Writer Woes 6.0—How to Give and Get the Best Feedback Possible #goals (Scribbler Sign-Up Deadline!)

Feedback, to a writer, is the world’s best gift.

Unless it’s like raging feedback that you can’t understand and is mean and rude and not at all helpful. In that case, GO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF JOHN.

But usually, we writers are smart enough to choose awesome people to critique our work. So then it’s NOT a sob party where we question our existence.

BUT. How do we find those people??? How do we improve from their feedback??? And how do WE give feedback???

Well, friends, May is being HELPFUL (like she always is) and helping you out on all things feedback! Ish.

And this will also help with The Scribbler’s Challenge! (Which is a project with a sign-up deadline of TODAY.) The whole purpose is giving and getting feedback, so maybe this well help* all you Scribblers out???

*What’s a synonym for help please help.

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9 Issues With Being a Certain Type of Blogger (Because What Do I Do if Not Complain All the Time)

Being a blogger is hard work, and tbh, problematic.

Bloggers themselves aren’t problematic. (Usually???) But there are lots of problems with being a blogger. If that makes sense. Mm of course it does May.

And then not only are there problems with being a blogger in general, there are problems with being a CERTAIN TYPE of blogger! Like can this get more complicated???

Yes, it can.

This is a very odd post??? I don’t know what came to me. This is actually a SPONTANEOUS POST, which doesn’t often happen since I always plan out the month’s posts.

But I was just having all these blogging complaints (I’m a terrible person I know) and this idea popped in my head. The title’s confusing but I promise the post itself isn’t. At least I hope it isn’t.

(Is the awkward intro done yet???)

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How Much Should We Really Trust Book Reviews and/or Reviewers??? #trustissues

Obviously I have some #trustissues.

I’m mostly trustful tho??? And also trustworthy. Completely trustworthy.

One of my top trust issues is with book reviews/reviewers. Like is this book actually BAD or does that person THINK it is??? Should I read it because they say it’s good??? Or ignore it because they saiy it’s bad???

I mean if the majority of the people are like EW EW 1 STAR DO NOT READ I probably won’t read it. But if it’s a bunch of mixed reviews??? WHO DO I TRUST.

Image result for existential crisis gif

Because of this major minor existential crisis problem I’ve been having, I decided to write a discussion on it and hear your thoughts! I seek help. A lot of it.

But a small note that I’m talking about trusting book review(er)s BEFORE reading the book. As in, should I trust this book review(er) and read/not read the book??? Hopefully that makes sense?

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Writerly Update #8 // Setting Pathetic Records + Snippets + Dumb Typos + Other Miscellaneous Adventures

Outlining is so much fun!!! Until it isn’t.

Or maybe that’s because I know I’m outlining… just to outline??? Or maybe it’s because outlining is seriously trying to kill me.* I DON’T KNOW. ONE OF THE TWO.

As you may or may not know, I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo… and instead of outlining my novel so I can write it, I’m outlining my novel just to practice my outlining #skillz!!! Pretty creative right. But I am planning on writing it, just later???

I’ll explain more below. Because right now I need to tell you that outlining will NOT be killing me because I am #strong and #stabby and #TheMangoQueen.

*We certainly need to have a talk. Obviously I’M the one who does the killing.

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Introducing The Scribbler’s Challenge: My Blog Writing Project! (+ Sign-Ups! Deadline Jul. 19) *cue excited screaming*

Who has been waiting two months to announce this project???


You guys have heard me talking about this mysterious “blog writing project”, but now I can FINALLY REVEAL EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, including its name!

Introducing… The Scribbler’s Challenge!

I’m not expecting many people to sign up, because 1) I’m not that famous (yet), and 2) this isn’t THAT amazing. WHATEVER THO. I’M DOING THIS.


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