Writer Woes 6.0—How to Give and Get the Best Feedback Possible #goals (Scribbler Sign-Up Deadline!)

Feedback, to a writer, is the world’s best gift.

Unless it’s like raging feedback that you can’t understand and is mean and rude and not at all helpful. In that case, GO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF JOHN.

But usually, we writers are smart enough to choose awesome people to critique our work. So then it’s NOT a sob party where we question our existence.

BUT. How do we find those people??? How do we improve from their feedback??? And how do WE give feedback???

Well, friends, May is being HELPFUL (like she always is) and helping you out on all things feedback! Ish.

And this will also help with The Scribbler’s Challenge! (Which is a project with a sign-up deadline of TODAY.) The whole purpose is giving and getting feedback, so maybe this well help* all you Scribblers out???

*What’s a synonym for help please help.

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Writer Woes 5.0—Worldbuilding (aka the Bane of My Existence and Yours Too)

Is that someone sobbing in the corner with red eyes and snot on their face???


Who is definitely not me.

Worldbuilding is a torturous pleasant experience that makes you scream in agony smile in happiness because it’s finally over you get to create whole! new! worlds!!!

It definitely does not cause you to sob in the corner with red eyes and snot on your face because THAT would be RIDICULOUS.

Image result for sobbing in the corner gif
I’m sorry, child. You do not deserve to go through this pain.

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Writer Woes 4.0—Developing Characters (BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST)

If you didn’t know, I LOOOOOOOOVE characters.

And I think they’re the most important part of a story. Now, just because I think it doesn’t mean it’s right. (Or does it???) But characters are SUPER important to me, and I feel that if you don’t have well-developed characters, your whole story fails.

Which is why I’m here to talk about developing characters!

I’m super excited because HELLO CHARACTERS ARE THE BEST THING EVER, and I get to talk to you guys on how to develop them! Of course, I am TOTALLY NOT a professional on this. I may have a different method than you, and that’s COMPLETELY OKAY.

I’ll just talk about the way that I develop characters (because I don’t really know any other way???)

(Actually, I’ll be listing some main parts that you need to have when you’re developing characters. Because I’m #nice like that.)

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Writer Woes 3.0—9 Signs that You Are a Writer (Because We Are Doubtful Creatures)

If you are a writer, you doubt yourself. I am not exaggerating.

Actually, even if you AREN’T a writer, you doubt yourself. But writers doubt themselves more. And you’re welcome for boosting your self-confidence! *thumbs up*

But we writers shouldn’t doubt ourselves! We are wonderful people (usually) who write great (usually) and deserve to be recognized for our amazing writing skills (usually). While I am a big doubter of myself, I think that we shouldn’t be. We’re great, yo.

Also I’m REALLY EXCITED to do this Writer Woes because the wonderful Mahriya*asked me to write a post on “signs that you’re not a writer”. BECAUSE SHE’S SO DOUBTFUL OF HERSELF AND DOESN’T THINK SHE’S A WRITER. *waggles finger at everyone who thinks this* Non, my fren, you lie.

But I aim for POSITIVE** on this blog, so obviously I’m writing a post on all the signs that you ARE  writer. So if you relate to even ONE of these—YOU ARE A WRITER.

*claps at the sudden appearance of writers*

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Writer Woes 2.0—How to Keep Writing When the Words Disobey (How Dare They)

We’ve officially hit the halfway mark of Camp NaNo… and we’re slowly dying.

At least some of us are? I mean, I’M DOING GREAT. Partly because it’s a THREE-DAY WEEKEND WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL NONSENSE???

*cries* I’m fine.

Image result for im fine gifs supernatural
I think I’ve used this gif before. #oops


I actually am doing fine, though. I’m ON TRACK and starting to go a little bit above my daily goal, which is SUPER AWESOME, because I really want to surpass my word count goal of 15K. #overachiever

(Okay, I’m not REALLY an overachiever. I just want to SUCCEED.)

(And succeed a little more.)

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