Mid-Year Check In with My 2020 Goals… For Once I’m Ahead on My GR Challenge?

Welcome back to me being a nerd!!

I really love making goals and checking them off, though I like to pretend like I never achieve my goals. For once I will practice some self-love and say that… I do!! Occasionally!!

Today I’m checking in with the 2020 goals I made at the beginning of the year, and seeing if I’m on track or not! I completely forgot what any of goals were until I did my post, which shows how I lack organization and/or any memory, and it was a surprise to see some of these (especially the ones where I was Definitely way too confident in myself).

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  • Read 100 books. Obviously I haven’t read 100 books yet, but I am on track! In fact, I’m ahead of schedule, which is the first time since 2018. I’d like to think I can read more than 100 books this year, but knowing how busy my school year will be in the fall… probably not.


  • Actually start writing reviews again! Yes, I actually have been writing more reviews! I’ve written reviews for books that aren’t just ARCs, even though some of them might not be full-length. I’m just happy because I strangely missed review-writing!
  • Keep better track of my reads. I’ve truly been SLACKING with my reading spreadsheet… Where did my excitement about filling it out go, I want her back!
  • Reread whatever I want. I’ve kept myself from rereading certain books that I really wanted to, so far this year, but I’m planning on definitely rereading more books later!

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  • Finish a WIP. No, I absolutely have NOT done this yet. Honestly I’ll be surprised if I do manage to do this, because I have a tendency to abandon projects and have only ever completed one. So I don’t know what I was thinking with this goal!!
  • Write more poetry. Just a little bit, yes! I usually don’t write that much each month (definitely not as much as I used to), but this month I’ve been writing more because I’m sad… I love exploiting my own pain!
snippet that isn’t one of my sad poems
  • Write 50k words. I think I’ve written only like 4k words total of actual prose so uh, definitely not. (Meanwhile my planning doc for my current WIP is at 41k and yet I have absolutely no plot and it consists of me rambling to myself and getting nowhere. I love it here!!!)

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  • Reach 2,400 followers. I’m not there yet obviously, but I think I’m actually… pretty close!! I don’t remember how many followers I had at the start of the year but I think it was around 2,100, and right now I’m at 2,346–THANK YOU!! (I’m trying my hardest not to care so much about numbers though.)
  • Actually interact. I think I’m doing a lot better than last year, so I want to give myself credit for that. But I just haven’t been doing as much as I’d hoped to, and lately I’ve been slacking, so! I don’t know!! I’ll give myself this one for now, I guess, because I think I really am doing better (at least just slightly!).
  • Host the 2020 Book Blogger Awards! Not yet, but coming soon!!! We’ll be launching on June 28 @ 7 PM CDT (it’ll be my next post!), and I’m so excited to see what happens this year.

BBA 2020 Promo Image

  • Just. be good to myself. I’m still working on this sadly. I just want to be doing so much more, and I feel so bad that I can’t!!

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  • Practice self-care. I’ve been doing a lot better, lately!! The beginning of the year was really bad, but for June I’ve created a little habit tracker that really helps me keep myself accountable. So while I’m not there yet, I’m getting there!
  • Listen to and play more music! I’ve been listening to more music/different artists, which I’m really happy about. But I haven’t playing a lot of music… I touched the piano like two times this month.
Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA Review: Artist of the Month Reimagines ...
my current music obsession!
  • Get a job! I was going to look for jobs over the summer but with covid… it definitely didn’t work out. I’m just not even going to try this year (unless the situation in the US gets a lot better somehow??).
  • Prep for college. The tiniest bit, yes! I’ve started doing a little bit of SAT practice every day, and though I haven’t really looked into too many colleges/universities yet, I’ve finally decided what I want to study, for now. Obviously things can change, but it’s just good for me to be able to look for specific programs and such!!

