May’s Moments of the Month: August // Not a Lot of Books, but a Lot of Blogging, and Also School Stress!! (Very Fun)

August was a chaotic month and I’m SO GLAD it’s over.

I thought I could be NOT stressed out by school and I… completely failed. Not to mention the fact that I did not read the 9 books I planned to, or plot out as much as my WIP as I thought I could, or actually interact with bloggers like I’d expected to.

Me? Being productive? Not as likely as you think.

(Just kidding I’m sure none of you thought I would be productive in August.)

But even though I literally just summed up my whole month in two sentences, I’m still going to talk about, in 1684 words, what else happened in August!!! I know this is a horrible intro but please just go with it.

mmm reading

This month, I read 6 books. And I did not read 3 of the books I planned to. I love being productive.

I’m not really that mad about not having read more, though, because school started and my mental health suffered and I just didn’t have TIME to actually do anything. (This weekend is Labor Day weekend in the US, though, so I have three days TO DO WHATEVER I WANT.)

And! All except one book were 4 stars and above! Which I say is a pretty great reading month, if we’re looking at quality and not quantity!

Now I Rise (The Conqueror's Saga #2)  Darius the Great Is Not Okay  Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft  I Was Born For This  Beneath the Citadel  The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, #3)

  • [DNF] Now I Rise Kiersten White [♦] my dudes this was a disaster + boring + slow + uninteresting + only liked a few characters + but didn’t care what happened + sad I didn’t like it + but also mad I wasted my time ★☆☆☆☆ [1.5]
  • Darius the Great is Not Okay Adib Khorram [♦] SO GOOD + made me cry + themes of family, friendships, & identity were amazing + depression rep? A+ ★★★★★ [blog review]
  • Toil & Trouble Tess Sharpe and other various authors [♦] really entertaining + enjoyed it a lot as a whole+  4 stories were just absolutely breathtaking + WITCHY ★★★★☆
  • I Was Born for This Alice Oseman [♦] I LOVE Alice Oseman’s writing + love the characters + Jimmy is precious + anxiety rep on point + good but not Radio Silence good + ★★★★☆
  • Beneath the Citadel Destiny Soria [♦] A GOOD SURPRISE + so unique?? + most shocking book ending of 2018 but also THE BEST + casually diverse + pacing was kinda off but I just ENJOYED IT SO MUCH ★★★★☆ [4.5]
  • The Ship of the Dead Rick Riordan [♦] so sad the series is over + but I LOVED this one + really fun and engaging + Magnus is so funny + all the characters are precious + I hate that stupidly vague ending I need to KNOW what HAPPENED ★★★★☆

book haul?


Literally… none of these books were purchased by me, and I know that makes me extremely privileged, but as someone who can barely afford to buy more than a few books a year, it means the world to me? Thank you to various online book people, publishers, friends, and parents (MY MOM!!!) for getting me these books, I love them all and they make me SO HAPPY.

(Even though the stack is so heavy and they kept falling over but IT’S FINE.)

favorite book?

I mean… it’s Darius the Great is Okay, obviously. It was my only 5-star book this month and it made me cry and it was SO GOOD. I had a feeling I would like it but I had no idea that I would just fall in love with it? You can read my full thoughts on it here if you haven’t already but it is WORTH it to buy this book!!


Definitely NOT the 1.5-star, DNFed book Now I Rise.

(It was definitely the 1.5-star, DNFed book Now I Rise.)

I was just so BORED by the story and it was extremely SLOW and UNINTERESTING and I only liked a few characters and hardly cared about what actually happened to them. I’m surprised I made it as far as I did (57%).

mmm blogging


  • I… did NOT get back into my blogging game like I planned I would.
  • I honestly don’t know how I thought I’d be able to comment on posts and reply to my own comments while returning to school????
  • Anyways THIS MONTH I plan on posting a bit less (I think about once every 4 or 5 days is my plan) than I normally do in order to really get back to interacting with you guys!! I miss talking to you on your posts and talking to you on MY posts so I’m really going to make an effort to reply to your comments and comment on your blog.
  • I have comments from MARCH and I am not looking forward to replying to them.

top posts?

arcs discussion  japan thailand trip  amcurrently

favorite post?

