of semi-recent discourse on book twitter concerning bad QPOC rep by a white author, I decided that this time I’d focus on books about QPOC by QPOC, because it can’t get better than that!! The QPOC experience is often hard to understand unless you’ve lived it yourself, so these ownvoices stories are incredibly important.

I haven’t read all of these books, but my point in including all of them is to show that there’s a wide selection of books that you can pick from that aren’t by white authors and aren’t about white people. And especially during Pride month, when people will pick up white m/m and ignore everything else—by ignoring QPOC, specifically Black trans people, you are ignoring the very origins of Pride.

When I began reading LGBTQIAP+ books, I started with a lot of white m/m books. These were books that were heavily promoted and hyped in the community, and though it was on me to put in the effort to find more diverse books, it was also on all the people hyping those books who refused to branch out. So I hope this post can help you to find new books that will add a lot more variety (and actual flavor) to what you read. It’s never too late to start diversifying your reads!!

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25 Books by Asian Authors to Read, Especially for Asian Heritage Month!!

Yes, I’m sure you’re ALL shocked by this post and did NOT see it coming!!

Today I’m here to stay on brand as always and recommend some books by Asian authors with Asian characters! These are perfect to read for any time of year, but especially in the month of May since it’s Asian Heritage Month and a great way to celebrate Asian voices is to read them.

I’ve talked about a lot of these books before, especially in this post recommending authors of color, but I never recommended them for Asian Heritage Month before so I thought why not! These are definitely not all the Asian books I’ve read, so be sure to check out my 2018 and 2019 posts as well. (It makes me happy to see how much bigger my lists have gotten.)

Most of these I’ve read since last May, so they’re “new”, but I have a tendency to, ah, talk about the same books… so everyone act surprised at certain books on this list okay! I’m talking about The Poppy War… Fang Runin fan club will be started by me.

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Only Reading White Authors? Here are 20 Books by Authors of Color to Read!!

[whispers] The whites are at it again.

There were some Things going on other other certain online book platforms, so my response was to say nothing about it and instead write a post here, recommending books by authors of color that you should read, especially if you’re only reading from white authors!

These are by no means all the books I love that are by authors of color! Most of these are YA, with 2 Adult and 2 Middle Grade, and there are tons of more amazing books by AOC. So I’m going to link to Fadwa @ Word Wonders and Shri @ Sun and Chai, who both have wonderful initiatives that help boost authors of color, so you can follow them and get more recs!

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7 or So Books to Read if You’re Feeling Sad (Like Me)

hi everyone!!

today’s post is going to be a little different from the norm (as you can probably tell already with my lack of capitalization).

i’ve been, uh, missing from the blogging world for a few weeks now. it wasn’t my intention, as it never is, but it keeps happening over and over again. i’m not going to waste my breath apologizing because i have an overwhelming fear of being annoying and i feel like i’ve said sorry enough times to irritate everyone, but know that the words “i’m sorry” are brewing on my mind. this month, and especially this week, has been bad for me mentally, and it’s been hard to do even the simplest of tasks.

but as i’m writing this, i just spent a good part of my day watching booktube videos (and criminal minds…), and i felt inspired to create content. and one of my very kind friends ilsa said she loved my book recommendations, so here we are with a book rec post! because i love writing them and i love knowing others enjoy them too! and it’s specifically for the sad people who need a book to make them feel okay for a little while, just like i do.

love you all a lot. thanks for sticking with me <33

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