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reading: 2/4
writing: 1/3
total: 6.5/15

I did better than I thought! I was, uh, way too confident in my writing abilities and I also did not expect the covid situation to… [makes vague hand motions] get like this. But still! I do not have to cancel myself (and LOOK AT MY READING CHALLENGE).

shall we chat

how are you doing on your 2020 goals, if you made any? what about your goodreads challenge? and are you excited for the book blogger awards!!

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46 thoughts on “Mid-Year Check In with My 2020 Goals… For Once I’m Ahead on My GR Challenge?

  1. It’s good to check in with your goals throughout the year so you can redirect yourself if you’re getting off track and it looks like you’re doing really well, especially with the covid craziness! My plans for working all summer have obviously not worked out . . . I’m trying to find as many odd virtual jobs as I can, but it definitely won’t be the same. I wish you the best of luck especially with your self-care goal! <3

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  2. I didn’t even make any goals for this year rip (is it tooblate to make goals for the second half of 2020?) Also wowowo so proud of you for being ahead of Ur gr challenge goal … Also I forgot having goals for follower numbers was a thing Idek how many I have but you deserve all the followers you get!! And my gr challenge for 50 books I’m 10 books ahead of schedule (which is great since I didn’t read anything for like the first 3 months of 2020). But that is measly compared to Ur 100 books. And I’m so excited for the 2029 bbas!! Can’t wait to nominate all my faves!🐈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. no it is never too late make those goals!!! and aahh shh i shouldn’t have made the followers goal but 😎😎 and yay i’m so proud of you!! you’ve been reading so much i wish i had that energy <3 and NO LMAO i know graphic novels and comics are valid or whatever but i always feel like i'm cheating 😔

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  3. I finished my goodreads reading challenge. My goals was to read 12 books and at the beginning of the year I thought that this would be a big challenge for me but thanks to COVID-19 (still hate it) I have so much time now that I already read 14 books and it’s the end of June. That’s not a huge amount of read books really but for me it actually is. 😂😂 // Great post, May! I hope that you can tick off the rest of the boxes in the 2nd half of this weird year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah omg, congrats!!! i’m so glad you’ve been able to read more this year than you expected (even if it did happen because of covid) <3 and everyone's schedules are different, you should be proud of everything you're able to read! i hope you have an amazing last half of 2020 too (as much as possible) 💞

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  4. You are the queen of reading and I had in you this whole time. 😌 I’m ahead on my GR challenge, too! Congratulations for being on track with your goals!

    Ooh, I would be so excited to hear more about your WIP if you choose to share!! I remember reading your old WIP posts and being so excited for you! I really should continue with my current WIP… I’ve just been stuck with it since last year, and I unfortunately have not made much progress. 😅 But I believe in you, and I hope you can make a bit of progress by the end of the year! Best of luck, May! ❤️

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    1. omg xandra 🥺 honestly i have covid to thank for being ahead on my gr challenge, which is kinda terrible but… i’ll take the positives of this pandemic lmao! (and congrats on being ahead on your challenge too!!!)

      aahh you’re too sweet to me 😭 it fills me with a lot of joy to hear that you’d be interesting in hearing more about my wip! and i’ll also extend the same sentiment and say that i’d love to read about whatever progress you’ve made on your own 🥰💓

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  5. i’m proud of you always, but i do hope you are even more kind to yourself the last half of 2020 (and forever). music taste 11/10, congrats on your reading goal, and i just love you a lot. <3

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  6. Congrats on totally slaying your Goodreads goal so far!! Oh, that poetry snippet is beautiful <3 Yeah, the whole covid situation has definitely postponed some of my goals (job hunting is already stressful enough without extra complications, ugh). But I have been keeping up pretty well on my writing goals, which is exciting. Best of luck with the second half of the year!