I gotta say, my favorite post was my post popular post: my All About ARCs discussion post! I think I did a decent job of discussing an important topic I believe needs to be talked about more, and I’m proud of it.

mmm writing

  • Okay, so maybe it was more like I worked on my WIP at the beginning of August and then had to stop because school took all my time, but I was actually able to figure out some characters’ background and motivations and figure out some important things about my MC’s development and I’m SUPER PROUD.
  • Like I’ve said a million times before, I absolutely SUCK at turning a concept into an actual story, so I’m really having a hard time at plotting. I want to finish plotting by the end of this month, though, in order to outline in October, and then start writing it in November for NaNoWriMo!
  • I also have been doing more poetry writing, since in my English class we have a lot of “freewriting” and literally all I can write is poetry. It’s not as good as my poems were last year but I’m improving!!

mmm life

  • SCHOOL HAPPENED AND I HATE IT. I’m not stressed right now because I have only one homework assignment and I have a three day weekend, but I got so stressed in the first days of school and I can tell it’s going to be a rough year.
  • (*avoids saying anything else about school because if I don’t stop now I will never stop*)
  • Dance is starting soon! I had dance team auditions (to see what pieces we would be cast in) and we had our first rehearsal of the season. And I’m going back to regular classes on Wednesday and I’m super excited!
  • I had lice!!! I still haven’t gotten rid of all the nits (lice eggs) which is bad, but so far there has been no trace of more lice. Meaning that once I get all the nits out, I’ll be good as new!! (Except still traumatized.)
  • I’m also… trying more new things? I’m taking a contemporary dance class (which I’ve only done over the summer) and I’m also joining a club at school that involves public speaking, and I’m really proud of myself. I pretty much have activities every day except for Sunday but I’M PROUD.
  • I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I finally watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes me so happy and it’s SO funny and it’s an all-around amazing show, and TATBILB was so sweet and cute and I definitely liked it more than the book (oops).

mmm old goals

well, I accomplished 4, failed 5, and half-accomplished half-failed 1 so… yay?

  • read 8 books  (um… yikes)
  • write & upload at least 5 reviews  (I uploaded… 1 review?)
  • slowly… develop my WIP?  (finally something I actually accomplished)
  • post at least 7 times  (I POSTED 8 TIMES OH MY GOD)
  • INTERACT!!  (Past May is so overconfident)
  • not fail at managing bookstagram??  (bookstagram is so much fun omg)
  • not stress about school  (lmao? lmao!)
  • not stress about my mom  (OH school stress DID distract me!!!)
  • sleep at least 8 hours during the school week  (I managed it at first and then I started getting 6 hours…)

mmm new goals

  • read at least 7 books (I have to read 5 ARCs. and I want to read at least 2 non-ARCs. please Future May)
  • write & upload at least 4 reviews (maybe for once in my life I can actually write reviews)
  • finish plotting my WIP (I KNOW it’s not going to happen but it’s still a goal… an impossible goal)
  • post at least 5 or 6 times (I probably should choose 5 or 6 but I’m indecisive)
  • I N T E R A C T (I really really REALLY want to interact this month)
  • reply to at least 3 month’s worth of comments!!! (can I do it??)
  • sleep at least 8 hours during the school week (aka don’t procrastinate homework till night)
  • drink at least 1 water bottle a day (my dehydrated soul begs for water)

mmm looking ahead

More school. Every time I talk about school will be with periods. No exclamation points or periods. Because I hate it so much and I just want to crawl into a hole and never go back to that stressful hellhole ever again. It takes all my time and turns it into depression and no no no no no NO.

DANCE!! I am so excited to do dance this year because I’m in the most advanced level now and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! And I can’t wait for dance team rehearsals because learning new pieces is always exciting!! I’M JUST REALLY EXCITED!!!

Wriiiiitiiiiiing. I… REALLY want to flesh out my WIP because I’m already anticipating November when I get to actually write it. I just think it’s really cool and I have a feeling I’m going to have a lot of fun with these characters???? (Read: I’m going to hurt them all.)

shall we chat

how was your august??? what good books did you read? did you watch TATBILB when it came out? are you going back to school? are you planning on doing nanowrimo?? TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR MONTH!!!

blog signoff

26 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: August // Not a Lot of Books, but a Lot of Blogging, and Also School Stress!! (Very Fun)

