12 Books to Read When You’re in a Slump

As someone who has been struggling to read with the start of a new busy semester, I’m trying to turn to books that take me less time to read so I don’t have to feel bad about taking forever to finish a book. Still, I’ve been going some days/weeks without reading a single book! I know I’m not alone in feeling slumpy, so I thought it might be nice to make a list of recommendations for those who are in search of a quick read to help them out in a slump.

These are all books that I flew through, not necessarily books that are short!! Some books might be on the longer side, but I chose them for their readability, based on my personal experience. (There are lots of short books that I’ve taken a while to get through!)

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Goodbye 2022: My Favorite Things, Moments & Media of 2022

2022 was thankfully quite good to me.

Even though there were rough patches like any other year, it was truly a nice year for me, full of lots of happy things and moments for me. I always like to write a post on the moments that stand out each year, as a way to remember the positives and carry that into the new year with me, but this time I’m also talking about specific items and media that I loved. I feel like I feel less inclined to talk about more specific parts of my life now, after being away for so long, so hopefully those extra tidbits will make up for it!

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Books I Loved in 2021 but Didn’t Talk About Enough

I feel like whenever I do end of year reading wrap-ups, there are always books that I don’t get to talk about, despite how much I loved them. I had a very good reading year in 2021, and which meant I especially couldn’t talk about all the books I enjoyed, so my options were either force you to endure a thousands of words long post, or shut up. I chose to be merciful. (But clearly not merciful for very long, hence this post.)

Because I have been feeling lots of love for reading in general and didn’t want to miss out on talking about these gems of books, I thought I’d talk about 7 books I read and adored last year that I feel like I haven’t given much love to on my blog—but deserve it!

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Goodbye 2021: My Favorite Books of 2021!

Here comes the most excruciating part of any year…

I read so many fantastic books in 2021 that I couldn’t imagine deciding on my top books of the year. But as I was scrolling through my many positively-rated books, there were 11 books in particular that stood out the most to me, and I truly believe that every single one of them is written impressively well and .

Some quick observations: I love how this list ended up being so diverse in genre, and I love how my top 6 were all absolutely emotionally devastating! I may not have much going for me but at least I’m consistent with my book tastes (books that hurt me).

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25 Personalized Book Recommendations (& Upcoming Releases) Pt 2

Better late than never I guess…?

I am like 3 months late in this second part of my personalized book recommendations. It took me a bit of time to find all the books and put together this list, and honestly by now I think you all know how terrible I am at being punctual with part 2s of my posts (see: my blogiversary Q&As). 

But my last installment of my personalized book recommendations is finally here, and I had so much fun creating this list! I’m repeating some prompts—I’m sure the more recommendations the better—since this one is open to any authors, and I’m really sorry that I skipped the ones that I couldn’t find any books for. But let me know if you’d be interested in more personalized recs like this in the future!!

Content warnings for the books I’ve read are at the end of this post for readability.

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