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    1. aah thank you so much!! 🥺 and yes definitely… job stuff is stressful enough already and with all this covid stuff i’m just like… it’s not worth it lmao. i’m glad to hear you’ve been making good progress with your writing! i hope your last half of 2020 is kind to you <3

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  7. Congrats on being ahead of your GR challenge!
    *chef’s kiss*
    Oof I’m hoping to get done with the first draft of my WIP by this year as well but like you I literally abandon every writing project I start T_T
    Here’s hoping I actually stick with this one… Oh and I’m super excited for the Bloggers Awards!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. you reading 57 books and me having about to have finished my 57th is creepy lmao
    but congrats!!! and yes to poetry!! i wrote some not sad things recently which is odd? but nice?? and omg i can only DREAM about gaining that many followers in a year…. i don’t check stats too often or i’d be so much worse off but that so incredible i’m proud <33 i can't wait for the 2020BBA may!! :)) xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh well… i’ve finished my 58th book since this post so 😳😳

      thank you so much!! and aah yeah, i think i write more poetry when i’m sad but lately they’ve been… just too weird to be sad lmao. and thank you so much!!! honestly i need to stop checking my stats so much 😭

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  9. You’re actually doing amazing with all your goals!! I’m kind of excited but dreading doing my mid-year goal update because I feel like I won’t have gotten anywhere really. And well, I’m 18 books behind on my GR challenge too 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ So trust me, you’re doing amazing! And congrats on the followers!! Definitely be more kind to yourself though especially before school starts up again :) ❤✨ I hope you knock out the rest of these goals by the end of the year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aahh thank you so much!! honestly, i was dreading it too, so i’m pleasantly surprised by how well i did haha. and oh, i’m sure you’ll catch up with your challenge soon, rukky!! <3 thank you so much, and i hope you have a great last half of the year 🥺

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  10. I’m honestly so impressed with how you’re doing with all your goals! Especially since some of them are out of your control (like getting a job because of COVID) and despite that you’re doing amazing! And even the goals that you’re seemingly behind on are all ones that you can achieve in the second half of the year! Basically, I’m in awe of how on target you are with your goals! Teach me your ways!

    This post encouraged me to take a peek at my own goals for 2020, because I forgot what mine were as well! I think I’m doing pretty okay, but honestly, I purposefully left my goals vague and with lots of loopholes, that way no matter what happened at the end of the year, I could say I accomplished them all. Without all my loopholes and contingencies there’s no way I could say I was anywhere NEAR on track!

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    1. ah malka!! thank you so much, you’re too kind to me 🥺😭💞 honestly i’m a bit surprised that i’m not failing a bunch of these, but i guess my mental health has been a bit better than last year’s so that probably had a hand in it lmao 😭

      oh, now you made me go look at your goals post haha! i just saw your netgalley 50 book reviews goal and WOW i wish i could get there — earlier this year i deleted and restarted my acc (because… i had way too many un-reviewed books lmao) and i can’t imagine getting to 50 books/reviews!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only made that goal because I’ve already reviewed 47 books (possibly closer to 45 at the beginning of the year) so I figured a could manage another few reviews! But honestly, once I reach that goal and get my badge I’m thinking of ignoring NetGalley for a while! Maybe that will be a 2021 goal!

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  11. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished so far!! You’re doing amazing and I hope the rest of your year goes as amazingly as possible, even with the world situation and everything going on.💓

    Oh my gosh, your goodreads challenge!! I’m jealous because I’m still behind on mine even after reading all of quarantine, lol, that’s how bad three months of school wrecked it…but for real I’m applauding you on virtually, yay!👏🏼 I relate to not getting a summer job because of coronavirus, though I’m kind of relieved that I didn’t have to because the thought of it was making me anxious. But I was planning to do a volunteer program at my library, so I was sad those plans fell through.

    Again, I hope you’re doing well and sending all the love and best wishes for the rest of 2020! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw, olivia!!! you are truly the sweetest, thank you so much and i hope 2020 is treating you well (as much as possible) <3

      aah i'm sure you can catch up to your goodreads challenge soon!! and if not, that's okay too 💕 and yeah, i was very nervous about job stuff so i'm glad i don't have to deal with it anymore, but same with volunteering plans! i was looking forward to volunteering at different places but 😭😭

      i hope the rest of 2020 goes well for you too, olivia!! <3

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