  1. i was the same in August for my reading plans, i though because i was on holiday i could read at least like 10 books and i think i ended up doing 9 and that was at a push, highly doubt i’ll get anything done next month (except watch tatbilb (again)) because school and the only way i’m doing nanowrimo is if i’m writing a book about either the cold war or elizabethan england or medieval crime and punishment (i love school lol send help) i loved this post and i’m jealous of how cute it is ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, 9 books is still amazing, especially if you were aiming for 10! But I totally get you with not being able to read because of school (I mean…I’m living it right now). And oh wow I could never write historical fic but medieval crime and punishment sounds so cool 😎


  2. Ahhh I’m glad you read so many amazing books this month, May! ❤️ And I’ve said this in my other comments, haha, but good luck with school and everything; YOU GOT THIS. 💞 I can completely relate to your stress rn, because I’m in senior year and college apps + advanced classes are stressing me out so much. 😩

    I watched TATBILB on Netflix with my friend yesterday and we both enjoyed it a lot!! I agree, it was so cute and fluffy and sweet. (And I also liked it better than the book, lmao. I actually didn’t really enjoy the book, whoops.) AND YES. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE IS AMAZING. 💙

    I hope you have an amazing September!! 😊


  3. It’s the first weekend back at school and I am already sooooooo dead. I have to be filming every week day at 7am this next week SO I am getting less than 6 hours of sleep. It’s KILLING ME. SO BAD. But I LOVE FILMING and all the news I work with on campus, so death is worth it right now. (the hyperbole is also very bad right now)

    And I didn’t read nearly as much as I’d like to? But I’m working on scheduling time to read because I want to keep on top of all my reading.

    I haven’t read Now I Rise yet but I still want to. I wasn’t as entirely bored with the first book because I like historical fiction. SO, I still hope to read it, an it makes me sad you don’t like that series. 😭
    AND I can’t wait to read Darius the Great is Not Okay! I’ve heard so many good things and it looks amazing and beautiful.
    I’m also woefully behind commenting…why does blogging become so hard????


  4. Okay, I feel bad for commenting, because I know you have so many more to catch up with, but I just wanted to say, whenever school stresses me out (all the freaking time, I’m also off on my three day weekend and still stressed??) my mom tells me to take it one day at a time. That’s really really hard to keep into perspective, but every time I’m looking at my planner and crying because I have a lot of stuff coming up, it helps to remember that worrying and stressing won’t accomplish anything. I can only take it one day at a time.

    Good luck with your WIP! You’re really making me want to do NaNoWriMo! I should definitely finish the current revisions on my WIP, but the challenges and atmosphere of NaNo is so much fun, not to mention fall is my favorite season so writing during November just feels so good. Although I guess I could revise in November, which just isn’t as fun.

    Best of luck with everything, especially school! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lovely post! I’m sorry you were disappointed by Now I Rise (I’m having second thoughts about that series now lol), but am glad you had other enjoyable reads!

    And ah! The love trauma! I feel you! My sisters and I got lice last year and it was a nightmare! I hope you get all the bits out!

    Have a wonderful September, doll! 💗


  6. Heyyyy your August sounds like it was stressful but also yay at accomplishing WIP things God knows I need to do that. Dance sounds so so fun but I can’t do it for the life of me–I remember trying to dance once and tripping over my own two feet and #neveragain. hand-body-eye cooperation? ha! what even is that?!
    TATBILB WAS SO AMAZING ALSO YESS I liked it more than the book too!!
    ughhh i WANT to do nanowrimo but i’ve found that i develop my stories over long periods of time so still not sure, but I would love to have completed 20-40 k words of this ThingTM by november so I have a draft 0 to work with atleast, and to just know you’ve accomplished writing that many words would be more amazing than I can imagine, I’m sure.
    Have a great September, May! I hope you hydrate yourself!!



    how was your august??? it was really chilled out, i did a few fun stuff with friends! and i mostly just stayed at home and was super lazy. (should i do an August recap btw?? idk if i should bc i was thinking of doing one after septmber so like spetmerb&august whispers in one post? or should i do august’s one now?)

    what good books did you read? i actually can’t remember?? *goes checks goodreads* OKAY GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE OBVIOUSLY and THE WICKED KING!!! but everything else was bad,,, or just meh. sooo that’s fun.

    did you watch TATBILB when it came out? I’m so glad you liked TATBILB!!! I LOVED IT!! it was so cute and full of FEELS but I liked the book better!

