Ranting About and Boosting All My Favorite Book Bloggers: Part 2!

Welcome back to the last post in my favorite blogger feature “series”!

I call it a series, but it’s literally just two posts.

Anyways, here’s part 2 in my round of shoutouts of my favorite bloggers and I’m sad that these are all the favorites I have!! I’m definitely making it a goal for 2019 to branch out more and find some more amazing book bloggers, because I know you’re out there!

Also, last time I did this, everyone’s comments made me tear up?? Stop. I’M the one who’s supposed to make you cry. Why is it happening to ME.

Disclaimer: 1) If you’re not mentioned here, I obviously still love you and you are amazing and you definitely aren’t a “bad blogger” or anything of the sort!! and 2) all the bloggers mentioned are in randomized order—as in I literally put names in an online randomizer—so there is no favoritism whatsoever <33

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Emma is extraordinarily… talented at everything? She’s articulate, funny, cute, and amazing at making me feel good about myself. There are so many memorable things about her and her blog (Alice, pretty bookshelves, pretty face, driest most hilarious humor) and I love it.

She’s also just… really nice and caring and supportive? Her posts are so well-written and her reviews are detailed and long but I never get bored reading them. Plus we’ve shared a few unpopular book opinions, so we get to be attacked by book fans together! Friendship!


(she could write a grocery list and I’d love it but anyways)

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Dezzy is one of the sweetest bloggers I know. The comments she leaves on my blog always feel heartfelt and kind and caring, and she just has such a positive bubbly personality that you can’t help but feel cheerful as well!

Plus, though I haven’t seen that many of her posts yet, I’ve fallen in love with her blog from the ones that I’ve read. Her writing style is so bright and I love what she writes about, and I always smile whenever I get the chance to talk to her!!


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Melanie is… basically an angel in the form of a human, and I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree?? She’s so kind and sweet but also one of the most hilarious people I know (Felix? is that you?) and she has the rare ability to make everyone happy.

And, because she has to be even more perfect, her reviews and blog posts are so well-written and I genuinely trust her book opinions so much. I just love talking to her and she truly makes me smile all the time and I’m forever grateful she let me get close to her!!!


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Savannah is truly SO nice, and her posts are so much fun to read. And she has such an important voice; I know it’s partly my fault for not reaching out and finding these bloggers but she’s the only Native American blogger I know!

And also?? It’s lowkey weird but for the past few months Savannah has been like, my art guide? She comes up with all these solutions for me and my struggles with my art projects and if that’s not true friendship I don’t know what is.


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Elise is literally the best?? It’s unfair that the rest of us don’t get to be as kind and hilarious and eloquent as her. Her blog posts? So much fun to read. Her discussions? So well-written. Her reviews? The best.

Elise is also another friend whose book opinions I trust enormously, and if I know Elise loved a book, I know I have to read it too. And I just… love talking to her? She always makes me laugh and she’s not only a great person and blogger but also an amazing friend.


(could link to all her posts but okay)

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Michelle actually just came back from a blogging break yesterday, and I’m so happy about it!! She has such a distinct, hilarious voice, and I really love the topics she talks about. She always has such great ideas for posts and blog tags!

And I’m kind of in love with her WIP (her snippets are so funny and her aesthetics are some of the prettiest I’ve seen), and her blog as a whole is just super cute! Her writing posts are so much fun to read, which makes sense, considering her blog name.


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Lily is a blogger whose fast popularity is 100% deserved. I hate to say it but she is genuinely one of the sweetest people I know, and has supported me so much. She also is like, one of the most critical readers ever, but that just makes me trust her four- and five-star ratings even more!

Also, she writes so well (English isn’t her first language and yet she writes better than so many other native English speakers, including me), and her reviews and discussions are so detailed and articulate! Everything about her and her blog is perfect.


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Beth is such a sweet blogger, and I love her posts. Her reviews are detailed and I absolutely love the topics she discusses, and I find myself agreeing with her more often than not! And her WIP sounds amazing and her aesthetics are BEAUTIFUL.

Plus, she always gives out the BEST recommendations. I know I’ve already said this before, but she’s the one who introduced me to Anna-Marie McLemore, who is one of my top favorite authors, and I couldn’t be more grateful!


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Fitting that the randomizer would put her dead last, since that’s exactly where she is in my heart. <33

Ju’s not currently blogging like the idiot she is, but I love her posts and her discussions and everything she writes about. She supports me so much and is always a friend I can count on to always be there for me. At this point I’m literally wondering how she can deal with me because I vent about the most random things ever.

She’s unfortunately kind and funny and has such an important voice and always boosts other people. I just adore her so much and am so grateful for her friendship.



shall we chat

do you share any of the same favorite bloggers as me?? (be sure to check out all these amazing people!) what are some of your favorite blog posts? shout out some of your faves in the comments!!

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18 thoughts on “Ranting About and Boosting All My Favorite Book Bloggers: Part 2!

  1. MAY OMG YOU ARE SO SWEET 😭😭 thank you so much for this shoutout; this honestly made my day 💞💞 I’m honestly so honored that I’m one of your favorite bloggers (and in such great company too)!! You named literally every one of my favorite bloggers; I adore this post (and you) so much ☺️ Thank you so much again, my Scorpio/INFP/Asian American twin 💓


  2. Ahhhhh, May…. I love you so much. You are such a bright light in my life, and I always feel so proud and honored to call you my friend. Even when you bring up Felix! Lmaooooo! Thank you for this, and I can’t wait to buddy read every book with you in 2019! 💛xx


  3. Hi so I’m crying in the club reading this. I love talking to you so much and I’m just…. so thankful and happy to know you and your articulate gorgeous-blog-post-designing self?

    ALSO literally every blogger on here is fantastic (I only don’t know like, two and I’m checking them out ASAP) u have such good taste I Love You


  4. Love all these bloggers so much! Emma, Melanie, Lily, Dezzy, and Elise are all so incredible! I’ll have to check out the bloggers you listed who I’m not following (yet … hehe). Wonderful post as always, May!!! ❤️❤️


  5. Thank you so much (again) for mentioning me *cries* I haven’t heard of the first few blogs you mentioned but I followed them because I trust your judgement and they sound AMAZING! Hahaha it’s funny cause I never intended to give you advice on art but I knew how much you didn’t like doing your art projects and I just… had some tips I thought you’d appreciate?? I’m terrible at art myself but I’ve learned a few tricks over the years lmao. I think I’ve only found one other native american blogger???? we are such a rare species!


  6. Ahh this is such an amazing list, May <3 I know all of these bloggers, I'm more familiar with some than with others there but I definitely admire them all so very very much, they do such a fantastic work <3 <3 thank you for spreading the love like that, it's such a good thing to do, you're an angel <3


  7. I love the idea behind this post May, and that it encourages spreading the love in the blogging community <3 I may actually post something like this myself a little later this month, in the run up to Christmas or something.
    Thanks so so so much for featuring me and all the lovely things you said about me/my blog/my WIP, also I'm so glad I could introduce you to Anna-Marie McLemore's writing, she's an amazing author and I'm so glad you love her books as much as I do. I actually need to do some blog hopping, and find some more favourite blogs to follow in 2019 (it will end up being a new year's resolution of mine but I'll have to check out the bloggers you've featured in this post).
    Great post, and again thanks so so much for featuring me. :) <3


  8. agsdhjaghdja i honestly don’t even trust myself to write something here without a) getting Serious and wreaking havoc on my brand, b) crying, or c) completely falling apart. anyway i just love you a lot and i feel really grateful and lucky to know you OKAY BYE


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