10 Books I Want to Read Before the End of the Year

Usually I’m terrible at sticking to TBRs…

…especially year-end ones like this. But that’s not going to stop me from making another one!! I’m honestly very excited about all of the books on this TBR, and I’m hoping that this time I will defy my low expectations of myself and actually read these all.

With 44 books left to read in less than 3 months that are not going to get any less hectic for me, I’m very much doubting my ability to reach my usual 100-book yearly reading goal. So! I’m trying to focus more on what books I’ll read before the end of the year rather than how many. I’m also trying to direct my energy towards my other major reading goal—to expand what types of books I read—which played a big role in my decision for what books I’d put on this TBR!

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My June TBR for Pride Month!

Hi, it’s me back from the dead again…

I realize I have been absent from the blog the whole month, which was on accident mainly because of demanding schoolwork/finals. But I swear that I’ll be more active again now that I finally am finished with my school year AND I finally have content ideas for June! Which is Pride Month, aka the time of year I dedicate my reading to only queer books—I’ll be sharing my Pride TBR today and I am very excited to read all the books on it.

I tried to pick a lot of QPOC books and authors because that’s important to me (though to be honest, I really don’t care that much for white gay books anymore so it wasn’t necessarily difficult to pick QPOC books). I also don’t like emphasizing ownvoices books or author identity when it comes to queer books, but almost all of these authors are out as queer, and many are trans. So I’m happy with how this TBR turned out!

(Another shoutout to Ju for buddy reading literally half of these books with me.)

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My May TBR for Asian Heritage Month!!

It’s almost one of my favorite times of the year!

Every year during Asian Heritage Month in May, I try to read only books by Asian authors. I read these throughout the whole year, of course, so this is just a special month dedicated to only Asian stories! And I think I have an especially amazing list for this year. I tried to pick from a wide range of authors (aka ensuring I’m not reading only East Asian authors) and included a nonfiction book for the first time, and I honestly feel like I’m going to love most—if not all—of these books!!

A note on why I say Asian Heritage Month instead of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month: 1) while Asian and Asian American experiences are different, I think a month celebrating Asian people and identity shouldn’t exclude non-Americans, and 2) Pacific Islanders have discussed issues with being grouped with Asians in the term AAPI before, and also, this list doesn’t have any PI authors so using that term would be misleading!

Also, shoutout to Julianna for buddy reading like half of these with me (and shoutout because she just came back from hiatus and you should check her blog out!). 

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12 Books, 12 Friends: TBR of Friend-Recommended Books to Read in 2021!

I’m kind of panicking at the thought of 2020 ending soon…

…But I am so excited for this little “project” of mine for 2021! A few months ago, I decided I wanted to do something for 2021 where I read specific books that my friends loved/recommended to me, one for each month. So today I’m here with the 12 books I’ll be reading in 2021 because of my friends, all by POC!!

I really love this list, because it ended up having books in different genres/age groups that’ll be perfect for my mood reading, and it’s also full of books I’ve been meaning to read for a while (many of them being published in 2018 or before!). The books aren’t in any order, as I don’t have a specific month planned for each of them, but I’m hoping to read at least one from this list each month next year!

Yes, I know there are more than 12 books, and there are more than 12 friends on this list… let me be.

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9 Books I’m Planning to Read Before the End of 2020

It’s almost the end of this hellish year and I couldn’t be more excited!!

First of all, I love the holiday season and it always cheers me up. Second of all, I’m especially excited for 2020 to be over, because everything that has happened this year has been terrible and I can’t wait for a a new year where (HOPEFULLY) things will start to look up.

But with the end of the year comes cramming to finish my Goodreads challenge, which is why today, I’ll be listing a few of the books I want to read before 2021! I am… sadly but unsurprisingly behind on my reading goal (7 books behind), so most of these are shorter/not full-length prose novels. I’m not sure if I’ll actually get to all of them, not because of a lack of time but because I will just chuck it out if I’m not in the mood for a book, but I’m really hoping I will!!

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