    are you going back to school? YES. I’m going back to school in like…4 days?! And i’m not ready. I kind of want to go back just have some structure to my day and feel at least a little bit productive because I feel really guilty when I know I haven’t done anything productive in the summer holidays and I hate it but also school means stress!! and people!! And I’m just really scared to go back but also excited!? It’s strange. Also I have so much Science Homework I haven’t done AND I KEEP ON TELLING MYSELF I’LL START IT BUT I HAVEN’T YET AND I HATE MYSELF and there IS SO MUCH OF IT, I don’t even know If I can finish and just,,,I FEEL SO OVERWHELMED. Sorry for ranting in your blog comments, uh back to the actual post.

    are you planning on doing nanowrimo?? STOP IT you keep reminding me NaNoWriMo is soon and I’m so SCARED because I don’t have anything to work with!! I like to just pretend it’s not happening and then panic on the last days of October to be honest.

    i hope you feel less stressed soon but i think school is always pretty stressful if I’m perfectly honest. I hope to talk to you soon (because like I’m really bad at messaging people these days BECAUSE I JUST FEEL LIKE I HAVE 0 ENERGY ALL THE TIME) but ur amazing and I love youuuuuu! ❤


  8. I’m glad to hear that you still read some great books this month – ALICE OSEMAN AHHHHHHH, and Darius, really REALLY want to read that one SO badly, thank you very much for that by the way haha 🙂
    I’m also really proud you got to develop your WIP a bit more, that’s so exciting! I hope you’ll be able to continue that way, you are doing fantastic ❤
    I hope you will have a lovely September May, I'm sending you love and hugs and positive vibes for everything, you can do this! ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. I think even though you didn’t get through all the books you wanted to this month you still got through some amazing ones, and the fact that most of them were four or more stars is something to be pleased about as well. I guess with school starting again you’ve had plenty of other things to take over your time but hopefully thing will settle down a little bit for you. 🙂 ❤
    Darius sounds amazing, I need to get around to that book ASAP because you made it sound incredible in your review. Also it's great you managed to work on your WIP more too. 😀
    I hope you have an incredible September, and managed to cross off all your goals for the month as well. 🙂 ❤


  10. I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to with ARC August, but I did read a lot of library books. I’m stressing about school too, but I don’t start until the 4th. I still need to go pick up the rest of my books. Ugh. Anxiety and school don’t always mix well.


  11. Oh, May. I’m so sorry to hear you had a stressful month 😢. I get super stressed with school as well. Have you tried using a planner? That’s help me sometimes.


  12. Sorry that this month didn’t go quite like you were hoping! School can be rough as heck, but hang in there! *insert inspirational cat poster here* Also, I am super interested in what your WIP is about. Have you posted or talked about it at all yet? Anyways, thanks for this great post, May!


  13. This literally just reminded me that i have my review to finish writing lol! thank you for this reminder. your recaps are always fun to read but may!!! please don’t stress!!! i know that’s absolutely useless to say but take care of yourself ❤ i'm so lucky to have never had lice blehhhh. also i am looking forward to college but also not because then i'll be stressing about school again (i've been chill about it for a while now since i'm in online school). anyway i hope you have an amazing september :)) remember, not too long until the festive season!!!


  14. Sorry about all the school stress and I hope there are plenty of things to look forward to this month around it! Ahhh, I was able to read a preview of Darius the Great through BookishFirst and I quite liked it and now with your review I can’t wait to finish it!!

    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before <3333 Lana Condor is TOO. DARN. CUTE. and Noah Centineo is Mark Fluffalo's lil brother clone, I swear, even sounds like him. I haven't read the book yet (want to) but I have a feeling I'll like the movie better 😀 And B99 ❤ Bless that show and everyone in it.


  15. Ahh, I really need to finish the Magnus Chase series! I’ve only read the first one, and then I gave up (maybe because it wasn’t Percy Jackson…but I love Rick Riordan in all shapes & forms so I should give it another try). I’m actually doing a Heroes of Olympus reread right now, and I FORGOT HOW AMAZING RICK RIORDAN IS.🙈

    All your new things (dance, club, more activities!) sound so amazing and I wish you all the best of luck with them and everything else this year! You got this May, I hope you have an amazing month.❤️


  16. AHh getting lice when you’re almost an adult is so annoying. I got them a couple of years ago when I was working with kids and I am so much more traumatised from it than I was from when I had lice when I was younger. I’m glad to hear that you liked most of the books you read this month!


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