A Recommendation List of 10 of My Favorite Webcomics (a Pretty Gay Selection)

Webcomics aahhh!!!

I’ve been wanting to do this post FOREVER now, that I’ve finally just decided to go ahead and do it!!

A while back in a post, I mentioned possibly making a webcomic recommendations list, and there were a surprising amount of people interested in it. So I thought, “Why not!”, drafted this post… and never published it. I was waiting for a time when I could read more webcomics to add to this list but that never happened.

I’ve actually only read a small amount of webcomics (about 20 total, so I’m recommending basically just half of the ones I’ve read lmao), but it’s a lot compared to your regular average YA reader. And I’ve been asked for recommendations before, so honestly just why not make a whole post and share some of my favorites!

Disclaimer: Some of these are fairly popular webcomics, so it might not be very helpful to the more seasoned webcomic reader, but this post is aimed at those who are new(er) to them, since that seems to be the majority of the people who asked for this post!!

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